Matsudo store opening The latest brand of Globridge, a leader in the delivery industry, “Seafood Oil Raw Pas ta Hungry Restaurant”

Globridge Co., Ltd.
[Matsudo store opening] The latest brand of Globridge, a leader in the delivery industry, “Seafood Oil Raw Pasta Hungry Restaurant” Actively opening stores nationwide! Deliver luxury pasta like eating at a shop to your home!

Globridge Co., Ltd. (Globridge, Headquarters: Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Makoto Otsuka), an online delivery service limited store “Seafood Oil Raw Pasta Harapeko Restaurant” Matsudo store (Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture) Opened on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.
Actively developing online-only stores = virtual restaurants! [Image 1

Globridge Co., Ltd., which operates stores mainly in Tokyo, is developing a “neighborhood kitchen” service that connects restaurants nationwide and major VR brands in addition to eat-in stores. “Seafood Oil Raw Pasta Harapeko Restaurant” is a new brand of neighborhood kitchens, and we are actively opening stores nationwide.
(VR = virtual restaurant)
On November 8, 2022 (Tuesday), “Seafood Oil Raw Pasta Harapeko Restaurant Matsudo Branch” opened in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture. If you live nearby, please enjoy the pasta you eat at a restaurant at home.
[New store details]
Store name: Seafood Oil Fresh Pasta Harapeko Restaurant (Matsudo location) Order reception hours: Please check the store page
Store URL:
* If you wish to order, you need to register as an Uber Eats member. *Delivery services are under the jurisdiction of Uber Eats, so there may be cases where it is not posted on the site even during business hours or delivery is not possible even within the delivery area. [Image 2d14510-667-f0777e26c500d700662e-2.png&s3=14510-667-75115925619b0caf41fc5dc002187c8d-1000x500.png
If you would like to join “Neighborhood Kitchen” or contact us, please click here
We are looking for area distributors for each brand of “Neighborhood Kitchen” including “Gokujou Nama Carbonara Hungry Pasta Shokudo”. If you are a restaurant owner who is “interested in management that combines delivery and eat-in”, “want to increase sales at ghost restaurants”, “delivery once tried but has withdrawn”, please contact us once.
■ Inquiry form:
■ Person in charge: Hiraishi, Delivery Business Headquarters, Globridge Co., Ltd.
TEL: 090-3517-2746 (Direct) Mail:
[Image 3d14510-667-9ccd85e0ead93300260a-4.png&s3=14510-667-0a0b6676a9ec050b6c3abfb7b6949dbe-1640x940.png
A fast-growing delivery business that has become a part of everyday life Due to the state of emergency declaration issued due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, many people are probably spending more time at home = more time at home. Among them, the “food delivery service” has become even more familiar to consumers.
After that, when looking at the delivery sales of the restaurant business category total (restaurant total) compared to the same month in 2019, positive growth continues. The peak of the increase in deliveries was 204% in May 2020, but in June 2022, although there was a positive growth of 88%, it was lower than the same month in 2020 and 2021 as in the previous month. We can see that growth has slowed down from explosive growth to date. This does not in any way represent a slowdown in the market, but delivery, which has continued to grow explosively, is expected to undergo market reorganization during that time, and will shift to moderate growth and take hold in the future. After more than two years of COVID-19, not only in Japan but around the world, it can be said that food delivery has taken root in lifestyles as “one of the food options” along with self-catering and eating out.
[Image 4d14510-667-75d34efc3a4d4b7819d6-3.jpg&s3=14510-667-02aba8d6713cc649e79173617a63b0df-1367x385.jpg
NPD Japan, research by NPD Japan
Realization of “Restaurant Delivery”!
Meanwhile, as a top runner in the rapidly growing delivery industry, Globridge operates the “Neighborhood Kitchen” service that produces and develops delivery brands under the philosophy of “restaurant delivery” that delivers restaurant-quality products to your home. Doing. In order to realize this philosophy, we are focusing on developing products and packaging materials that are “the most delicious after 30 minutes.” You can enjoy it in a freshly made state. [Image 5d14510-667-0af1a9ab0b051bab393e-5.png&s3=14510-667-4be6bfdf3a76dcf5370500b089004df0-852x458.png


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