Mikan Co., Ltd. MB’s Ore no Dora 1 This week’s theme “Attack the streets! HIPHOP style feature”

Mikan Co., Ltd.
[MB’s Ore no Dora 1] This week’s theme “Attack the streets! HIPHOP style feature”

A fun and logical fashion information variety show with a quiz on fashion, skin care, playthings, and more for all the men of the world! In addition to the regular team of MB, Ryo Tamura (London Boots No. 1 No. 2), Ogawa Ogawa (Spike), and Diego (Straw Baby), who are active in multiple fashion cultures, Yusuke Inoue (NON STYLE) will be a new regular every other week. , Maiposu, a makeup artist and a river, joins the narrator to power it up and deliver it!
“MB’s My Dora 1” program official page
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Since the program started on April 22, 2020, thanks to you, we have reached the third year. From April 9, 2022, we will change the broadcast time every Saturday at 13:00 and deliver great information to everyone!
Since the 7th recording, we have taken thorough measures such as maintaining social distance and keeping the studio open.
This week’s theme is “Attack the streets! HIPHOP style feature” In this week’s broadcast, we will feature HIP HOP styles that represent the street! !
Guests who like HIP HOP,
Kenji Oe from “Koryamedetena” also appeared.
He talks passionately about HIP HOP culture.
MB also incorporates the latest trends, recommended for this winter Introducing small items and trendy items that are easy to incorporate into real clothes.
Check out the latest items, weekend shopping and
Please take a look at it as a reference for your outing!
Diego will solve the troubles we received from viewers this week as well! ■ Our company’s apparel brand “supply the right”
■”supply the right” LINE official account

On the program website, you can watch the latest information about the program and broadcasts that you have missed as an archive! In addition, you can also watch MB’s after talk only in the archive. Please take a look!
Program overview
Title: Fashion Information Variety! “MB no Ore no Dora 1” Broadcast date and time: Every Saturday at 13:00
Channel: BS12 Twelve
Broadcasting area: National broadcasting
Contents: The only variety program specializing in fashion where MB becomes a lecturer and you can learn about fashion in a relaxed and fun way.
Appearances: Appearances: MB, Ryo Tamura (London Boots No. 1 No. 2), Warmna Ogawa (Spike), Kenji Oe (Koramedetena), Diego (Strababy) Narrator: Maipost
Program official page: http://dra1tv.com
About MB
[Image 2d56634-307-1439c7641b66dce77004-1.png&s3=56634-307-ca3b60d6cd436e475a5cfd584beac676-270x148.png
Occupation: Fashion Advisor, Blogger, Writer Series: Weekly SPA! , Nikkan SPA! , GOETHE and many others Appearance: “Hirunandesu!!”, “World’s Most Wanted Class”, etc. Online Salon: MB LABO 1,000 paid members (membership fee ¥ 5,000) Youtube “MB Channel”: 384,000 channel registration fee E-mail magazine Magumagu: 180,000 paying members, related books exceeded 2 million copies.
Inquiries about programs and MB
Mikan Co., Ltd.
TEL: 03-5309-2415
(Please contact us via e-mail or HP as telework is being carried out to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.)
Mail: info@mi-can.co.jp
URL: https://mi-can.co.jp
Looking for program sponsors
[Image 3d56634-307-8e44cc90e38efdde9127-0.png&s3=56634-307-2b0e44754484e48630ded1ee2377ee92-270x148.png
“MB’s My Dora 1” is looking for apparel companies to cooperate with the program. MB, which has many fans all over the country, will introduce your brand in the program. (We will leave the coordination to MB and program production.) Interested companies should contact info@mi-can.co.jp.

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