Mash Holdings Co., Ltd. The popular lucky bag every year will appear again this year! Lucky bag “2023 Lucky Bag” that collects bestsellers is now on sale!

Mash Holdings Co., Ltd.
-Makeup Kitchen-The popular lucky bag is back again this year! Lucky bag “2023 Lucky Bag” that collects bestsellers is now on sale! A limited number of lucky bags filled with items suitable for welcoming the New Year are now available.

The select shop “Make↗ Kitchen” specializing in natural and organic makeup items operated by Mash Beauty Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / President Hiroyuki Kondo) collects best-selling items. The “2023 Lucky Bag” will be released in limited quantities from January 1, 2023. In addition, pre-orders will start on November 15, 2022 (Tuesday) at the WEB STORE.
From Make↗Kitchen, we will release a lucky bag “2023 Lucky Bag” that collects best-selling items.
This year, too, we have prepared a special limited-edition kit filled with standard popular items from each brand that will enhance your New Year’s mood.
In addition, Cosme Kitchen, Cosme Kitchen BEAUTY, and Biople will also release lucky bags!
Since the release date varies depending on the store, please check the Instagram of each store and the official website of each brand. 2023 Make↗Kitchen lucky bag

[Image 1

2023 Make↗Kitchen LUCKY BAG ¥9,680 (tax included)
From skincare that brings out the beauty of your bare skin to makeup items and nail colors that color your fingertips, we have a lineup of recommended items for the makeup kitchen this winter.
This year, in response to requests, we have prepared four types of kits that allow you to find your favorite color combination that is perfect for you.
Face color [Celvoke] that can be enjoyed in multiple ways for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Combined with the infinite color, you can combine each item with one of the recommended nail colors from the French nail brand [nailmatic]. , Selected by makeup kitchen exclusive trainer. Kit limited item [to/one (tone)] Gloss Plumper EX02 (Makeup Kitchen limited color) for plump and natural-looking lips.
[Image 2

Kit Limited Color [to/one] Gloss Plumper EX02
Complete skin care and full makeup with this one kit!
It is about 62% off the regular price, and comes with a makeup kitchen original design pouch that can only be obtained with this kit. [Image 3

2023 Make↗Kitchen LUCKY BAG Kit A (Celvoke Infinity Color 01・nailmatic NM Pure Color Celeste)
[Image 4

2023 Make↗Kitchen LUCKY BAG Kit B (Celvoke Infinity Color 04・nailmatic NM Pure Color Anouk)
[Image 5

2023 Make↗Kitchen LUCKY BAG Kit C (Celvoke Infinity Color 17・nailmatic NM Pure Color Kumba)
[Image 6

2023 Make↗Kitchen LUCKY BAG Kit D (Celvoke Infinity Color 16・nailmatic NM Pure Color Bonnie) *WEB STORE limited
-Product information-
■Product Name: 2023 Make↗Kitchen Lucky Bag (Kit A, Kit B, Kit C, Kit D) * Only Kit D is limited to the WEB STORE. There is no sale at the store. ■Price: All 4 types 9,680 yen (tax included)
■ Kit contents:
・[to/one] Moisture cleansing milk (M) (actual product)
・[FEMMUE] Lip Sleeping Mask (actual product)
・[SNIDEL BEAUTY] Illuminating Primer 01 (actual product)
・[m.m.m] Skin Smoother PW (actual product)
・[to/one] Long Lash Mascara 05 (actual item)
・[to/one] Gloss Plumper EX02 (limited edition)
★ [nailmatic] NM Pure Color (actual item)
A / Celeste B / Anouk C / Kumba D / Bonnie
★[Celvoke] Infinite Color (actual item)
A / 01 bronze B / 04 blue pink C / 17 coral shell D / 16 burgundy *Items are available in one color for each kit.
・[SNIDEL BEAUTY] Clay Lens Mini (not for sale)
・[FEMMUE] Lumiere Vital C Sachet (not for sale)
・[Make↗Kitchen] Original pouch (not for sale)
About 25,740 yen (tax included) equivalent → 9,680 yen (tax included) [Image 7d18505-1731-3b10a56da11cc2c90bfb-5.jpg&s3=18505-1731-b9a730fd01d97080f2588effbca51187-1280x1280.jpg
Make↗Kitchen original pouch (not for sale)
We have prepared an original pouch in a refreshing mint green color that contains plenty of your favorite skin care and makeup.
-About sales-
■Online (Kits A/B/C/D)
・Make↗Kitchen WEB STORE (
November 15th (Tue) 11:00-Reservation sales start
January 1, 2023 (Sunday) 11:00-Regular sales start
* Scheduled to start shipping sequentially from early January ・Hanshin Umeda Main Store “Hanshin Department Store E-STORES” (
November 15th (Friday) ~ Reservation sales start
*The sales start time will be announced on November 8th (Tuesday) 15:00 on the “Hanshin Department Store E-STORES” lucky bag special page. Please check the special page for details.
・ Kyoto Fujii Daimaru store “FUJII DAIMARU ONLINE” ( )
December 1 (Thursday) 13:00-Regular sales start
・Sendai Parco store “PARCO ONLINE STORE” ( December 1st (Thursday) 00:00~ Regular sales start
* Only Hanshin Umeda Main Store, Kyoto Fujii Daimaru Store, and Sendai Parco Store will be sold simultaneously online and in stores. * Information as of November 7 (Monday). Please note that the release date and sales start time are subject to change.
■ Store (Kit A/B/C)
・All Make↗Kitchen stores ( Regular sales start from Sunday, January 1, 2023
* The release date varies depending on the store, due to the New Year’s business schedule of commercial facilities.
* Sales will begin at each store opening time.
*We do not accept reservations or reservations. Please note. * Numbered tickets may be distributed depending on the congestion situation on the day of release.
*Purchase is limited to one item per person.
* Due to the limited quantity at each store, it will end as soon as it is gone. What is “Make↗Kitchen”?
[Image 8d18505-1731-ea8ed396cf92be23117c-7.jpg&s3=18505-1731-89c57ca76ae4d8adec59e01caa61bd4e-1280x1280.jpg
Beauty and certainty.
“Make-up” is to obtain further beauty.
Originally, I don’t think there is any need for stress.
Enjoy your favorite color. Soothing your bare skin. Free your senses. Make↗️Kitchen takes all of this for granted.
From make-up that is only used to change one’s appearance and impression, to the era of natural and organic make-up that combines skin care as a matter of course and makes bare skin happy.
■ Official website:
■ Official Instagram: ■ Official Twitter: ■ Official LINE: Details about this release:


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