Masunaga Optical Co., Ltd. ONLINE STORE “MASUNAGA1905” where you can purchase high-end eyewear at home

Masunaga Optical Co., Ltd.
ONLINE STORE “MASUNAGA1905” where you can purchase luxury eyewear at home The global beatboxer “SHOW-GO” will be used as a key visual and the service will start on November 1, 2022.

Masunaga Optical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukui City, Fukui
Prefecture, President: Sotaro Masunaga), an eyewear manufacturer founded in Fukui Prefecture in 1905 and laid the foundation for the Japanese eyewear industry, will open on November 1, 2022 ( Tue), we have released the ONLINE STORE “MASUNAGA1905”
( where you can purchase the latest collection of luxury eyewear at home.
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On this site, we have 49 types (209 color variations) of Masunaga Optical’s two main lineups (MASUNAGA since 1905, MASUNAGA | K3), including sunglasses, and you can purchase the latest collection online and receive event information at directly managed stores. We have started a service that allows
In commemoration of the opening of the ONLINE STORE this time, “SHOW-GO”, a human beatboxer who is active all over the world as a model that expresses Masunaga Optical’s attitude of manufacturing “honest manufacturing and challenging innovation”. has been appointed to develop key visuals.
MASUNAGA1905 product lineup
We have prepared two main lineups (MASUNAGA since 1905, MASUNAGA | K3) and 49 types (209 color variations) including sunglasses, and will expand them gradually.
[Image 3

From left, MASUNAGAsince1905, MASUNAGlK3, SUNGLASS
From the left, MASUNAGAsince1905/MASUNAGlK三/SUNGLASS
MASUNAGA1905 Key visual “SHOW-GO”
We used world-famous human beatboxer “SHOW-GO” as the key visual, and produced original graphics and a branded movie. Masunaga Optical’s stance on manufacturing and SHOW-GO’s stance of “while valuing Japanese traditions, always challenging new possibilities and disseminating them to the world. It is expressed with a catchphrase.
[Video 2:]
MASUNAGA1905 Site image
Masunaga Optical offers products at 6 directly managed stores and about 300 stores nationwide, but due to the recent impact of the new coronavirus infection, the behavior of consumers is restricted and the consumption behavior of consumers is further increasing. In the midst of diversification, we will prepare options for a better brand experience and purchase experience that match the lifestyles of consumers, and challenge new ways to deliver Masunaga Optical’s “good glasses”.
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“MASUNAGA1905” site image
“MASUNAGA1905” site image
About Masunaga Optical Co., Ltd.
Masunaga Optical was founded in 1905 (Meiji 38) to realize the dream of building a local industry in Fukui Prefecture.
Our company motto, which has continued since our founding, is to make good glasses. We want to make a profit if possible, but if it is unavoidable, we may lose money. We still cherish it and continue to provide high-quality glasses. Our high-quality glasses were presented to Emperor Showa because of their high quality. In 1970, it was housed in a time capsule at the Osaka Expo, and in recent years, it has won numerous awards at France’s Silmodor, which is also called the Academy Award of the eyewear world.
We have 6 directly managed stores in Japan, and our products are placed in the world’s leading select shops and highly sensitive eyewear shops. We are here.
[Image 5d108854-2-98c31e1182e298765bea-3.jpg&s3=108854-2-508c2ba478f4d030645d260475cb535d-328x40.jpg
Company name: Masunaga Optical Co., Ltd.
Representative: Sotaro Masunaga, President and Representative Director Head office location: 4-15 Imaichicho, Fukui City
Directly managed stores:


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