Miku The Dude appears in the 5th release of “Amazon Original HEAT”!

Miku The Dude appears in the 5th release of “Amazon Original HEAT”!
Amazon Music provides graphics to Post Malone, Flying Lotus, etc. as curators for the 5th release of the new project “Amazon Original HEAT”, which aims to grow together with artists by discovering and nurturing up-and-coming artists. GUCCIMAZE, who is active globally, such as the worldwide release of collaboration sneakers with adidas originals, and Miku The Dude, who has sublimated a wide range of sounds such as rock and hip-hop, has been selected as an artist. The highly anticipated new song “MAZE” will be released after releasing two EPs!
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FAR EAST ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. is responsible for the operation and production of “Amazon Original HEAT” (hereafter referred to as “HEAT”. Through discovering and nurturing up-and-coming artists, Amazon Music has released today the 5th song of HEAT, which aims to grow together as a partner by staying close to the artists.
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As a curator, he has provided graphics for Post Malone, Flying Lotus, etc., held a solo exhibition “MAZE” at Diesel Art Gallery, and this year announced collaboration sneakers with adidas originals, Ozrah by GUCCIMAZE, which will be released worldwide. GUCCIMAZE, who is active on the front line globally, has sublimated a wide range of sounds such as rock and hip-hop for artists, and both the 1st and 2nd EPs have shown a wide range of musical expressions, and Miku The Dude is attracting attention. was picked up.
The MUSIC VIDEO of the same song has also been released today at 00:00. “MAZE” Music Video – https://youtu.be/vjvprtjCRoE
Comment from Miku The Dude below.
“In the end, it’s all connected, but I’m lost, and I want to listen to this song when I’m begging for something I don’t have.”
Also, the interview between curator GUCCIMAZE and artist Miku The Dude has been released today, so why don’t you check it out?
Interview article – https://eyescream.jp/music/124198/
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Playlist URL: https://amzn.to/HEAT
-Curator and Artist Profile-
[Image 4d51112-7-65d8975a423a0d212c35-3.jpg&s3=51112-7-ca7568c4ee27fcbb6e6132dd58f3eb8b-1920x1357.jpg
Miku the Dude
A Japanese singer-songwriter who likes a wide range of sounds such as rock and hip-hop, and sings with a unique worldview based on her own experiences.
The singing voice and straight and sensitive lyrics attract listeners and make them immerse themselves in nostalgic feelings.
At the beginning of 2020, the 1st EP “Prescription-Dream-” released at the beginning of 2020 at a time of turmoil, and “Planet Plan”, a song included in the same EP, was added to the official Spotify playlist “Loud Rock Japan” and became a hot topic on the street.
His 2nd EP “¥Euro$Ai do”, which was released shortly after, embodies the breadth of possibilities of his musical expression.
It is necessary to pay attention to his movements that continue to evolve in the present progressive form.
[Image 5d51112-7-3e5b2aac2f7f01792854-4.jpg&s3=51112-7-430f37923dbfa27bcadab62b90be48ba-2000x2000.jpg
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1989. Graphic designer/artist. Major works include providing graphics for Fetty Wap and Post Malone, and creating the album title logo for Flying Lotus.
In addition, we also produce collaborative items with SEIKO and provide works to companies such as CalvinKlein, UNDERCOVER, Google, SONY, and BOILERROOM. In corporate work, he handles not only brand logos, but also editorial design and websites.
Major exhibitions include solo exhibition “MAZE” (Diesel Art Gallery, 2020) and group exhibition “CHAOS LAYER” with Kosuke Kawamura and Yoshirotten (Gallery Tsukigime, 2021). In 2022, we announced collaboration sneakers with adidas originals Ozrah by GUCCIMAZE and released them all over the world.
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