Masaharu Fukuyama for Best Actor, Kasumi Arimura for Best Actress The 47th Hochi Film Award decision

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Masaharu Fukuyama for Best Actor, Kasumi Arimura for Best Actress [The 47th Hochi Film Award decision]
Best Picture/Japanese Film Category: “Aru Otoko”

Each award of the 47th Hochi Film Award, which decorates the top of the movie award race, has been decided. Masaharu Fukuyama, who played a genius physicist who solves a difficult case in “Silence Parade”, won the Best Actor Award for the first time. Kasumi Arimura won the Best Actress Award for the first time for her performance in “Ex-convict”. “Aru Otoko” won Best Picture and Japanese Film category. Interviews with the award winners can be viewed in Sports Hochi on November 30 (Wednesday).
◆The 47th Hochi Film Awards
▼Best Picture/Japanese Film
a man
▼Director’s Award
Shinzo Katayama Search
▼ Best Actor Award
Masaharu Fukuyama Silent Parade
▼ Best Actress Award
Kasumi Arimura Ex-convict
▼ Supporting Actor Award
Yokohama Meteor Wandering Moon
▼ Supporting Actress Award
Machiko Ono 20-year-old Seoul Chiya, Ichiya Sabakan Sabakan
▼Rookie Award
Rina Arashi My Small Land
Haruto Shiratori: It’s all my fault
▼ Best Picture/Overseas
Top Gun Maverick
▼ Anime Award
Theatrical version Yojohan Time Machine Blues
* Multiple awards in the same category are listed in alphabetical order Hochi Film Award
Born in 1976 as the first film award to be held independently by a sports newspaper. At that time, it was winter, when the decline in the movie-going population was unstoppable. I want to liven up the movie world again. The Hochi Film Award began with the wishes of a film reporter who knew about the golden age of Japanese films.
At the same time, the “Hochi Film Award/Hochi Special Screening” also started. Twice a month, one Western movie and one Japanese movie will be shown, and readers will be invited. As the final result for the year, we commend excellent works and actors of the year. We are also looking for postcard votes that readers choose the best works and actors. Reader-participation film awards have become a major feature of the Hochi Film Awards.
Each award is given in 7 categories: work, leading male/actress, supporting male/actress, newcomer, and foreign work. From the 10th (1985), the Director Award, and from the 42nd (2017), the Animation Award has also been added. A special prize is selected each year. At the award ceremony held in December every year, the winners are presented with a certificate of merit, prize money (from the 16th award), and a bronze statue designed by illustrator Makoto Wada. The year after the birth of the Hochi Film Award, the Japan Academy Awards also started. From the end of the year to the beginning of the new year, various movie awards, including the Blue Ribbon Award, and film festivals that honor films and actors are held all over Japan. The Hochi Film Award is announced at the forefront of the competition, so it attracts a great deal of attention in terms of predicting the winners and award-winning films of the year.
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