MediBang Co., Ltd. “Contemporary artist Akiko Higashimura” completely drawn NFT sales start & solo exhibit ion “NEO Bijinga 2022” held

MediBang Co., Ltd.
“Contemporary artist Akiko Higashimura” completely drawn NFT sales start & solo exhibition “NEO Bijinga 2022” held

Manga artist Akiko Higashimura, who has created numerous hits such as “Tokyo Tarareba Musume” and “Kuragehime”, is MediBang Co., Ltd., an official authorized agent at Japan’s largest NFT marketplace “Adam by GMO”. From November 21, 2022, we will announce the first NFT art work group “NEO Bijinga 2022” as a contemporary artist.
↓↓↓Akiko Higashimura NFT “NEO Bijinga 2022” sales site URL
[Image 1

Furthermore, along with the announcement of the work, Akiko
Higashimura NFT “NEO Bijinga 2022” exhibition, where you can appreciate NFT works in the real world from November 22nd to November 27th, 2022, will be held at Spiral Garden (Spiral 1F) in Aoyama. will be held.
In addition to selling pictorial records at the solo exhibition, we are planning an autograph session with Akiko Higashimura herself on the final day of the 27th.
↓↓↓ Akiko Higashimura NFT “NEO Bijinga 2022” Exhibition URL By making it possible to appreciate NFT works in the real world, this solo exhibition aims to fuse the digital (NFT) and the real (solo exhibition). We want you to enjoy our works.
The B1 size autographed item exhibited at the solo exhibition is a privilege of NFT’s one-item limited auction.
Higashimura’s works have been translated into eight languages ​​and have been published in ten countries. International popularity is increasing, such as continuing to win awards in the category best prize / “Tokyo Tarareba Musume”).
Already in advance, NFT was exhibited in “Adam by GMO” from September 2021, and the cover illustration of “Do you remember me?” for sale. It has attracted attention from fans in Japan and overseas, and in April 2022, it recorded the 3rd place in overall sales and the 1st place in illustration department sales.
・Work theme
Not only does it beautifully depict the beauty of Japan, but it also captures the current situation of the corona crisis in a witty style and expresses Akiko Higashimura’s expanded artistic world view. An original poem written by Akiko Higashimura accompanies each piece of contemporary art, and it is an art that is conscious of seasonality with the image of the month. Each one has its own story, and it is a work that contains the same story as a single manga.
In addition, the model of each work is wearing a kimono, and this kimono is based on the actual kimono and obi.
[Image 2

(C) Akiko Higashimura, neostory, No.9 cotton candy, 2022.
– Title of work
cotton candy
– Poetry
Why do girls like fluffy and fluffy things?
why do girls like pastel colors
in spring
Wearing a kimono with a fluffy cloud pattern in the color of nightingale and wearing a colorful obi
Bought rainbow colored cotton candy from Harajuku on the way out for a walk By chance, I ended up with the same seven-colored fluffy fluffy, did anyone notice?
ok i didn’t notice
Because this pattern matching is my only pleasure
– Moon
Spring in March
– Band name
Ryukyu Bingata Nagoya sash with cloud-removing fine pattern
・Sales format
Each work will be sold in the following two formats, and will be sold in a limited edition of 10.
1 item limited auction (with the actual B1 size autographed item exhibited at the solo exhibition)
Limited to 9 fixed-price sales
·Selling price
Auction: from 500,000 yen
Fixed price sale: 500,000 yen each
[Message from Akiko Higashimura]
It’s been 23 years since I started working on manga right after graduating from university.
At university, I majored in oil painting in the art department and learned classical painting techniques.
Ever since I was a student, I have always used women as models to create beautiful oil paintings. When I became an adult and drew cute girls and beautiful women in my manga work, I kept thinking that someday I’d like to draw something similar to bijinga, but I was too busy with manga to find the time to do so. I did.
Meanwhile, in my personal life, I started learning the tea ceremony five years ago, and I also studied kimono. More and more women in kimonos are drawing illustrations to relax.
One day, when the stay-at-home started due to the new coronavirus and I had more free time than before, I suddenly wondered if I could convey the beauty of Japanese harmony to the young people of today. I began to wonder if it was possible to express the harmony and beauty of Japan through the motif of modern women.
So I tried to draw a piece of tea ceremony sister disciple as a model. (Work No.1 [Social Distance])
I really liked that work myself, and I wanted to draw more, so I started drawing whenever I had free time.
I strongly hoped to incorporate all of the changes of the four seasons in Japan, how to match the kimono, the interestingness of the patterns and the meaning of the patterns, and make a bijinga of a woman in kimono who lives in the present age of 2022.
Each of the women in this work has a story. I put a story about the size of a manga into a single piece, and tried to draw a beautiful, cute, and strong woman in Japan today.
The reason why I am presenting what I have been thinking about for a long time at NFT is that the beauty unique to Japan is drawn using cutting-edge digital tools, and the digital world is also the place to show it. This is because I felt that I could connect with everyone in a new way while expressing fusion. Today, the world is free to create and view works without being influenced by national borders, race, time and space. It has become a corona misfortune, and the flow has increased the acceleration. In this era, Akiko Higashimura, who challenges the new field of “contemporary art,” would also like to take a step forward.
I would like everyone to see my first “beautiful painting” in 23 years, which I have been drawing for almost a year.
[Image 3

Biography of Akiko Higashimura
Cartoonist. Born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1975. Debuted in 1999 after graduating from Kanazawa College of Art (oil painting major). “Princess Jellyfish” (Kodansha) won the 2010 Kodansha Manga Award for Girls. Won the 2015 8th Manga Grand Prize and the 19th Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival Manga Division Grand Prize for “Kakukaku Shikajika” (Shueisha). “Tokyo Tarareba Musume” (Kodansha) won the 2019 US Eisner Award for Best Asian Film. “Snow Flower Tiger” (Shogakukan) won the Young Adult Award at the Angoulême International Manga Award in France. As of 2022, “Do you remember me?” is being serialized simultaneously in Japan and Korea.
(About MediBang Paint)
Akiko Higashimura uses MediBang Paint, the illustration/manga production software she has used in her manga productions, to create her contemporary art works.
MediBang Co., Ltd. (
) is an authorized agent of the NFT marketplace “Adam byGMO”. *For creators who wish to exhibit NFT on “Adam by GMO”
MediBang has been commissioned by GMO Adam Co., Ltd. to apply for and accept applications for exhibiting on “Adam byGMO”. Please contact the following e-mail address for details such as listing requests for “Adam by GMO”.
Inquiries about listing on “Adam byGMO”
【Company Profile】
MediBang Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hideyuki Takashima
Location: Shibuya Infos Annex 10F, 12-10 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031
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