Micware starts demonstration experiment of road monitoring using recording data distribution service “Mvcube(TM)” in Adachi-ku, Tokyo

Micware starts demonstration experiment of road monitoring using recording data distribution service “Mvcube(TM)” in Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Micware Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, President and Chairman: Kenji Narushima, hereinafter “Micware”) and Adachi-ku, Tokyo (hereinafter “Adachi-ku”) will distribute recorded data developed by Micware. From November 14, 2022, we will start a road monitoring demonstration experiment using the service “Mvcube (TM)”.
■ Details of the demonstration experiment
“Mvcube(TM)” provided by Micware is a recording that matches the conditions such as the date, time, place, device, etc. from the data recorded by the communication type drive recorder installed in the garbage truck running in Adachi Ward. Data can be extracted and viewed.
In this demonstration experiment, we will narrow down the trouble spots on the road that have been analyzed in advance using big data. Adachi Ward’s garbage truck is equipped with a communication-type drive recorder “STZ-DR00” manufactured by JVC Kenwood Corporation (hereafter referred to as “JVC Kenwood”). increase.
Recorded data collected in the cloud is used by Morpho, Inc.’s AI analysis software to detect road defects.
[Image 1d22552-17-0bbcafdabca81d28565a-0.png&s3=22552-17-20973913f88214101c6273594fa1c590-3900x956.png
(Left) Narrowing down problem areas by big data analysis
(Right) Collecting/viewing only the narrowed-down video

■ Features of recording data distribution service “Mvcube (TM)” [Image 2d22552-17-cdaace55c8f74f56ac3d-1.png&s3=22552-17-89af0973fb0a2bad94ef15a4fd1b1695-3900x1491.png

1. Collaborate with various information services to narrow down target areas and collect images efficiently
Links with various information services such as weather/disaster information, mobility/mobile device information, road/facility information, etc. to narrow down the places you want to see. From various camera images in the city such as vehicle drive recorders, surveillance/security cameras, smartphones, etc., extract only the narrowed down images and collect them in the Mvcube cloud. In order to collect only the video that is really necessary, it is an efficient video collection system that can reduce communication costs for collection and cloud/storage costs for video storage.
2. Analyze the narrowed down video in a form that suits the purpose and provide various services
The video narrowed down according to the application is analyzed for various purposes such as weather conditions, disaster conditions, traffic congestion conditions, accident conditions, road conditions, etc., and by emphasizing and viewing the information that is really necessary, management/monitoring is possible. We provide services that reduce the burden on people.
■ About Micware Co., Ltd.
Location: Kobe Asahi Building, 59 Naniwacho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
Representative: Kenji Narushima, President and Chairman
Business: Planning, development, production and sales of computer systems and software
URL: https://micware.co.jp/
■ About Adachi Ward Office
Location: 1-17-1 Chuohonmachi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Adachi Ward Mayor Yayoi Kondo
URL: https://www.city.adachi.tokyo.jp/
■ About JVC KENWOOD Corporation
Location: 3-12 Moriyacho, Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture Representative: Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shoichiro Eguchi
Business description: Operating businesses in the fields of mobility & telematics services, public services, and media services
URL: https://www.jvckenwood.com/jp.html
■ About Morpho, Inc.
Location: 2-2-1 KANDA SQUARE 10F, Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Takaki Hiraga, President and CEO
Business: Image processing and AI (artificial intelligence) technology research and product development
URL: https://www.morphoinc.com/
Contact information
Micware Co., Ltd. Operation Unit Public Relations Group Yamazaki Telephone 078-366-5780
Email mic_PR@micware.co.jp

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