Meiko Gijuku Announces Revival of Original Characters “Saboro” and “YDK (If You Can Do It)”

Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd.
Meiko Gijuku Announces Revival of Original Characters “Saboro” and “YDK (If You Can Do It)”

Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuhito Yamashita), which operates the private instruction cram school “Meiko Gijuku” nationwide, announces that Meiko Gijuku’s original character “Saboro” will be revived. I will. In December 2022, we plan to release a special site and SNS videos ahead of the TV commercial broadcast next spring.
The original character “Saboro” was born in 2014 as the heel of Meiko Gijuku’s concept of “YDK (if you can do it, you can do it)”. A character that personifies the temptation to get into the hearts of children who are trying to study, it has appeared in Meiko Gijuku TV commercials, newspaper inserts, websites, LINE stamps, etc.
Although it is supposed to be a nuisance that interferes with studying, the unique appearance of “Saboro”, which is all black and the center, and the many tempting quotes have become a hot topic on SNS, and its popularity has spread not only to children but also to adults. rice field.
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It’s been five years since Saboro disappeared from the front stage. The world has changed a lot. How we use our time, where we spend it, and the tools we use are all changing. Of course, your child’s learning environment and sweet temptation. In response to the voices of fans who loved Saboro, Saboro will return to this era. However, Saboro is not just an enemy. If you go out with a well-balanced relationship, you will become an ally. Meiko Gijuku will teach you how to get along well with Saboro.
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Characteristics of Saboro
・While studying, it appears unexpectedly.
・Trying to slacken study by using various means.
・Possessing manga, snacks, games, etc. for the purpose of interfering with study or seducing students.
・Good at getting into people’s hearts.
・The point is good, shrewd.
・He loves his friends and is lonely.

What is Meiko Gijuku’s “YDK”?
“Children who can really do YDK” has been the concept of Meiko Gijuku since 2014. In a market survey of parents, more than 80% answered “yes” to the question, “Do you think your child can do it?” Meiko Gijuku understands the latent feelings of many parents that “my child can do it if I try”, and in order to respond to this, Meiko Gijuku supports them so that they can “become a child who can really do it”. [Image 3d71552-79-882e0557ed0fcece3e2e-2.jpg&s3=71552-79-81a156394eb5488730685bf51ab1ce48-342x336.jpg

[Image 4d71552-79-f369e52e28d0deb0f1d7-3.jpg&s3=71552-79-90548d6c22713fdc53cb0a201b13b149-1289x1434.jpg
■Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd. (
Business description: As a company, our Purpose is “Creating memories of what we can do if we do it,” and our Vision is “Bright Light for the Future.” ”, we are operating and franchising various educational services, including the individual tutoring school “Meiko Gijuku”. *The contents, specifications, services, contact information, and other information published in the press release are the information at the time of the announcement. Please note that it is subject to change without notice.
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