Minato Lab Minato Lab, a general incorporated association that “connects the sea and people through learning ,” has renewed its logo and website

Minato Lab
Minato Lab, a general incorporated association that “connects the sea and people through learning,” has renewed its logo and website
Since its founding in 2015, 3710Lab, a general incorporated
association, has provided various practical programs in the field of marine education under the theme of “connecting the sea and people through learning.” On November 30, 2022, we renewed our logo and website in order to archive the efforts we have made so far with communities, schools, and companies, and to make our activities more widely known.
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The new logo is a window that connects the sea and the land (=knowledge). The “place of learning” that enriches people’s lives and the “sea” that is the source of life, and the “window” that connects the two. It represents the concept of “Minato Lab”, which connects human knowledge and the sea and builds a relationship between them. In addition, the wavy line is configured to divide the square into 3:7, and by incorporating the origin of the 3710Lab, the mark has an identity. – Yudai Yoshimura (graphic designer)
What Minato Lab aims for
All of us living in Japan are surrounded by the sea. Of course, the physical proximity and distance to the ocean varies.
However, in our lives and societies that lead to the “sea” somewhere, there are surprisingly few scenes in which we think about the sea and feel a connection with it. We would like to increase the number of places and time for people to think about the connection with the sea in schools and society.
The “sea” has various charms.
What kind of charm and fun you discover depends on the person. That is why it is necessary for children and adults to explore the relationship between the sea and people.
We will create such a time and place at “Minato Minato Lab” that connects the sea and people through learning.
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Since the number of members has increased since its founding, we have re-questioned what “Minato Lab” is, and have redesigned the site to let people know about our activities so far and to convey our future efforts.
Site content
・We clearly state the important ideas that Minato Lab, which is engaged in a wide range of activities, should return to. Along with the renewal, we also posted a message from Representative Director Yasuhiro Taguchi.
・Introduces Minato Lab’s business and describes the process of implementing the program. Schools, regions, local governments, and companies interested in activities that work on the marine environment through design and education, please read this.
・We have archived the activity reports we have done so far. You can sort by region or initiative, and access the activities you want to know about.
・Efforts to create opportunities for adults to first learn and think about the ocean by approaching ocean education and ocean issues through the power of design, creating a forum for exchanging concrete ideas, and using the expression method of photography. We plan to post more in the future.
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[Introduction of some of the products produced from the activities] “Our Problems We Couldn’t Solve -The Sea, Garbage and High School Students-/Pettle and the Dark Shadows”
“Yoron Journal vol.2”
“I live in Sado”
“Days of Yoron”
[About 3710Lab (Minato Lab)]
Corporate acquisition date: October 27, 2016 Date of establishment: April 1, 2015
Representative Director: Yasuhiro Taguchi / Specially Appointed Lecturer, Marine Education Center, Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo
In 2015, Minato Lab was established as a platform to provide a new program of “marine education”. Through practical programs in collaboration with various experts such as educators, scientists, editors, and designers, we are working to draw and deepen new learning together. What does it mean to live with the sea?–There is no single answer to this question. To this end, we are working closely with schools, communities, and local governments, and most importantly, working with children to implement programs that deepen the appeal of the sea, people’s thoughts, and ways of learning. I’m here. Since 2017, we have expanded our activities with the support of the Nippon Foundation, and in 2021 we launched a marine environment design education project and implemented it nationwide. In the same year, a project is being developed in the education sector of the marine litter control program “Setouchi Oceans X”, which is a joint effort between the Nippon Foundation and four prefectures of Setouchi. In July 2022, he will preside over the 1st International Marine Environmental Design Conference.
[Looking for companies and organizations that can cooperate and support] Minato Lab is looking for supporter companies, organizations, and designers who can cooperate and support activities that work on the marine environment through design and education. It doesn’t matter what kind of situation you are in, whether you have already decided what you want to do or want to cooperate with, want to develop products with children or designers, or want to cooperate but don’t know what you can do. Please contact us if you are interested in this program.
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