Minato City Minato Science Museum Minato City Minato Science Museum 2022 winter special exhibition will be held! “Exhibition of Superb Views -Tracing the Life of the Earth with Superb Views-“

Minato Science Museum
Minato City Minato Science Museum 2022 winter special exhibition will be held! “Exhibition of Superb Views -Tracing the Life of the Earth with Superb Views-”
An easy-to-understand scientific introduction to the causes of landscapes created by Earth’s activities

The Minato Science Museum (Location: Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Director: Naoto Fuse, hereinafter referred to as the Minato Science Museum) holds special exhibitions on a regular basis. From December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) to January 30, 2023 (Monday), we will hold the 2022 winter special exhibition “Superb View Exhibition-Tracing the Earth with Superb Views-”.
The special exhibition introduces the Galapagos Islands, the Grand Canyon, the Namib Desert, and Shark Bay from among the spectacular views from around the world created by the activities of the land, atmosphere, sea, and life.
In addition, there are many participatory events such as a VR experience with a superb view, an experimental event related to geology, and a card making experience that can be enjoyed by children. Furthermore, in the planetarium, a new program “Water Planet” will be projected in conjunction with the special exhibition. It is a video work that reconsiders the water planet, the earth, along with the beautiful scenery.
■ Learn more about the earth
The “Superb View Exhibition” consists of three sections, from the introduction to the activities of the earth, the main section that introduces the superb view, and the final section that considers the future of the earth.
The introductory chapter introduces the movements of the Earth’s land, atmosphere, and oceans where we live, as well as the relationship with living things. It will be a corner where you can learn about the fact that the superb view is a product of the earth’s activities. Using large panels, plate tectonics models, digital globes, etc., the exhibits are designed to be intuitively understandable for everyone from elementary school students to adults.
[Image 1

■ Learn about the history and magnificence of the earth from four superb views In this chapter of the “Superb View Exhibition”, we will focus on four types of superb views created by the earth: superb views related to the earth, superb views related to water (river erosion), superb views related to water (ocean currents), and superb views related to living things. We will introduce the “Galapagos Islands” in the Republic of Ecuador, the “Grand Canyon” in the United States, the “Namib Desert” in the Republic of Namibia, and the “Shark Bay” in the Commonwealth of Australia.
● Galapagos Islands [Superb views related to the earth]
Explains the background of the Galapagos Islands becoming isolated islands from the viewpoint of volcanic activity and plate movement. In addition, I will introduce that there are many endemic species because it is an isolated island in the distant sea, and that it is an area that embodies biodiversity.
[Image 2

Galapagos Islands
● Grand Canyon [Superb views related to water (river erosion)] Explains the formation of a large canyon created by erosion of the Colorado River. We will also introduce the history of the Grand Canyon through exhibits and fossils that show how strata are formed. [Image 3

Grand Canyon
●Namib Desert [Superb views related to water (ocean currents)] The reason why the desert was created is that it is difficult for rain to fall due to cold currents, and the characteristics of the red sand unique to the Namib Desert will be introduced while comparing it with sand in Japan.
[Image 4

namib desert
● Shark Bay / Stromatolites [Superb views related to living organisms] A dome-shaped rock called stromatolite that exists in Shark Bay. I will explain the relationship between this and cyanobacteria, which is said to have brought a large amount of oxygen to the early Earth through photosynthesis.
[Image 5

shark bay
■ The planetarium projected the video program “Planet of Water” In the planetarium, a new program “Planet of Water” will be projected in conjunction with this “Superb View Exhibition”. The filming, CG, and screenplay were done by KAGAYA, an artist who has a reputation for beautiful images. You can see beautiful water views from all over the world with the power of the full-dome image projected on the dome. ■ Plenty of hands-on corners and related events
In the special exhibition, various related events such as rare-to-see superb views in VR and geological experiments by natural geographers will be held. Details of each event and how to apply will be announced on the Minato Science Museum official website.
[Table 3: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/59553/table/25_1_bba2c19ec0c080f18963faacc70c9812.jpg ]
Minato City Minato Science Museum 2022 Winter Special Exhibition Superb view exhibition -Tracing the workings of the earth with a superb view- Outline of the event
Organizer: Minato Science Museum
Cooperation: National Museum of Nature and Science, Izu Oshima Geopark Promotion Committee, Niijima Village Museum,
Institute of Plant Science and Resources, Okayama University, H.I.S. Co., Ltd. *In no particular order
Support: US Embassy, ​​Australian Embassy, ​​Ecuadorian Embassy, ​​Embassy of the Republic of Namibia (pending)
*In no particular order
Period: December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) to January 30, 2023 (Monday) * Closed from December 29th to January 3rd, January 10th and January 11th Venue: Minato City Science Museum multipurpose lobby
Special site: https://sp.minato-kagaku.tokyo/2022_12_exhibition/
[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/59553/table/25_2_7e82d00609a012aad86b98cec74f4fbf.jpg ]

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