Meta Akita Co., Ltd. The NFT project of XRP leisure has started in Japan. Three series developed at once

Meta Akita Inc.
In Japan, the XRP ledger NFT project has started. Three series developed at once Kawaii Meta Collage X, 101 Akita-inu X, and NFT OMAMORI appear at
(*English translation is at the later part)
In response to the activation of the NFT new standard (XLS20) in the XRP ledger (hereafter referred to as XRPL), one of the world’s leading public blockchains, on the mainnet, three projects in Japan will bring NFT to the world from release towards Kazushi Fujii’s art is popular “Kawaii Meta Collage X”, Meta Akita’s “101 Akita-inu-X”, which spreads the charm of Akita Prefecture to the world, and a 3D charm made by a real monk with prayers. The “NFT OMAMORI” project that converts to NFT and its contents are also diverse.
The XRP ledger (hereinafter referred to as XRPL) has implemented the new NFT standard XLS20, making it possible to issue NFTs without using smart contracts. Using this new standard, three NFTs will be deployed in XRPL from Japan. The three NFT projects are “Kawaii Meta Collage” developed by Sogakukai and operated by Your Bright Co., Ltd., “Akita Inu NFT” by Meta Akita, and “omamori Project” by SEAFOLKS Co., Ltd. . Use ( as the marketplace. Using NFT, we will convey the power of Japan to the world.
Kawaii Meta Collage: KMCX
[Image 1

The “Opera meets Metaverse” project, which develops an opera house on the Metaverse and creates an encounter between real art and
cutting-edge technology. The first NFT was “Kawaii Meta Collage” with Kazushi Fujii as an artist, and 5,555 copies sold out in an instant, making a good start. Numerous culture-related benefits are available for NFT holders. Floor prices are still trending steadily. This “Kawaii Meta Collage” has evolved further. The XRPL version of “Kawaii Meta Collage X” is coming to!
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Meta Akita: 101 Akita-inu X
[Image 2

