Meitetsu Hotel Holdings Co., Ltd. Gifu Grand Hotel will hold the Gifu Nagaragawa Long-Run Fireworks from the roof of the East Building, where you can shoot and talk with photographer Jun Kobayashi!

Meitetsu Hotel Holdings Co., Ltd.
Gifu Grand Hotel will hold “Gifu Nagaragawa Long Run Fireworks from the roof of the East Building, shooting and talking with photographer Jun Kobayashi”!
“Taking and Talking with Photographer Jun Kobayashi Long-Running Fireworks on the Gifu Nagaragawa River from the Rooftop of the East Building”

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Nagaragawa Fireworks
At the Gifu Grand Hotel (Gifu City Nagaragawa Bank, President Shinzo Kasai), we will hold an event where you can experience a special photo shoot with the cooperation of Jun Kobayashi, the photographer who became a hot topic in “The Moon Rising Over Gifu Castle”. .
In this project, Mr. Kobayashi will give a lecture directly, and together with Mr. Kobayashi, we will try to shoot fireworks from the roof of the East Building, which is not usually open to the public, and after that, while eating dinner, Mr. Kobayashi will talk about retouching lectures and reviews of photos. It is a content where you can spend a special time for photography lovers.
We also have a great accommodation plan that is eligible for “National Travel Support”.
Holding date and time
December 2nd (Friday), 9th (Friday), 16th (Friday), 2022 -Capacity 20 people each day-
◆Special accommodation plan: 16,500 yen per person *Products covered by national travel support
Mr. Kobayashi’s lecture + dinner (lunch box) + breakfast included for one night; tax and service charge included, bathing tax of 150 yen not included
◆ Day trip plan: 9,500 yen per person
Mr. Kobayashi’s lecture + dinner (lunch box) tax and service charge included Schedule for the day (tentative)
Lecture on how to shoot fireworks (banquet hall)
Fireworks shooting (East building rooftop)
 Eating a meal (lunch box) while retouching lectures, photo reviews, etc. ・ 21:00 end
・Camera (single-lens reflex camera, mirrorless single-lens camera, etc. recommended)
・Tripod, release remote control
*If you use a super wide-angle lens, you can shoot fireworks from 3 different locations at the same time.
*If you use a standard lens, you can try to shoot one fireworks and Gifu Castle, or fireworks rising from two places.
*Ultra-wide-angle lenses can be rented for a fee (please contact the hotel) *May be canceled due to weather
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Jun Kobayashi
◆Atsushi Kobayashi
Photographer living in Gifu prefecture.
In addition to working as an architect, he was fascinated by the world of photography and started shooting with the theme of “family landscapes”.
Her life work is to beautifully record her time with her family through photography and convey the charm of her hometown of Gifu. His works such as “The Moon Rising over Gifu Castle” have been featured in various media such as TV and web news, and have received a great response.
There are many tie-ups with the government, and in recent years, the photo exhibitions “Majigifu Exhibition” and “Majisaikyo Exhibition” and Yamagata City Touring Photo Exhibition “Scenic Beauty” have been co-sponsored with Gifu City. It was held and became popular. In addition, he has collaborated with the J League for the first time as a photographer, and FC Gifu’s 2021 limited uniform is boldly decorated with photographs of “Gifu Castle and Crescent Moon” and “Gifu Nagaragawa Cormorant Fishing”. called.
Many domestic photo contest judging results.
Tokyo camera club 10 selections 2019 first-class architect
Instagram :
Twitter: atsushi_k_photo
Reservations: Gifu Grand Hotel Phone: 058-233-1111 (main number) Details about this release:

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