Medical Corporation Association Ginza Orthodontics Nearly half of the people who chose mouthpiece orthodontics after being recommended by a doctor! Digging deep into the advantages and disadvantages of popular correction methods

Medical Corporation Ginza Orthodontic
Nearly half of the people who have been recommended by a doctor and chose mouthpiece braces! Digging deep into the advantages and disadvantages of popular correction methods
More than 20% of people have corrected their mouthpieces using PR and advertisements!

Ginza Orthodontic Association, a medical corporation, conducted a survey on “satisfaction with mouthpiece orthodontics” for those who have experienced mouthpiece orthodontics.
Until a decade ago, the mainstream of orthodontic treatment was wire orthodontics, in which wire-based appliances were installed. However, “mouthpiece correction” is gaining high popularity now. Unlike wire orthodontics, it improves the alignment of teeth by wearing treatment mouthpieces for a long time.
However, recently, there are concerns about its disadvantages and problems related to treatment.
In fact, when the Showa University School of Dentistry investigated 581 cases of new patients in 2019 and 2020 with all six front teeth in the upper and lower jaws, it is expected that treatment will be completed with only partial correction by mouthpiece correction. It has also been announced that only 2.7% of all cases were affected. *Quoted from: Clinical and Investigative Orthodontics: Vol. 82, issue 2 (2022)- p.95
In short, there are almost no cases where treatment ends with partial orthodontics only for the anterior teeth, but there may be cases where the patient does not understand his/her own condition and treatment, leading to problems.
How do people who have actually experienced mouthpiece correction feel? Therefore, this time, the medical corporation Ginza Orthodontic ( conducted a survey on “satisfaction with mouthpiece correction” for those who have experienced mouthpiece correction.
Mouthpiece correction on the rise! What was the reason for choosing an experienced person?
First of all, I would like to ask you about the reason why you chose mouthpiece correction.
[Image 1

When asked, “Please tell me what triggered you to choose mouthpiece correction (multiple answers allowed),” the most common answer was “Recommended by a doctor (49.3%),” followed by “Experienced people. I thought it was a safe correction method (27.5%), and I thought it was a trendy correction method (25.7%).
It seems that nearly half of the patients have been recommended by a doctor as an orthodontic method that matches their own teeth. Besides that, many people chose it because there are many experienced people and because it is popular, and it can be seen that mouthpiece orthodontics itself is one of the major orthodontics.
Next, I asked about the specific reason why I chose mouthpiece correction. ■ Why did you choose mouthpiece correction?
・I thought it looked less bad than wire correction (40s/female/Kanagawa) ・ Measures against teeth grinding while sleeping (50s / female / Saitama Prefecture)
・Because the doctor recommended it to prevent clenching (50s/female/Kanagawa) ・I thought it would be easy without pain (50s/female/Tokyo)
and other answers were obtained.
Compared to wire orthodontics, mouthpiece orthodontics seems to be the decisive factor because it does not affect the appearance.
In addition, it seems that mouthpiece correction is chosen because it is useful for countermeasures against actions that are considered to be bad for dental health, such as bruxism and clenching.
The benefits of mouthpiece correction, the first place is [can be removed! ] On the other hand, what are the disadvantages?
It turns out that nearly half of them chose mouthpiece correction on the recommendation of a doctor.
Mouthpiece correction is gaining popularity from many people, but what are the benefits?
[Image 2

