Meidentsu and BONX realize API voice linkage between nurse call and next-generation income, and start selling

Meidentsu Co., Ltd.
Meidentsu and BONX realize API voice linkage between nurse call and next-generation income, and start selling
The nurse call system “Nurse Ecole” and the next-generation intercom “BONX WORK” are linked. Nurse call calls are voiced through the BONX API. BONX WORK users can notify and respond with earphones.

Meidentsu Co., Ltd. (Nagoya City, Representative Director: Michio Nakamura, hereinafter referred to as “Meidentsu”) has established BONX Co., Ltd. (Tokyo), which provides “Nurse Ecall”, a nurse call system integrated with telephone equipment, and “BONX WORK”, a group talk solution. Shibuya Ward, Representative Director Takahiro Miyasaka, hereinafter “BONX”), the call from the nurse echo is notified by voice to the user-mounted earphone microphone through the BONX voice API, confirmed by voice, answered and called with the earphone microphone From November 21, we will release a smart solution that can
automatically restore group talk after the end of the call.
We will continue to provide high-quality solutions based on the policy of “Good Health and Well-Being for All” as set forth in the SDGs. [Image 1

Image of system linkage
[Image 2

Voice notification function image
[Image 3

Voice notification flow
●Problem solving and high functionality
In the past, it was normal to operate “PHS for nurse calls”, “extension”, and “intercom” in separate systems at nursing care and medical sites, and in recent years PHS has been replaced by
smartphones. In most cases, the response and intercom functions cannot be operated separately and seamlessly. If you answer a nurse call, you need to log in to the app again to return to the intercom group call, and the current situation is that it is not user-friendly.
Meidentsu’s “Nurse Ecole” is a nurse call system based on the PBX made by Iwasaki Tsushinki Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, President Shogo Kimura), a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime.
You can call a nurse call by push notification during group talk at BONX WORK and answer the call with “BONX Grip”. We have realized cooperation that automatically returns to the group call even after the end of the call.
This time, we have added a function to “notify the BONX WORK app by voice” when a nurse call is called, so you can tell from which bed the call is coming from without looking at the smartphone screen. . Group calls and nurse calls can be answered without taking out the smartphone from the pocket, so it is possible to realize QOW (Quality Of Work) in nursing care and medical care and efficient care by staff. ● Along with this collaboration
“Nurse echo” “BONX WORK cooperation” “Nemuri scan cooperation” “Nursing care record cooperation (honobono NEXT, care chart, etc.)” “Smartphone extension function” “Regular patrols and occasional business support”
On the same day, we will release “Mei Channel Connect,” a
comprehensive monitoring care platform that links nurse calls, income, and monitoring systems in anticipation of the ICT/IoT era.
[Image 4

Comprehensive monitoring care platform
The origin of the solution name “Mei Channel Connect”
・Mei (of Meidentsu)
・Multi-channel (many routes)
・Connect (to connect – to connect people)
The wish is also included.
By realizing multi-channel = API linkage with multiple systems of other companies, it has become possible to provide it as a
comprehensive platform that meets modern needs.
Until now, there has been a problem that independent nurse call systems, monitoring systems, and nursing care recording systems cannot be operated realistically at nursing care offices because they cannot cooperate with existing major companies. In the future, in order to realize high-quality operations, the need for cooperation with multiple systems of other companies has increased rapidly.
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〇 Meidentsu Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Meidentsu Co., Ltd. (MEIDENTSU CO., LTD.)
Representative: Michio Nakamura
Location: 2-20 Sobacho, Kita Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture Established: April 1976
Business: Nurse call system
ICT collaboration solution, cloud network solution
〇 BONX Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: BONX Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takahiro Miyasaka
Location: 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo WeWork Shibuya Scramble Square 38F Established: November 2014
〇 Contact information
Meidentsu Co., Ltd. Tokyo branch office
In charge of BONX linkage solution
TEL 03-5643-8621
Details about this release:


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