Medical Corporation Bijinkai Kyoritsu Cosmetic Surgery Kyoritsu Cosmetic Surgery, which has been providing aesthetic medicine for 34 years, has started a new support system with a “concierge” as a partner that is even closer to patients’ concerns.

Medical Corporation Bijinkai Kyoritsu Cosmetic Surgery
Kyoritsu Cosmetic Surgery, which has been providing aesthetic medicine for 34 years, has started a new support system with a “concierge” as a partner that is even closer to the concerns of patients.
~ First introduced in Shinjuku hospital, and in the future, we plan to introduce it in all 26 hospitals. Accompaniment to patient’s troubles ~

Kyoritsu Cosmetic Surgery (hereinafter referred to as “Kyoritsu Cosmetic Surgery”), which is managed by the medical corporation Bijinkai (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Akihito Kujime), has newly placed a beauty concierge in the hospital. We are pleased to inform you that we will start a new support system by a concierge who will provide counseling for patients by making use of our extensive experience and knowledge together with doctors.
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Kyoritsu Cosmetic Surgery has been performing surgeries and treatments for over 30 years since its opening in 1989. At our hospital, we have actively hired doctors who have extensive experience not only in cosmetic surgery, but also in university hospitals and general hospitals, aiming to provide highly satisfying cosmetic medicine. In recent years, the need for cosmetic surgery has increased year by year, and in the surgical and non-surgical fields, various needs and techniques to meet them are diversifying. Cosmetic surgery has become much more accessible than it used to be. On the other hand, I still have anxiety such as “I’m afraid that it may not be as close as I imagined”, “I still have a high threshold”, “I can’t get started because I’m worried about downtime”, “It looks painful”, and I really want to do cosmetic surgery. There are many patients who say they can’t do it. We have decided to start a new concierge support system with the aim of providing appropriate proposals and aesthetic medicine that lead to peace of mind as a reliable partner that is close to the hearts of such patients.
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We aim to carefully listen to each patient’s concerns, find the image they really want, and come up with the optimal solution. We will never impose our proposals and provide counseling that is close to the patient’s heart.
Currently, the system has been introduced at Shinjuku Main Clinic, but in the future, we plan to introduce it at all 26 Kyoritsu Cosmetic Surgery Clinics.
We aim to contribute to the solution of essential problems by providing patients with proposals as a partner that is closer to their concerns than ever before.
■ Six promises that are important in counseling
At Kyoritsu Cosmetic Surgery, all doctors and concierges adhere to the 6 stances and provide counseling.
Staff with a certain level of in-hospital certification will respond. Based on a wide range of knowledge and experience, we will correctly understand the problems faced by patients.
We will work with your doctor to find the best solution.
Counseling will be provided with the aim of resolving the patient’s concerns and providing peace of mind.
We will not forcefully recommend something that you do not need. We will accurately convey the value we provide.
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At Kyoritsu Cosmetic Surgery, we value the relationship of trust with our patients above all else. We realize that patients may feel anxious in various situations, such as first-time cosmetic surgery, high treatment costs due to self-pay medical treatment, sharing images of downtime, etc.
That is why I would like to focus on understanding the patient’s position and listening to their concerns. In order to build a solid relationship of trust with each and every patient and make them feel that they are happy to have come to Kyoritsu Cosmetic Surgery, we will continue to provide counseling that is close to the patient’s concerns, safety, beauty of appearance, and less pain. We will thoroughly follow up after treatment to build a long-term relationship with a particular treatment.
About Kyoritsu Cosmetic Surgery
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Kyoritsu Beauty Group is a beauty clinic with 34 years of history and 26 clinics nationwide. Since opening our clinic, we have held to the belief of “providing high-quality, patient-oriented, cutting-edge aesthetic medicine,” and we continue to adhere to that stance today. As a total professional clinic that handles a wide range of medical subjects such as cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, and aesthetic dentistry, all staff always provide the highest quality services to realize the dreams of our patients.
We aim to contribute to the formation of sustainable innovation not only in aesthetic medicine but also in all beauty industries related to sensibility, fashion, and lifestyle.
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