Mellia Co., Ltd. The delicate zone care brand “I’m La Floria” will hold a pop-up shop for a limited time at Lumine Shinjuku Lumine 1.

Mellia Inc.
Delicate zone care brand “I’m La Floria” will hold a pop-up shop for a limited time at Lumine Shinjuku Lumine 1
We also have a campaign where you can participate in ethical activities at a great price!

The delicate zone care brand “I’m La Floria” will be held from December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to December 7, 2022 (Wednesday) at the Lumine Shinjuku store Lumine 1 2F event space. We will hold a limited pop-up shop. This will be the first time the pop-up shop will be held at the same store.
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In addition to being able to actually pick up the “Holiday Kit” that is on sale for a limited time, we will also implement pop-up limited initiatives such as ethical discounts that allow you to try products at a great price and empty bottle collection campaigns.
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-Holiday Kit-
With the theme of “healing scent”, a set of items that you can enjoy a calming and relaxing time. The aroma candle, which is a limited item only for this season, is centered on the scent of elegant white rose, and the cedar wood that makes you feel the scent of wood in the freshness and sweetness creates warmth.
-Ethical Discount-
We will sell products with a special price if the outer box has been crushed or the package has been damaged during transportation, although there is no problem with the quality.
You can try items at a great price and participate in ethical activities. -Empty bottle collection campaign-
We will carry out a campaign where you can buy at a great price for those who bring an empty bottle of used “I’m La Floria Delicate Body Wash”.
* Bottles before renewal are not eligible.
Limited time exhibition/sales information
Lumine Shinjuku Lumine 1
Period: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to December 7, 2022 (Wednesday) Business hours: 11:00-21:00
Venue: Lumine Shinjuku Store Lumine 1 2nd Floor Event Space
*Contents may be changed or canceled due to circumstances.
-Purchaser benefits-
・Customers who purchase 5,500 yen (tax included) or more including “Balancing Body Oil” will receive a cotton panty liner (3 pieces) as a gift.
・Free gift of 80g of bath salt (not for sale) with purchase of 7,700 yen (tax included) or more
●Cotton panty liner
[Image 3d47354-61-fc3ec3e7f170cbca4d39-4.jpg&s3=47354-61-756b0c21dea629442ef5b0fcf389d9c8-750x750.jpg
A Japanese-made cotton panty liner that is 100% skin-friendly, yet disposable. It is a product that is produced with consideration for carbon neutrality, and is biodegradable and returns to nature. Mellia Inc.
[Image 4d47354-61-17347d07bb1677b9d260-2.jpg&s3=47354-61-e4fe1ee6ef5903b000de225f00516bd6-512x512.jpg
Established in 2017 with the concept of “Everyday be yourself.” We aim to create a bright future in our organization, society, and culture by allowing each and every one of us to demonstrate our strengths without being bound by the various stereotypes surrounding the world, such as common sense, customs, femininity, and masculinity. We will contribute to the realization of a beautiful and healthy lifestyle for people by providing products and experiences in the wellness area, including the development of the D2C brand, aiming to take root as a more open and simple daily care.
“I’m La Floria”
[Image 5d47354-61-d4af5d807686a7c03ca6-3.jpg&s3=47354-61-2e0baff8991fc8142d978d3882384790-2430x2430.jpg
With the desire to make delicate zone care a habit, we are developing products so that all items can be used not only for the delicate zone but also for the whole body. We aim to make it a habit to care for the delicate zone in the same steps as regular body care.
Based on the concept of “Step to be lovin’ (one step to love yourself),” we are a brand that proposes simple daily self-care that makes you feel more open and close to your sexuality, which is a part of yourself. .
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・Official LINE: @im_official ・note: Details about this release:


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