MI Food Style Co., Ltd. JAL Hometown Support Team PR! A large collection of unique Kagawa original delicious foods at Queen’s Isetan! “Kagawa Prefecture Fair”

MI Food Style Co., Ltd.
JAL hometown support team PR! A large collection of unique Kagawa original delicious foods at Queen’s Isetan! “Kagawa Prefecture Fair” Held from November 23 (Wednesday / holiday) to November 27 (Sunday)
MI Food Style Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryuichi Amemiya), a group company of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Co., Ltd., operates 18 supermarkets (Queen’s Isetan) mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The “Kagawa Prefecture Fair” will be held for a limited time from November 23 (Wednesday / holiday) to November 27 (Sunday).
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With the cooperation of Kagawa Prefecture, Queen’s Isetan will hold the “Kagawa Prefecture Fair” for a limited time from November 23rd (Wednesday/holiday) to November 27th (Sunday).
“Sanuki Gold”, “Sanuki Angel Sweet” and other unique Kagawa original kiwifruits delivered directly from the farm! We deliver fresh fish from Kagawa Prefecture to Queen’s Isetan from the fishing port. In addition, “Olive Beef” from Kagawa Prefecture will be a bargain every day during the fair period! The “Olive Beef”, which is raised in the warm climate of Setouchi, is fed the fruits of olives produced in Kagawa Prefecture after oil extraction, and is characterized by its refreshing fat and rich taste. You can enjoy it with various dishes such as steak and sukiyaki.
In addition, Queen’s Isetan limited products such as “Shinmai Shinshu Shiboritate Nama Genshu” made from 100% Kagawa Prefecture rice, “Soke Kutsuwado Kutsuwa Senbei” and “Hakueido Confectionery Kanonji” that are making their first appearance this time. We offer a wide variety of delicious items such as famous sweets.
In conjunction with this fair, the JAL Furusato Support Team will introduce the charm of Kagawa products at the Queen’s Isetan Sasazuka store on the 26th (Sat) and the Queen’s Isetan Koishikawa store on the 27th (Sun), so please come by. .
The “Shikoku Delicious Market” will be held at the same time as the “Kagawa Prefecture Fair”. It is a limited-time fair that you can taste only now, which is a collection of delicious foods from Kagawa Prefecture.
 Queens Isetan will continue to make various efforts to provide more customers with a rich lifestyle and valuable experiences. Please expect by all means.
Name: “Kagawa Prefecture Fair”
Date: November 23rd (Wednesday/holiday) to November 27th (Sunday) Holding stores: Queens Isetan Sasazuka store, Shin-Koenji store, Sengawa store, Koishikawa store, Kita Urawa store, Shakujii Park store, Motoyawata store,
       Shinagawa store, Suginami Momoi store, Shirokane Takanawa store, Musashisakai store, Mejiro store, Kokubunji store
*Some products may not be available at some stores. Please check with each store for ineligible stores.
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[Inquiries about products from customers]
Queen’s Isetan Customer Service Office: 0120-781-387 (10:00 am to 6:00 pm) *Excluding weekends and holidays
[Inquiries regarding OEM business]
URL: https://www.im-food.co.jp/customer/oem/
[About Queen’s Isetan]
 Queen’s Isetan is a high-quality food supermarket. We have a lineup of highly convenient and easy-to-use products, centered on highly unique private brands. We provide products and services according to the time of day to a wide variety of customers, and currently have 18 stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
[About MI Food Style]
MI Food Style Co., Ltd. will take over the supermarket business and food manufacturing, processing and wholesale business that Isetan Mitsukoshi Food Service Co., Ltd. has nurtured and cultivated, and will grow into a business that will be loved by customers in the region. A company founded in 2018 for We will provide “valuable experiences” as well as proposals for “rich lifestyles” through eating habits.
Location: Knowledge Park Ochiai Building 3F, 2-18-20 Nishi-Ochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 100 million yen
Representative Director and President: Ryuichi Amemiya
Business: Supermarket management, department store store management, food manufacturing, OEM business, vendor business
URL: https://www.im-food.co.jp/
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