MEDISO Secretariat Held “MEDISO Seminar Series-Overcoming barriers of medical ventures-Vol.01 Kickoff!”

MEDISO Secretariat
Held “MEDISO Seminar Series-Overcoming barriers of medical
ventures-Vol.01 Kickoff!”
Held on November 25th (Fri) at Nihonbashi Life Science Hub

Medical venture total support business (MEDISO) has decided to hold seminars on a regular basis, carefully selecting themes that medical ventures should know about. In particular, MEDISO will focus on specialized themes such as pharmaceutical regulations and intellectual property, which many medical ventures feel as a “knowledge barrier”. We also plan to provide networking opportunities to build networks among MEDISO users. Future seminar schedules will be posted on the MEDISO website, so please pay attention to the MEDISO seminars to catch up on the information that medical ventures should know. [Image

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Overview of the event
MEDISO Seminar Series ~Overcoming barriers for medical ventures~ Vol.01 Kickoff! Date: Friday, November 25, 2022, 17:00-19:00 (doors open at 16:45, real networking at 18:10-19:00)
Venue: Nihonbashi Life Science Hub
Participation fee: Free
Capacity: 60 real venues * Pre-registration is required to
participate. Please note that it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
Organizer: Medical Venture Total Support Business (MEDISO)
Co-organizer: Life Science Innovation Network Japan (LINK-J) Speakers
・Mr. Tsuyoshi Yamamoto | Director, Venture Support Strategy Office, Pharmaceutical Industry Promotion and Medical Information Planning Division, Health Policy Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare ・Mr. Masatoshi Tachibana | Representative of BPM Consulting Office / MEDISO full-time supporter
・Mr. Yuki Aoyama|President and CEO of Splink Co., Ltd.
・Teppei Konishi | CEO of biomy Co., Ltd.
・Yuichi Niikura | CEO of Ovenus Co., Ltd.
・Akihiko Soyama|Managing Director of LINK-J / Specially Appointed Professor of Tohoku University / Representative Director of Executive Alliance Co., Ltd.
[Table 2: ]
Medical Venture Total Support Business MEDISO Secretariat
Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
[Medical Venture Total Support Business:] The medical venture total support business matches medical venture companies, academia, etc. that have problems for practical application with experts (supporters*) who provide advice for solving them, and is at the research and development stage. It is a business that provides detailed consultation and support according to each stage, with a comprehensive and bird’s-eye view of practical use in clinical settings, insurance coverage, and advancement and spread in the global market.
* Supporters are experts in various fields such as legal compliance, marketing, business planning, fundraising, management strategy, intellectual property strategy, and international expansion. Details about this release:


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