meet tree “HINOKI Bath Salt” will be released on November 18, 2022 (Friday), warming with the scent of cyp ress in winter

meet tree
“HINOKI Bath Salt” that warms with the scent of cypress in winter will be released on November 18, 2022 (Friday)

meet tree Co., Ltd. (Representative: Daichi Maruyama, Location: Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture), which develops a sustainable lifestyle brand that connects people and trees, will release “HINOKI Bath Salt” on November 18, 2022 (Friday). increase.
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Forest bathing is said to have a deep relaxation effect. This is because monoterpene, a component with a relaxing effect, evaporates from the cypress. HINOKI Bath Salt contains essential oil extracted from cypress based on sea salt. When dissolved in hot water, the rich fragrance spreads in the bathroom, making you feel like you are bathing in the woods. In winter, when the frequency of bathing increases, please spend a more fulfilling bath time with the scent of cypress.
About the product
“Forest bathing feeling in the bath”. A refreshing and relaxing bath salt that creates a healing space with the scent of cypress. You can’t go to the forest easily. And a “gift from the forest” for you who are tired from your daily work.
Product name: HINOKI BATH SALT
Type: 2 types (cypress tree scent, cypress leaf scent)
* The cypress tree has a deep woody scent, and the cypress leaves have a refreshing and green scent.
Contents: 35g
Price: Single item 200 yen (tax included)
Set of 5 (either one of ‘hinoki no fragrant’ or ‘hinoki leaf fragrant’): 1,000 JPY (incl. tax)
Set of 6 (3 pieces for ‘Hinoki no Kaori’ and 3 for ‘Hinoki no Kaori’): 1,200 JPY (incl. tax)
Release date: Friday, November 18, 2022
Sales locations: meet tree official online shop, Rakuten Ichiba, meet tree Cafe NAKATSUGAWA, LaLaport Nagoya Minato AQULS
[Image 2d74642-10-dbdaee87ebabc09f48b0-1.jpg&s3=74642-10-90dad71bac0b2014b743f3e77e1b2b51-3900x2600.jpg
HINOKI bath salt (hinoki scent)
[Image 3d74642-10-9e77384483fb0ddc081e-2.jpg&s3=74642-10-ba3f7a1701ef3e12f503b71c9f1643c1-3900x2600.jpg
HINOKI bath salt (cypress leaf scent)
[Image 4d74642-10-823bf7336421feb3ab58-3.jpg&s3=74642-10-259c734d23ff86017893c6b3a697e801-3900x2600.jpg
5 pieces (hinoki scent)
[Image 5d74642-10-38100825f040847718d5-4.jpg&s3=74642-10-6b2c5172a9a0ec544af4246e7de527e3-3900x2600.jpg
set of 6
Company Profile
[Image 6d74642-10-d0ff9f8dd487df8c32f8-5.jpg&s3=74642-10-4bf96fae40987cd7cea9d2db79cf5f50-1000x250.jpg
meet tree Co., Ltd. was born from a long-established company that has been in the wood business for over 100 years in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture. Initially, it started as a cosmetic brand, but now as a “sustainable lifestyle brand that connects people and trees”, we are creating products and facilities where you can feel trees and forests. Facilities that express the world view of meet tree include the cafe “meet tree Cafe NAKATSUGAWA” and the hotel “Oyado Onn Nakatsugawa” (operated by Ojojuku Co., Ltd.). ” is scheduled to open. By
incorporating “wood” into our daily lives through our products and facilities, we hope to promote the use of domestic materials and help protect and nurture Japan’s forests.
Company name: meet tree Co., Ltd.
Representative: Daichi Maruyama
Location: 4586-50 Naegi, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture 508-0101 (within Maruyama Lumber Holdings Co., Ltd.)
Date of establishment: April 2018
Official website:
Details about this release:


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