Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd. Started sales of the world’s first microwave multi-stage freeze-drying equipment “SiriusWave” for food and pharmaceuticals.

Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.
Started sales of the world’s first microwave multi-stage freeze-drying equipment “SiriusWave” for foods and pharmaceuticals.
~Significant time reduction and high quality improvement~

Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, President and CEO: Iwao Yoshino, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) is pleased to announce the sale of the microwave multi-stage freeze-drying equipment “SiriusWave” for food and pharmaceuticals. will start.
Freeze-drying is a method of vaporizing moisture by applying heat to frozen solids, and is widely used to obtain solids such as
ready-to-eat foods and to powder heat-sensitive pharmaceuticals such as antibodies and nucleic acids. I’m here. However, the conventional method, in which heat is transferred indirectly and inefficiently, has the problem of requiring a long drying time.
Papers have reported that by using microwaves that can directly heat substances, the freeze-drying time can be reduced to a fraction of the original level. did not. Therefore, we have developed a microwave freeze-drying demonstration facility that applies the design and control technology of microwave processes and equipment that we have acquired through industrialization in the fields of chemistry and medicine. We have demonstrated that even multiple samples left standing can be dried in a short period of time by transmitting energy uniformly (Technical Details 1.). This is achieved by our own elemental technology called phase control technology, which controls the electric field distribution of microwaves over time, and is also used in addition to this freeze-drying technology (Technical details 2.). In addition, through this demonstration, we have confirmed that it is possible to significantly shorten the freeze-drying time and improve the quality accordingly.
As stated in the November 7, 2022 press release, Asahi Group Foods Co., Ltd., a leading freeze-dried food company, has already introduced the microwave multi-stage freeze-drying equipment “SiriusWave” to which the technology is applied. We are proceeding.
In the future, we plan to spread microwave freeze-drying in the food and pharmaceutical industries through the sale of this equipment, and then to provide GMP*1 compliant equipment for pharmaceutical manufacturing. We aim to innovate freeze-drying technology by solving problems such as time reduction, which has been a widespread problem. *1 GMP: Abbreviation for Good Manufacturing Practice.
[About microwave]
Microwaves are electromagnetic waves that have been used in household microwave ovens and in the field of communications, and have the characteristic of being able to directly and selectively heat substances. Microwaves can be generated from electricity, and by utilizing renewable energy, it is also an environmentally friendly technology that can contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. [Equipment image and specifications]
[Image 1

Equipment image
[Image 2

*Specifications in the table above are examples and can be customized according to customer requirements.
[Technical details 1.; flow of technology construction]
[Image 3

[Technical details 2: Verification of uniform heating of samples using phase control technology]
[Image 4d76344-22-610ca99bf96d909c175e-1.png&s3=76344-22-74831f1e9ec67ea32eb0adf9976f2656-850x340.png
Uniform heating verification of samples by phase control technology

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