MEDIROM Concludes a Business Alliance Agreement with Social Service Co., Ltd.

MEDIROM Concludes a Business Alliance Agreement with Social Service Co., Ltd. Development support for postpartum depression DTx using MOTHER Bracelet vital data

MEDIROM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Koji Eguchi Nasdaq-listed NASADQ: MRM, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is Social Service Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director Chitsue Shirakata: We have concluded a comprehensive business alliance agreement with “Social Service”).
In the future, based on the vital signs of postpartum women, the MOTHER Bracelet, an activity meter developed by our company that does not require charging, will be used by Social Services to quantify the “depressive” state, which has been difficult to show up until now. Along with the qualitative score (our developed check sheet), we will build a useful auxiliary system for early detection. By doing so, we aim to prevent social isolation from postpartum depression, which was often noticed after a serious accident, and to create a society in which people can engage in child-rearing with peace of mind. [Image 1d16099-133-42b3a88402dfb05190b0-11.png&s3=16099-133-894cba267e56585cf372858225b4299e-1253x703.png
Postnatal Depression DTx, developed by Social Services, is a two-step process. In the initial development, data on heart rate, body surface temperature, amount of activity, and quality and quantity of sleep acquired by the MOTHER Bracelet, an activity tracker developed by our company, will be provided to social services with the user’s consent. . (In that case, we will charge a fixed amount for each account as an SDK usage fee for social services.)
Social Services defines the “depressed” state from its data. In terms of definition, physical stress is not uniformly replaced by mental stress, and human individuality exists. The purpose is to assist depression evaluation with high accuracy.
In the second development, Social Services plans to provide an intervention program for depression. (In the United States, Webot HealthTM has already received FDA approval and is used as a treatment for postpartum depression.)
1. Adaptability of biometric data acquisition without charging for 24 hours using MOTHER Bracelet
We believe that the MOTHER Bracelet is lightweight, stress-free, and does not require charging, and has the advantage of being able to continuously acquire data 24 hours a day. We believe that “MOTHER” is a highly compatible activity meter based on the concept of a mother-like presence that embraces all people.
2. Social background of postpartum depression
Depression evaluation is usually conducted through interviews with doctors. However, it is difficult for women in childbirth with infants to visit mental health clinics, and with the number of births expected to reach approximately 810,000 (*) in 2021, it is thought that a considerable number of postpartum depression is lurking.
*Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare 3. Solving social issues through early detection of postpartum depression Postpartum depression can be prevented from occurring or worsened by interventions by those around you. The purpose is to clarify the presence of women in childbirth who are under stress to their husbands (fathers) and other relatives with their consent, and to encourage others to intervene. increase. Raising children at a young age means that we have to face uncontrollable infants and sometimes it is accompanied by great stress, but we aim to create a society with a safe and secure childcare environment by preventing pregnant women from becoming socially isolated and having people around them watch over them.
■ Service logic for postpartum depression
[Image 2d16099-133-5a9513d7847b19e76853-10.png&s3=16099-133-64995a5fdf4066fe330d03af9015e656-1990x1095.png
What is MOTHER Bracelet(TM)?
[Image 3d16099-133-ccb89b4d764116a80f73-8.jpg&s3=16099-133-603582929551d561f788420e7671c1bf-3900x2665.jpg
The “MOTHER Bracelet” is the world’s first* activity tracker that does not require charging 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology from Silicon Valley in the United States, it generates electricity from the temperature difference between your body temperature and the outside air. Since charging is not required, there is no downtime (time during which data cannot be acquired) during charging. Step count, sleep amount, calorie consumption, heart rate, body surface temperature = 5 basic health care data can be recorded with this one.
*WPO, PATENTSCOPE, Science and Technology Center, J-GLOBAL, J-PlatPat, etc. confirmed intellectual property corresponding to activity meters that do not require charging using the Seebeck effect (July 3, 2021, ESP Research Institute)
■ About MEDIROM Co., Ltd.
[Image 4d16099-133-7a863e12a7e8c4c4b222-7.png&s3=16099-133-b5ac518da4b7c1312efdee37d3109528-300x123.png
Medirom has 313 relaxation studios nationwide (as of the end of October 2022), centered on “Re.Ra.Ku (R)︎” for health management services. Since 2015, we have entered the health tech business and are implementing “specific health guidance” and constitution improvement programs using the healthcare app “Lav (R) ︎”. In 2020, we will enter the device business and develop the activity meter “MOTHER Bracelet (TM)” that operates without charging. The support purchase site “Makuake” has raised expectations from users, such as raising a record of 56.1 million yen.
◼️ Company Profile
Company name: MEDIROM Co., Ltd. (English name: MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc.)
Listed market: NASDAQ (US stock code): MRM (Nasdaq CM)
Head office location: Tradepia Odaiba 16F, 2-3-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Koji Eguchi, Representative Director
Established: July 2000
Capital: 2,559,270,000 yen (including reserves, JGAAP standard) Business description: Studio management business / franchise business / health tech business / device business
◼️About Social Service Co., Ltd.
[Image 5d16099-133-6f02d0a8d68d93ec5e43-9.png&s3=16099-133-b2ef422922f5c29d1e769b4009e7e8ef-171x40.png
Our company publishes media for middle-aged and elderly seniors, expectant mothers, and elementary school students under the philosophy of “creating media that changes lives.” As a media for expectant and nursing mothers, since 2013, we have planned the official information magazines “Anata to” and “Anata plus” of the Japan Bo Ogya Donation Fund (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo / hereinafter “Ogya Donation Fund” * 1). We edited the report and visited facilities for children with disabilities to hear about the facilities, their activities, issues, etc., and exchanged opinions with the people involved. URL:
◼️ Company Profile
Company name: Social Service Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Kasumigaseki 3-chome building, 3-6-5
Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Chitsue Shirakata, Representative Director
Established: February 2007
Capital: 48.79 million yen
Business description: Magazine publication/advertising/communication business/school education support business/senior marketing
business/medical media business
[Image 6d16099-133-f9696ed6f36fc7580953-1.png&s3=16099-133-bfbcdcd4c58ca4c63c35a6bdf1684a29-121x173.png
The magazine for expectant mothers, “Anatato”, is distributed at maternity hospitals nationwide, and provides useful information for expectant and nursing mothers supervised by obstetricians, such as prenatal and postnatal care, how to deal with babies, and knowledge of educational funding. .
Ogya Donation Fund official information magazine edited and published “Anatato” Editorial department/supervisor: Japan Mother Ogya Donation
Fund/special cooperation: Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd.
[Image 7d16099-133-4debb25d3c02b7105969-2.jpg&s3=16099-133-9bcbca23f092cf81118cce28cfa07cd4-115x162.jpg

The magazine “Anata Plus” for new moms and dads is distributed at maternity hospitals nationwide. We provide useful information about perinatal childcare, such as reporting methods.
Ogya Donation Fund official information magazine edited and published “Anata Plus”
Editorial Department / Supervision: Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Nichibo Ogya Donation Fund / Special Cooperation: Japan Post Co., Ltd.
(*1) About Ogya Donation Fund
The Ogya Donation Fund aims to contribute to the prevention and treatment of mental and physical disabilities and to promote child welfare. doing business.

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