Menya Hanabi Minami-Shinjuku opened 2nd anniversary. “Taiwanese Char Siu Taiwan”, which is Nagoya’s “Taiwan Mazesoba” topped with thick char siu, is a whopping 1,000 yen (tax included)! !

Via Holdings Co., Ltd.
Menya Hanabi Minami-Shinjuku opened 2nd anniversary. “Taiwanese Char Siu Taiwan”, which is Nagoya’s “Taiwan Mazesoba” topped with thick char siu, is a whopping 1,000 yen (tax included)! !
5 days from November 14th (Monday) to 18th (Friday)

Beniton Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kenichiro Kusumoto), which operates the charcoal-grilled skewers specialty store “Nihonbashi Beniton” in central Tokyo, has opened “Menya Hanabi Minami-Shinjuku”. It’s been 2 years since.
Located in a corner of office buildings, it is frequented by office workers and local residents as a noodle shop Hanabi during the day and Nihonbashi Beniton at night. Now that we have celebrated our 2nd anniversary, not only locals but also people from far away come to visit us for the purpose of Nagoya’s local soul food “Ganso Taiwan Mazesoba”. As a token of our gratitude for celebrating our 2nd anniversary, we are offering the popular Taiwan Mazesoba “Char Siu Taiwan” for 1,000 yen (tax included) for fans because of its appearance.
Please enjoy the full-bodied mazesoba topped with plenty of char siu pork and Taiwanese minced meat (minced soy sauce flavored with chili peppers and garlic).
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What is Taiwan Mazesoba?
Taiwan mazesoba is a type of soupless noodles with Taiwanese mince (minced soy sauce flavored with chili peppers and garlic) on extra-thick noodles. Typical ingredients are minced Taiwanese, raw chopped chives and green onions, fishmeal, and egg yolk. Add grated garlic if you like, stir well and enjoy. If you use regular noodles for Taiwan mazesoba, which doesn’t have soup, the ingredients won’t get tangled, so instead of draining the hot water, you stir the noodles with a rolling pin and scratch them to make them sticky. At the same time as the stickiness comes out, the sweetness also increases, making the noodles a perfect match with Taiwanese mince. Also, when eating Taiwan mazesoba, I would like to recommend [garlic]. There is a feeling of hesitation about a large amount of garlic, but if you dare to top it off, you will definitely be addicted to it. Menya Hanabi offer menu introduction
Taiwan Mazesoba 970 yen (tax included) is the most popular. There is also non-spicy mazesoba (Kimista).
[Image 2d54788-65-4896ad3528365e7f2305-1.jpg&s3=54788-65-30c93a48b320dd994904c3abb2644dd3-3900x3900.jpg
Taiwan mixed soba 970 yen
[Image 3d54788-65-20851dede1a8de3a8376-3.jpg&s3=54788-65-f8f7a3349bb7cb3530b5347d3dfbc5f4-3900x3900.jpg
Kimista 970 yen
[Image 4d54788-65-278550db57b47f5fb2df-2.jpg&s3=54788-65-c28ce3514d2c8454266bc20402286335-3900x3900.jpg
Do meat Taiwan 1,370 yen

[Image 5d54788-65-18e53a622533b45c15c7-4.jpg&s3=54788-65-33d42386b2952d7c887f48f9cea60654-905x499.jpg
store information
Nihonbashi Beniton/Menya Hanabi Minami-Shinjuku
Location: 2-11-5 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Active Shinjuku Building 1F Phone number: 03-5333-5618
Business hours: Menya Hanabi: 11:00-14:30 on weekdays and days before holidays Nihonbashi Beniton: Weekdays and days before holidays 16:00-23:30               Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 15:00-23:00 Operating company
Company name: Beniton Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 519 Tsurumaki-cho, Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kenichiro Kusumoto, President and Representative Director Established: April 2015
Capital: 50 million yen
Store information:
Beniton Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Via Holdings, operates
charcoal-grilled skewers specialty store “Nihonbashi Beniton”, We operate and develop the okonomiyaki izakaya “Osaka Shitamachi no Aji Bochi Bochi”.
New coronavirus infection prevention measures
Menya Hanabi is “NO! Three secrets, YES! We are thoroughly operating with “peace of mind”
“NO! 3 Honey”
・Open the entrance door and window to ventilate to avoid airtightness. ・In order to avoid crowding, we will operate with a reduced number of seats. ・In order to avoid close contact, we will guide customers at intervals. “YES! Peace of mind”
・Alcohol solution for hand disinfection is installed in the store. ・The table is disinfected with alkaline electrolyzed water.
-Regularly disinfecting frequently touched items
・Staff take their temperature and check their physical condition before going to work and record it.
・All staff wear masks
・All staff thoroughly wash their hands at regular intervals
・We ask customers to cooperate with alcohol disinfection of their fingers and temperature measurement when visiting the store. ・Sequential installation of high-performance air cleaning filters (AT254 filters)
・Installing CO2 concentration sensors in all stores.
*We will ventilate the store at a certain level, using the CO2 concentration as a guideline.
Details about this release:


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