MC Data Plus Co., Ltd. The number of contracted companies for the construction industry cloud service “Const ruction Site Series” has exceeded 90,000!

MC Data Plus Co., Ltd.
The number of contracted companies for the “Construction Site Series” cloud service for the construction industry has exceeded 90,000!
The construction site series (, a cloud service for the construction industry operated by MC Data Plus Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Koichi Takita), will open in 2022. As of the end of October, the number of contracted companies reached 90,125, surpassing 90,000 companies.
The construction site series is centered on the labor safety document creation service “Green Site”, which was launched in January 2001. We are developing specialized cloud services, and after surpassing 80,000 companies at the end of December 2021, we have introduced more than 10,000 new companies in just 10 months. Recently, the number of companies has increased by 10,000 companies every 10 months. In addition, the number of contract companies exceeded 400 in May, and the number of contract companies has reached 457 in just five months. Background of the increase in the number of contracted companies and future prospects
The increase in the number of contractors for the Construction Site series is due to the fact that the use of Green Site is expanding on a nationwide scale due to an increase in the number of prime contractors in each region, and the Construction Career Up System (CCUS). ,, and we are seeing changes such as cases where people are interested in joining. We believe that this is proof that the functionality and appeal of the services of the construction site series are being conveyed to more companies.
Going forward, we will continue to contribute to the development of construction DX at general contractors by leveraging the customer base of the Construction Site Series. We will further contribute to the entire construction industry through service development and provision, such as solving reform issues.
What is the safety document creation service “Green Site”?
This is a service that allows you to easily create, submit, and check management documents (commonly known as “green files”) related to labor and safety and health on the Internet. The total number of registered workers in the “Construction Site Series”, including the Green Site, is over 1.77 million, and the number of contract sites reaches 29,426. .
On-site construction management service “Worksite”
This is a service that supports productivity improvement of
construction management work carried out at construction sites through digitization. Work content can be entered and checked from a computer, tablet, smartphone, etc., regardless of time or place, and can be edited and shared in real time at meetings. Since the site
information, company information, and worker information are automatically linked from the “Green Site”, the labor of inputting can be greatly reduced. contributes to reducing the work burden in In addition, it is possible to collect and centrally manage important data in the construction process, such as the number of people, hours, and manpower related to work schedules and work results, contributing to improved management efficiency.
*cacicar is a cloud service jointly developed and operated by Mitsubishi Corporation and our company.
*Cacicar is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Corporation. * “Greensite” and “Worksite” are registered trademarks of MC Data Plus Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Trade name: MC Data Plus Co., Ltd.
Representative: Koichi Takita, President and Representative Director Location: 7th floor of Ebisu First Square, 1-18-14 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Business start date: July 1, 2015
Business description: Construction cloud business, retail cloud business Capital: 309,706,800 yen
Service Inquiries
MC Data Plus Co., Ltd. Construction Cloud Business Headquarters TEL: 0570-020-233
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