Therefore, when asked, “What are the benefits of mouthpiece
correction? (Top 3)”, the most common answer was “You can remove it yourself if necessary (44.1%),” followed by ” 42.4% had little impact on daily life, and 35.7% said that the treatment device was
Unlike wire braces, which must be worn all the time, the feature of wire braces that can be removed by yourself seems to be a big attraction.
In addition, it was found that they felt that it was an advantage that it was easy to adopt, such as the lack of impact on daily life and the inconspicuousness of the treatment equipment.
On the contrary, what are the disadvantages of mouthpiece braces? Next, when asked, “What are the disadvantages of mouthpiece
correction? (Top 3),” the most common answer was “The treatment period is long (35.2%),” followed by “Long wearing time.” (31.8%)” and “Troublesome to maintain treatment equipment (29.5%)”.
Mouthpiece orthodontics, in which teeth are gradually moved using a mouthpiece, seems to be a disadvantage in that the treatment period is long and it is necessary to wear it for a long time.
Furthermore, while it is easy to remove the mouthpiece by yourself, we found that some people find maintenance to be troublesome.
The true intentions of experienced people! How satisfied are you with mouthpiece correction?
It turns out that many people feel that the advantage of mouthpieces is that they can be removed by themselves as needed, but that the long treatment period is a disadvantage.
So, how much is the satisfaction of mouthpiece braces after actually treating it?
[Image 3

Therefore, when asked, “How satisfied are you with the mouthpiece correction?” ‘ and ‘I was not satisfied at all (3.8%)’.
More than 70% of the respondents were satisfied with the results, indicating a high level of overall satisfaction.
In addition, we asked them in detail why they chose that level of satisfaction. ■ Why did you choose that level of satisfaction?
[very satisfied]
・Because I was able to correct it inconspicuously
(20s/female/Hiroshima Prefecture)
[Well satisfied]
・ It is comfortable and there is no pain from treatment (40s / female / Kanagawa)
[Not very satisfied]
・ It took a long time and I couldn’t feel the effect (50s / female / Ishikawa prefecture)
[Not satisfied at all]
・I felt uncomfortable and could not continue using it
(50s/female/Osaka Prefecture)
and other answers were obtained.
According to the opinions of those who were satisfied, it can be seen that the degree of satisfaction is related to the lack of
conspicuousness and the lack of pain.
On the other hand, those who were not satisfied seemed to be less satisfied with the feeling of discomfort and the time it took to put it on.
Actually, it’s increasing! ? Unexpected trouble with mouthpiece correction As a result of the previous survey, it was found that more than 70% of people were satisfied with mouthpiece correction.
Mouthpiece correction is both popular and satisfying, but recently, it seems that the number of dental clinics that handle advertisements and campaigns is increasing.
So, how many of you have seen advertisements and campaigns related to mouthpiece correction?
[Image 4

So, when asked, “Have you ever seen an advertisement that says ‘substantially free’, ‘campaign discount’, ‘cashback’, etc. related to mouthpiece correction?” (36.7%)”.
So, how many people actually used the advertisement to correct the mouthpiece? Next, when asked, “Did you actually use the advertising
system/campaign for mouthpiece correction?” More than 20% answered “Yes (28.4%)”.
Various PRs and campaigns are being carried out, and it seems that some people are starting correction using such things.
Is it true what is written in PR and advertising? Anecdotes told by real people In the previous survey, it was found that more than 20% of people used RP and advertising to start mouthpiece correction, but how satisfied were they with mouthpiece correction using advertising? Huh? [Image 5

