Men’s cosmetics brand “ALLES KLER” was born. Started sales of a high-performance face pack as the first product for men aiming for heights.

Men’s cosmetics brand “ALLES KLER” was born. Started sales of a high-performance face pack as the first product for men aiming for heights.
We propose a new weekend habit of “obtaining skin that can fight with confidence from Monday” by luxuriously blending hot beauty

“ALLES KLER” aims to improve the appearance of men, and has started selling “ALLES KLER THE MASK”, a high-performance face pack that focuses on men’s skin characteristics and habits. rice field. Crowdfunding is currently underway at CAMPFIRE.
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■ Development history of ALLES KLER THE MASK
In recent years, men’s aesthetic sense has improved, especially among young people, and the men’s cosmetics market has grown rapidly. The founder, who is in his 30s, has experienced the effects of continuous skin care since he was a university student, so we believe that this trend will not be temporary but will become the standard for men. increase.
In addition, we believe that improving your appearance through skin care and hair care will lead to self-confidence regardless of gender, and that it is very important as an element to live a bright life. Based on this market recognition, we initially considered a business to collect and disseminate information on existing products. Men’s skin tends to be drier and more oily than women’s skin. In addition, daily shaving, long working hours, and lack of sleep can easily cause skin problems.
The number of men’s cosmetics brands is increasing, but there are few products that approach the above features functionally.
Furthermore, since the market is still in its infancy, there are a certain number of options for basic cosmetics such as lotions and milky lotions, but there are few special care and high-performance products.
From the above, men’s cosmetics users, especially those with a high awareness, have latent needs that cannot be satisfied with existing products, and considering the market growth potential, it is currently a blue ocean, but it is a good business opportunity. I have come to do it.
In addition, when we interviewed users when manufacturing face packs, they said, “There are various options and I don’t know what to use”, “Men face packs (psychological hurdle)”, “Is it effective or not?” It turned out that there was a problem that it was difficult to understand, and we designed the product based on these issues. ■ Product concept
Can approach men’s skin characteristics and issues
Create functionally and psychologically that you can feel safe about your skin if you use this much
Satisfies not only men but also women with a high sense of beauty After using it, you can feel the effect the next morning.
The packaging is simple and classy, ​​easy for men to use, and women want to give it as a gift.
■ Recommended for people like this
I’m worried about dryness, oiliness, rough skin, etc.
I do skin care every day, but I want to get better skin and have confidence. I use face packs on a regular basis, but I am not satisfied with conventional products.
I want to start aging care for the future.
I don’t know specifically what the skin problem is, but I want to try something. There is a psychological hurdle for a man to wear a face pack, so I have not been able to try it.
A woman who wants her partner to have better skin (as a gift) ALLES KLER THE MASK details
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Product category: Biocellulose mask
Contents: 4 pieces per box
Sales price: Single item purchase 4,980 yen (tax included), regular purchase 4,480 yen (tax included)
Country of Origin: Japan
Sales site:
Promotion site:
Focusing on men’s skin characteristics and habits, luxurious combination of leading beauty ingredients
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Contains beauty ingredients such as human stem cell culture fluid, eggshell membrane, niacinamide and vitamin C derivatives. Many conventional products sell each of these individually, but we are approaching various skin problems by luxuriously blending leading ingredients. The finish will satisfy not only men, but also women who are particular about beauty.
■ Commitment to sheets and scents
By adopting bio-cellulose made from fermented coconut water, it achieves higher moisturizing power and adhesion than packs using non-woven fabric. Not only does it moisturize men’s skin, which is prone to dryness, but it also solves the problem of men’s beards making it easier for the pack to come off.
Bergamot, which is scented with essential oils, is also used to flavor Earl Gray tea, and it is said that it not only gives a sense of luxury when used, but also has a relaxing effect such as relieving tension. ■Overview of current crowdfunding
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ALLES KLER has a brand promise of “Bring out the true strength & beauty” and brings out the strength and beauty that everyone is born with through various approaches.
The brand concept is “minimal,” “glossy,” and “timeless.” In a world full of information and marketing-driven world, we will deliver essential “good things” regardless of the times/trends and age, and create a more sophisticated world together with everyone.
Instagram account: allskler_official

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