Mayor Takatsuki VS Mayor Shimamoto Town Chu Shogi Match 3rd Station, 12/3 (Sat) Nico Nico Live Broadcast decision!

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Mayor Takatsuki VS Mayor Shimamoto Town Chu Shogi Match 3rd Station, 12/3 (Sat) Nico Nico Live Broadcast decision!

Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture, held a mid-shogi match between Takatsuki Mayor Takeshi Hamada and Yamada Hirohira, mayor of Honmachi, as “[Mayor VS Town Mayor] BOTTO Takatsuki Mid-Shogi Game Third Station-80th Anniversary Commemorative Pre-Project” The pattern will be distributed on Nico Nico Live from 17:00 on Saturday, December 3rd.

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This project will be implemented as a tourism promotion project “BOTTO Takatsuki” that will focus on each genre of attractive content unique to Takatsuki and have you deeply “BOTTO” Takatsuki.
Chu Shogi has more squares and more pieces on the board than Hon Shogi, and is characterized by the fact that captured pieces cannot be used. In Takatsuki City, many small and medium shogi pieces from the Edo period have been excavated from the ruins of Takatsuki Castle Sannomaru, where samurai residences spread out. In addition, Naokiyo Nagai, the first lord of the Takatsuki domain, had a deep knowledge of culture, and it can be seen that shogi was widely enjoyed from ancient times.
On the other hand, at Minase Jingu Shrine in Shimamoto Town, which is located next to Takatsuki City, there is a shogi piece written by Minase Kanenari, a court noble in the Azuchi-Momoyama period about 400 years ago, and it is designated as a cultural property of the town. It is
Both cities and towns are adjacent and have strong historical and cultural ties. We are disseminating the charm of both cities and towns. This year, as the third station of the same project, it will be distributed on the official Nico Nico Live Broadcast from 17:00 on Saturday, December 3rd.
“Who will win this third game?” Please take a look at the featured match. In the program, please pay attention to the introduction of “Takatsuki, the town of shogi”, the shogi quiz of middle shogi by Masahiko Urano 8th dan, and the light talk of the gorgeous
Pony Canyon Co., Ltd. is in charge of the planning and operation of this program and BOTTO Takatsuki Promotion.
■ Program overview
1. Program name
[Mayor VS Town Mayor] BOTTO Takatsuki Chu Shogi Game 3rd Game ~ Pre-Project for the 80th Anniversary of the Municipality Enforcement ~ 2. Implementation date and time
Saturday, December 3, 2020, from 17:00 (scheduled to end around 20:00) 3. Viewing method
niconico live
4. Appearance
Players: Takeshi Hamada, Mayor of Takatsuki City, Kohei Yamada, Mayor of Shimamoto Town
Instructor: Yuki Hasegawa Female 2nd Dan, Keika Kitamura Female 1st Dan Commentary: Bungo Fukusaki 9th Dan, Masahiko Urano 8th Dan, Sakura Ishimoto Women’s 2nd Dan
Takatsuki City Tourism Promotion “BOTTO Takatsuki” special website
■ “[Takatsuki City Official] BOTTO Takatsuki” Twitter account
Hometown tax type crowdfunding page
Kansai Shogi Hall Construction Project! To the next challenge! Connecting the history of new shogi from the new hall
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