Men’s cosmetic shop & journal Lionel Japan’s first * 1, Korea’s top hair brand CURLYSHYLL (curly seal) appears in the men’s cosmetic shop!

Cosme Clinic Co., Ltd.
Korea’s top hair brand, CURLYSHYLL, will appear in a men’s cosmetic shop for the first time in Japan*1!
Korea’s top hair brand CURLYSHYLL (curly seal) appears at li1l LIONEL Daimaru Tokyo store!

Cosme Clinic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Kenji Sakezume), which operates the men’s cosmetic shop & journal li1l LIONEL Lionel, is the top Korean hair care professional brand ” CURLYSHYLL” will be available in Japan’s first men’s cosmetic shop li1l LIONEL Daimaru Tokyo store from November 30, 2022 (Wednesday). We will start selling. *1 In terms of handling at men’s cosmetics shops (as of November 2022), according to our own marketing research.
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Korea’s CONTINUUM PARTNERS “CURLYSHYLL” is a luxury brand in the Cheongdam-dong area of ​​Seoul, which is famous for being used by celebrities and idols six months after the brand was established in 2019, and is known as the center of Korean beauty. All available in beauty salons.
It is Korea’s No. 1 professional brand in use, and as of September 2022, about 20,000 hair designers are using curly seal products at about 10,000 salons nationwide in Korea. is.
It is also used as an amenity at five-star hotels and resorts, and is loved and recommended by popular celebrities and beauty experts. Beauty editors around the world select the best cosmetics through fair screening, including the best hair product award in the hair care category of Mariclell Freedexer Lance de la Botte. Awarded first place nine times in total.

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Choi Moo Jin
W, VOGUE, GQ, VQRIETY, WSJ, TIME, Instyle, etc.
Professional Magazine Hair
BTS exclusive stylist, aespa, TXT, Golden Child,
In charge of JO1, Soyu

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Kim Joo Hee
Kim Haran Muzeneff
Kim Hee Sun, Kim Hyo Jin, Ha Ji Won, Shin Se Kyung, etc.
many actresses

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Director of Culture & Nature Main Store
YouTube Superminkyu
Former Shiseido beauty creator
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Maven by Bumho
Current representative of The Maven
Juncheongdam Vice President
Ajure representative director
Special lecture professor at Korea School of Arts and Sciences In charge of Hwang Jung Min, Kang Ha Neul, Son Dam Bi, etc.
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Normal shop
singles, InStyle Korea, arena, boggirl, bazaar, etc.
Fashion/beauty magazine hair editor
In charge of Gianty, Lee Min Jung, Song Ji Hyo, etc.
Rapper audition program that created a rap sensation
In charge of SHOW ME THE MONEY 9 & 10
Features of CURLYSHYLL
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The ‘CURLYSHYLL’ hair care series has a track record of being adopted as an official hair product for Seoul Fashion Week, with stylists in charge of top Korean celebrities participating in the product development. It is a professional hair care product that features EWG green grade raw materials *, low irritation, and a scent created by a perfumer.
* EWG, which is trusted by the world, is an American non-profit Environmental Working Group. We investigate the safety of cosmetic raw materials and rank harmless ingredients with little irritation as the GREEN rank.

Product introduction
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Curly Seal Prestige Silky Oil Serum 100ml
3,190 yen (tax included)
A hair serum with a refreshing texture that coats split hair ends to smooth them and give them a glossy finish.
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Karliseal Perfection Curl Cream 150m
3,080 yen (tax included)
Contains natural oil essence and keratin ingredients to supply moisture and nutrients to maintain firm curls.
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Curly Seal Hair Gel Oil Wax 150ml
2,640 yen (tax included)
The semi-transparent gel adds a moist luster to the hair and maintains the light styling while bundling the hair. It is easy to create a pomade style with a moist and glossy feel, and especially when used with wet hair, it helps create a more natural style.
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Curly Seal Prestige Babassu Oil 100ml
5,390 yen (tax included)
A hair oil that nourishes and softens the hair, recommended for those with damaged hair due to bleaching/perms, etc.
[Image 13
Karliseal Style Gravity Wax 100ml
2,090 yen (tax included)
An off-white, opaque, light-textured cream is applied mildly while being transparent, but with high fixation power, allowing for free styling. Its soft, creamy texture allows it to be rubbed into the palm of your hand and applied all over dry hair for a natural look. shooting cooperation
PEEK-A-BOO NEWoMan Shinjuku
momoko iwsaki
kento asaga
tomoya handa
KOTOHA, arisa_adams, yuumu yamaguchi, Ramon Shibuki, Kenta
li1l LIONEL directly managed store
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Place: Daimaru Tokyo 7F Lionel, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6701 Lionel Daimaru Tokyo and other brands handled
john masters organics, davines, eLGON, BIOEFFECT, HEATH, WELLC, PRISONER, DEXT, Mediplorer, Helsinki Formula, OSMIA / Osmia, Orobianco / Orobianco, Select α / Select Alpha, The Different Company / The Different Company, RANCE / Lance, GARMENT / Garment, AMBiQUE / Ambeek, 572 / Gonanani, 20NEO / Nyzeroneo, HUKKA DEIGN / Hooka Design, PhilipB / Philip B, Caswell-Massey, WORKOUT MIST NI, Workout Mist Knee, Ablxs, ROGEN, Fullacera, SALACIA, Hot Tab, Huxley, NOBILE1942, Nobile 1942, SCALP-D, SHOTMODE, nailmatic, PHYT’S, VITAMAN, mine HAIR PRIMER62, mine hair primer
About li1l LIONEL
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LIONEL is a men’s beauty shop that carefully selects cosmetics that men want to use.
In addition to men’s cosmetics, we will introduce items recommended for men among the cosmetics used by women with high beauty
LIONEL has the meaning of LION “lion” and ONE “number one”, the king of beasts. Lions live in groups called prides.
Males fight for their cherished pride, females hunt for their beloved pride. We also have various prides.
Take pride in your work.
Take pride in your appearance.
Take pride in your lifestyle.
LIONEL wants to help protect each person’s “pride”.
And I hope that you will find your number one in LIONEL.
About Cosme Clinic Co., Ltd.
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The company has always selected the best cosmetic items from Japan and overseas, from organic to power cosmetics and doctors, from standard to first appearance in Japan, and offers “Cosme Clinic” that emphasizes counseling and more natural daily life. Developing “hinata by cosmeclinic”, etc., and also producing a unisex “men’s cosmetics corner” in the department store, which is easy for women to stop by, with the theme of “appearance of adult” boys “.
Management: Cosme Clinic Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 4th floor, Katsumura Building, 1-4-2 Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kenji Sakazume, Representative Director
Founded: June 1, 2010
Main customer
Keio Department Store Co., Ltd., Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd., Takashimaya Co., Ltd., Isetan Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd., Tobu Department Store Co., Ltd., Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd., JR Tokai Takashimaya Co., Ltd., Entetsu Department Store Co., Ltd. , Matsuya Co., Ltd., Maruhiro Department Store Co., Ltd., Kintetsu Department Store Co., Ltd., Meitetsu Department Store Co., Ltd., Fukuya Co., Ltd., Tenmaya Co., Ltd., Toshin Development Co., Ltd., Baroque Japan Limited
*1 In terms of handling at men’s cosmetics shops (as of November 2022), according to our own marketing research.
[Inquiries from the press regarding this matter]
Cosme Clinic Co., Ltd. Lionel Division
Contact point:
Person in charge: Sato, Irie
Details about this release:


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