MERCER OFFICE Co., Ltd. The beef pot specialty store “Beef Nabe Iron”, which is located in the residential are a of ​​Shirokanedai, has started selling the “Yonezawa Beef Nabe Course”, which is limited to Makuake, at an excepti onal price.

Mercer Office Co., Ltd.
Located in a residential area of ​​Shirokanedai, the beef hot pot specialty store “Gyunabe Iron” has started selling the “Yonezawa beef hot pot course” at a special price for God’s cost performance “Makuake limited”.
– Blissful Yonezawa Beef Hot Pot, this luxury is the best course only this time –

Mercer Office Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Naoya Ra), which operates casual and rich cafes and restaurants in Ebisu, Omotesando, Shirokanedai, Roppongi, etc., has been loved for more than 10 years since its opening in November 2011. We will sell a limited number of “Yonezawa beef hot pot course” with Yonezawa beef + all-you-can-drink at the support purchase service Makuake from the beef hot pot specialty store “Gyunabe Iron / Mercer Lounge”. -Makuake Limited Yonezawa Beef Hot Pot Course-
We will sell the finest “Yonezawa Beef Nabe Course” at the support purchase service Makuake. Known as one of Japan’s top three wagyu beef, Yonezawa beef is raised in a rich natural environment with a unique fertilizer blend, resulting in a perfect balance of lean meat and fat, resulting in fine, fine marbling and umami. A certain scent is the biggest attraction.
In particular, the fragrant fat has a melting point so low that it melts at about the temperature of human skin.
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This time, we have prepared such a delicious Yonezawa beef with white miso-based soup stock and carefully selected fresh vegetables as a special hot pot that can only be tasted with a beef pot iron, in a luxurious course with all-you-can-drink. The “Makuake Limited” course is an overwhelmingly attractive value for money, with Yonezawa Beef Nabe, one of Japan’s three major brands of Wagyu beef, and
all-you-can-drink. Perfect for this season when there are many opportunities to gather, such as welcome and farewell parties, year-end parties, and New Year parties.
A familiar white that is addictive, a red that is rich in flavor with a mellow sweetness and an addictive spiciness, and a black that has homemade black garlic that you will never forget once you taste it. You can enjoy it with your favorite taste from 3 courses.
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Makuake publication period November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) ~
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“Beef pot” of the beef pot iron
Our Gyu-nabe is a luxurious hot pot with our special broth made with white miso, top-quality marbled meat, and carefully selected fresh vegetables. The iron pot, which is the origin of the store name, melts into the soup by simmering the iron in the pot. The umami of slowly stewed meat and vegetables is condensed, and you can enjoy a rich and iron-rich pot.
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Introducing two new pots
Along with the sale of Makuake limited “Yonezawa Beef Nabe”, we have prepared two new types of pots at Gyunabe Iron. We offer “red hot pot” and “black hot pot” arranged using a variety of ingredients and a white miso soup stock that fully brings out the charm of the ingredients.
Express the commitment of the beef pot iron, forget the time, and enjoy the slow flow and the finest beef pot course.
■ Red pot
A hot pot where you can enjoy the exquisite taste of the umami that condensed as you eat, and the spiciness of two types of red pepper and homemade chili oil. The bright red hot pot looks great on social media, and the glossy marbled meat will whet your appetite. Finished with a high-quality pot that warms both body and mind.
Using a variety of chili peppers that can be eaten as they are and fermented chili peppers, it is characterized by its deep spiciness and rich flavor that you can feel deep inside. It is a hot pot with a rich flavor that combines the mellow sweetness of white miso with the addictive spiciness.
Finish off with strong and chewy “Kishimen”. You can enjoy the mellow soup full of umami, which is a combination of special chili oil and marbled meat fat, to the very end.
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■ Black pot
Soy milk is added to the dashi stock made with white miso, and black garlic, ginger, chives, etc. are added to give it an accent. Homemade black garlic miso mixed in a mortar just before adding to the pot maximizes the umami of the dashi stock.
By simmering, the high-quality fat that melts from the marbled meat and the white miso-based soup are combined, and the depth of flavor of the vegetables that spreads in your mouth is also attractive. It has a presence of majestic deliciousness that can never be called a supporting role of meat. You can feel the clear and fleeting taste of black garlic, the scent of wagyu beef, and the long-lasting flavor of white miso at the most pleasant points of each taste.
Carefully selected flat Chinese noodles that remain chewy even when boiled are used in the soup, which is full of unique ingredients. It’s a black pot that you can’t forget once you eat it.
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About beef pot iron
When you open the auto-locking door, you will be greeted by an elegant stone-paved path and a Japanese garden. The 80-year-old old folk house beyond that has been modernly renovated, and all the seats are private spaces. An adult space like a secret hideaway spreads out.
[Image 7

Quaint Japanese garden
[Image 8

A semi-private room on the 2nd floor with a calm atmosphere like a detached restaurant
[Image 9

1F MERCER LOUNGE where the space for adults with a view of the courtyard spreads out
[Image 10

Gyunabe iron/MERCER LOUNGE
Located in the residential area of ​​Shirokanedai, this 80-year-old traditional Japanese house has been renovated into a modern hideaway for adults.
1F is “MERCER LOUNGE” which can be used as a bar. On the 2nd floor is the Gyunabe Iron, where you can lavishly enjoy marbled Japanese black beef in an addictive white miso broth. Combined with a nostalgic different space that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the city, you can spend the best time.
■ Store overview
Store name: Gyunabe iron/MERCER LOUNGE
Location: Sunku Shirokanedai, 5-15 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business hours: [Store] 17:30-23:00 [Takeout] Reception 12:30-21:30 Delivery 13:00-22:00
Closed: Mondays (closed on Tuesdays if Monday is a public holiday) TEL: 03-5420-4551
About Mercer Office Co., Ltd.
Just like New York, where fashion and business are assimilated into the city, we want to expand the scene to restaurants in Tokyo. I have established a position. We consider everything from concept make-up, business format development to store design. Through “food and drink” and “people”, we aim to be an attractive restaurant and company that conveys lifestyles and trends and becomes a symbol of them. We will continue to create restaurants that have an impact on the industry and a new era.
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