“Meta Akita” and “Akita Inu Preservation Society” team up to present “Akita Inu NFT” that combines “Akita Inu” and “local culture”. NHK, the Yomiuri Shimbun, etc. picked it up, and the first NFT sold out in 5 minutes. Here comes the XRPL version of it. “Meta Akita” is promoting the expansion of the Akita dog economic zone using the Akita dog NFT. Through partnerships with companies/organizations, we will provide limited goods and various discount services for NFT holders. Furthermore, we will expand to overseas cities in the future. Expanded to New York and Hong Kong. Proceeds from NFT sales will be used for the development of Akita Inu Metaverse and the production of limited sake.
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-Amulet in a new form to the world-
We deliver various prayers from Japan to the world by digitizing the amulets. “NFT OMAMORI” is created after receiving prayers from a monk, just like the original amulet. A monk wearing a VR headset will provide a 3DCG amulet with a prayer on VR as an NFT. As the first of this XRPL version, we will sell a special XRP OMAMORI with prayers for the development of XRP and XRPL!
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About Marketplace
The NFT marketplace where you can purchase NFTs for the above three projects is ( The release is scheduled for the near future.
(Scheduled release URL)
・Kawaii Meta Collage X: ・101 Akita-inu-X : ・OMAMORI NFT:
About the new standard XLS20
XRPL’s new NFT standard, XLS20, is characterized by the ability to issue NFTs easily and at low cost without using smart contracts. Developers can operate NFTs without the security risks and complexity of smart contracts. In addition, functions such as automatic royalties that directly return part of the secondary distribution transaction volume, joint ownership of assets, and non-transferable NFTs such as so-called SBT are standardized at the protocol level.
Overview of each company/organization
1. Kawaii Meta Collage X by Sogakukai
General Incorporated Association Sogakukai ( ◆ Business content
Concerts, production and performance of opera, development and production of vocal content, operation of the Metaverse Opera House We are developing Opera meets Metaverse with the aim of creating a meeting place for all cultures and people involved in culture in the cutting-edge metaverse that enables the best comprehensive art, and to create magnificent entertainment. opera group.
On December 24th and 25th, “Nino Rota’s Opera” will be performed, which will be the material for the opening of the Opera House on the Metaverse. (Special site:
◇Address: 4-7-3 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku
◇Representative Director: Yoshitaka Miura
◇ Director: Ryoko Takei, Ken Tanaka, Yuka Tanimoto, etc. ◇ Auditor: Nobutake Mochizuki
Yourbright Co., Ltd.
◆ Business content
NFT produce (new business)
Recruitment of foreigners
We will build a community of foreigners with specific skills and support the utilization of foreign human resources so that Japanese companies can develop into truly global companies. We also support the use of NFT suitable for Web 3.0 as a new community creation. We will make every effort to realize a society in which information sharing and collaboration on a global scale are actively carried out. ◇Address: 7th floor, Takadanobaba Toshin Building, 4-28-19
Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0075
◇Established: 2005
◇Representative Director: Miwa Yamashita
◇ Director: Yuto Yamashita
2.101 Akita-inu X by Meta Akita Inc.
◆ Business content
As a spin-off company of the Akita Inu Preservation Society, which has a history of about 100 years, we are working on regional
revitalization with the theme of Akita Inu x Web3. Currently, we are planning and selling NFTs that combine Akita dog and local culture, and developing a metaverse where Akita dog fans from all over the world gather. In the future, we will focus on diversifying our business to realize a world where dogs and people can live with peace of mind, such as the establishment of an old dog home, the Akita Inu Sake Bar, and the production of truly dog-friendly dog ​​food. (Official site)
◇Address: Akita City, Akita Prefecture
◇Established: 2022
◇Representative: Yuki Akasaka TASUKOF (from Akita)
◇Directors: Yuki Shoji, Yudai Shirahata, Takako Ito
◆ Business content
Website creation and operation construction, business automation using RPA, paperless business, cryptocurrency trading business practice, business consignment such as business construction, consulting, back office business construction support for various business, branding, marketing support, RPA , AI introduction support, consulting, various system development, content production such as videos, etc. Our vision is to create a new future. “SEAFOLKS” is derived from the Indian word “KINFOLKS” which means “friends who understand each other from the bottom of their hearts.” It is named by adding “. We will contribute to society by providing solutions that are optimal for everyone, without being bound by stereotypes and prejudices, with the idea of ​​learning from the past, and always with a cutting-edge perspective. ◇Address: 2-2-15-942 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 ◇Representative Director: Yusuke Miyake
Summary of this press release
Following the main network activation of the new NFT standard (XLS20) on XRP Ledger (XRPL), the world’s leading public blockchain, three projects in Japan will release NFTs to the world from There are three projects. “Kawaii Meta Collage X”, featuring the popular art of Kazushi Fujii; “101 Akita-inu-X,” Meta Akita’s project to promote Akita-inu and Akita Prefecture to the world; and “NFT OMAMORI,” A project to convert 3D amulets made by real monks with their blessings into NFTs.
The implementation of XLS20, a new NFT standard, at XRP Ledger (XRPL) has made it possible to issue NFTs without the use of smart contracts. Utilizing this new standard, three NFTs from Japan will be deployed on the XRPL: “Kawaii Meta Collage ,” developed by Sogakukai and Yourbright Co. Akita-inu NFT released by Meta Akita, and the omamori project by SEAFOLKS Co. They use ( as a market place and utilize NFT to share the power of Japan to the world. [About the Marketplace]
The NFT marketplace where you can purchase NFTs for the above three projects is (
・Kawaii Meta Collage X: ・101 Akita-inu-X : ・OMAMORI NFT:
[About the New XLS20 Standard]
XRPL’s new NFT standard, XLS20, features easy and low-cost NFT issuance without the use of smart contracts. the transaction volume of secondary distribution, joint ownership of assets, and
non-transferable NFTs (so-called SBTs), are standardized at the protocol level.
Akita-inu NFT: 101 Akita-inu X
Akita-inu NFT is a NFT project by Meta Akita and the Akita-Inu Preservation Society (AIPS) and the designs are made by combining Akita-inu and local Akita culture. The first NFT (100 limited/Launched on Nov. 13th) was sold-out within 5 minutes.
Meta Akita is expanding the Akita-inu ecosystem using Akita-inu NFT. Through partnerships with companies/organizations, we provide limited-edition of goods and various discount services for NFT holders. In addition, we are expanding our activities to overseas. NFT sales will be used to develop the Akita-inu Metaverse and produce limited edition of products such as Japanese Sake.
Company Information: Meta Akita Inc.
As a spin-off company of the Akita-Inu Preservation Society, which has about 100 years of history, we are working on regional revitalization under the theme of Akita-inu x Web3. Meta Akita is developing Metaverse where Akita-inu fans around the The world can gather, share information, and enjoy activities together.
In the future, we will realize a world where Akita-inu and people can live in peace by developing diverse of businesses including an old-dog nurshing home, Akita-inu Sake Bar, and truly dog-friendly food. (Website)
– Address: Akita City, Akita Prefecture
– Establishment: 2022
– Representative: Yuki Akasaka, TASUKOF (from Akita)
– Directors: Yuki Shoji, Yuta Shirahata, Takako Ito
Details about this release:


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