When we asked those who actually used PR and advertising, “How satisfied are you with using the advertising system and campaign for mouthpiece correction?”, “Very satisfied (33.5%). ‘, ‘Somewhat satisfied (52.0%)’, ‘Not very satisfied (12.1%)’ and ‘Not satisfied at all (2.4%)’.
More than 80% of the respondents said they were satisfied with the results, and it seems that many people are able to achieve the ideal mouthpiece correction.
In addition, we asked them in detail why they chose that level of satisfaction. What are the reasons and episodes that make you think so?
[very satisfied]
・ I was not worried (40s / female / Chiba Prefecture)
・The real price has become cheaper (50s / male / Gifu prefecture) [Well satisfied]
・ Because I was able to do it at the expected cost performance (30s / female / Aichi Prefecture)
・ Because it was easy (50s / male / Tokyo)
[Not very satisfied]
・The mouthpiece is just an aid to correction, and it has returned to its original state (20s/female/Hokkaido)
・ No effect (50s / female / Saitama prefecture)
And so on.
From those who were satisfied, it seems that the fact that they were able to actually receive the treatment at the price according to the campaign, that the treatment was cheap and that it was easy to do, etc.
On the contrary, those who were dissatisfied said that the reason was that they did not feel any relapse or effect.
If you choose a corrective method that suits you and do not do it correctly, there is a possibility that trouble will occur that will not be effective even if you actually correct it, so it seems necessary to carefully select a clinic.
[Summary] How satisfied are you with mouthpiece correction? Choose carefully to avoid trouble!
As a result of conducting a survey on the degree of satisfaction with mouthpiece correction, it was found that many people were satisfied. More than 20% seem to have received the treatment using PR and advertising, but it seems that some people actually receive it at a low price, which suggests that the ideal mouthpiece correction is possible.
On the other hand, it seems that some people were not satisfied with the mouthpiece correction itself, and some said that they could not feel the effect.
If you do not perform the treatment with the corrective method that suits you, problems such as ineffectiveness may occur.
Campaigns and advertisements such as “substantially free” are certainly attractive, but it seems necessary to carefully determine whether they are really reliable in order to perform orthodontic treatment that you will not regret.
If you are considering mouthpiece orthodontics, “Ginza Orthodontic” [Image 6

At the Ginza Orthodontic Clinic (, which conducted the survey this time, in order to fulfill the patient’s wishes as much as possible, a “treatment program for each purpose” ( 0540program/) are available.
■ Treatment program by purpose
In Japanese orthodontics, the purpose of orthodontics is to create a functional occlusion and a beautiful tooth alignment, and there is not much emphasis on the “time it takes” or the finish, including the “face line”.
However, many patients come to the door of orthodontic treatment with clear finish goals, time constraints, or various wishes.
For this reason, we have created a customized treatment program to meet the needs of our patients as much as possible.
It is possible to perform orthodontic treatment while controlling the period, purpose, aesthetic finish, etc. according to various needs. ■ Facial planning with orthodontic treatment
[Image 7

The facial plan is a treatment technique for patients who wish to have a beautiful, well-balanced smile in addition to straightening their teeth.
In some cases, orthodontic treatment alone is not enough to
beautifully adjust the balance of the entire face, and in some cases jaw surgery is necessary.
Looking at the face from the side, the line connecting the tip of the nose and chin is called the E line (esthetic line).
It is said that the most beautiful face is when both the mouth and chin line up neatly along the E line. Of course, each person has their own preferences, so we will consider what kind of treatment is best for each individual to get closer to the desired line.
[Strengths of Ginza Orthodontics]
・We use mouthpiece type orthodontic devices from 4 companies instead of 1 company.
・Since we have both treatment techniques, even if you are not satisfied with using a mouthpiece type orthodontic device, you can change to a lingual orthodontic device (back side orthodontic device) if you pay the difference in the device fee. is.
・Exchange information with orthodontic clinics in New York and Manhattan on mouthpiece type orthodontic appliances, lingual orthodontics (back side orthodontics), orthodontics using anchor screws, orthodontics using implants, orthodontic treatment using digital programs, etc. I am undergoing corrective treatment. ・At Ginza Orthodontic, we handle all treatment devices, including Invisalign and Sure Smile Advanced Aligners, which combine safety and stability.
Ginza Orthodontic Clinic has treatment techniques and treatment devices for various orthodontic methods.
At our clinic, which specializes in orthodontics, we can offer the most suitable treatment for each individual patient from a wide range of orthodontic treatment methods.
We offer a variety of treatment plans to suit your symptoms and needs. Please consult with counseling first.
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■ Medical Corporation Ginza Orthodontic: ■ Contact:
■ TEL: 03-3567-5454
Survey overview: Survey on “satisfaction with mouthpiece correction” [Survey period] September 14, 2022 (Wednesday) to September 15, 2022 (Thursday) [Survey method] Internet survey
[Number of people surveyed] 1,021 people
[Survey target] Persons with experience in correcting mouthpieces [Monitor provider] General Research

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