Metareal Co., Ltd. Started introduction of Anywhere Door Trip at medical corporation Kojinkai Nanbu Kosei Hospital

Metalial Co., Ltd.
Medical Corporation Kojinkai Begins Introduction of [Anywhere Door Trip] at Nanbu Kosei Hospital
-Starting to offer VR travel to hospitalized patients-

Travel DX Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo) plans, develops and sells VR travel experience service [Anywhere Door Trip], a subsidiary of Metalial Inc. Ward Representative Director: Junichi Goishi) has announced that the introduction of [Anywhere Door Trip] has started at Nanbu Kosei Hospital (Location: Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture, Hospital Director: Makoto Ikeda). This is the first time that a medical institution has officially introduced the service for the purpose of providing it to inpatients.

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Nanbu Kosei Hospital and Palliative Care Ward

Nanbu Kosei Hospital is known as a recuperation hospital that also looks at the end of life. Based on the hospital motto, “Be a good servant to the sick,” all staff provide medical care that is close to patients and their families. While thinking that it is important to have time to think about yourself and your family, we will use VR travel technology to calmly summarize our lives for patients whose visitation is restricted due to the corona crisis. We decided to introduce it because we could support it.
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A scene from Dokodemo Door Trip
[Anywhere Door Trip] is a service that allows you to experience a trip in a VR space with an overwhelming sense of immersion surrounded by 360-degree local images. We have already had the opportunity to have the elderly and sick people experience it on a trial basis, and this time we decided to provide it as an added value to the patients of Nanbu Kosei Hospital. TravelDX Co., Ltd. will provide operation lecture training in advance for nurses who will actually provide services to patients, and will also provide support after
In the future, in addition to overseas videos of [Dokodemo Door Trip], we are considering creating original videos (tours to visit memorable places) that listen to the requests of patients, etc., so that patients can have a calmer hospital stay. We are planning an initiative that can be sent.
Nanbu Kosei Hospital
A member of the “Seikokai Medical Care Group” that develops hospitals, clinics, home nursing care and home medical care in Saitama City and Kasukabe City. It will be a hospital that performs In 2019, a palliative care ward was opened, and a system was put in place to focus on palliative care for terminally ill cancer patients. [Image 3

Nanbu Kosei Hospital
What is [Anywhere Door Trip]?
A VR travel experience service launched on September 21, 2021. A service that provides a travel experience that makes you feel as if you are actually there, for people who want to travel overseas or cannot travel domestically due to various reasons such as the following.
I can’t go on a trip due to the corona crisis
i don’t have money to travel
I can’t travel abroad because I can’t speak a foreign language Unable to travel abroad for physical reasons
can’t take long vacations
I have small children and cannot travel abroad.
For corporations, we are providing workation opportunities that make use of VR travel, holding various VR travel events, educational use such as studying abroad and language learning, facility tours and inspections, and sightseeing DX.
[Anywhere Door Trip] Official website: Facebook User Community:
[Anywhere Door Trip] Corporate contact: (Free trial demo for companies and organizations)
Recruiting VR experience events: (Business trip VR experience events are being held all over Japan)
■ About Metalial Co., Ltd.
Corporate mission: “Liberate mankind from constraints of place, time, language, and physical” Simultaneous connection communication), 4K/8K/12K (super-resolution video), video distribution solutions, wearable devices, robots, HA (Human Augmentation), etc. We will realize a “global ubiquitous” environment where people can
communicate, live, work, and enjoy life with anyone, anywhere, language-free. Since two years ago, we have been focusing on the “Metaverse business” as a growth field, and our group companies MATRIX Co., Ltd. (“Anywhere Door”) and Travel DX Co., Ltd. (“Anywhere Door Trip”) are in charge.

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