mingle Co., Ltd. Chinese wealthy class survey survey released! Please use it for attracting customers and sales strategies in inbound!

Mingle Co., Ltd.
Questionnaire Survey for Chinese Wealthy People Released! Please use it for attracting customers and sales strategies in inbound! Data for 2019. We hope that the results of this survey will be of some use to you!

Mingle Co., Ltd. (Toyama Prefecture: Representative Director Mariko Momotsuka), which is increasing the number of inbound tours for Chinese wealthy people, is planning to attract customers, build tours, and strategically promote sales due to the rapid increase in the number of businesses and local governments that are working on inbound tourism. We will release some data researched on Chinese wealthy people that will lead to improvement plans. Attract customers more strategically than in other countries and regions, and make good use of it to lead to high economic effects.

We will publish the results of the questionnaire survey conducted at the event venue held in Shenzhen, China in 2019.
● Visitors: 489 people
● Number of respondents: 208
●Annual income: S class: 100 million yen or more: 7
            A class 30 million yen or more 170 people
B class around 10 million yen 31
●Male to female ratio: 7:3
● Participant residence: Guangdong Province: 110 people
              Huanan area other than Guangdong 12 people
                   62 people
                                           24 people
●Occupations and positions: Managers: 177 people
               22 government officials
                        9 people
● Age: 19 people in their twenties
65 people in their 30s
66 people in their 40s
50 people in their 50s
              60s          8 people
[Questionnaire contents]
            Experience visiting Japan 77 people
131 people who have never visited Japan
● Questions for 77 people
Impression of Japan (multiple answers allowed) Cleanliness 188 people  Good part               178 people
160 people with delicious food
180 people with delicious sake
110 people
49 people with good manners
                           123 people
181 people with clean air
                 The water was delicious 78
                    99 people
                     177 people
A maximum of 144 washlets

Minority opinion: Surprised that fruits and vegetables can be eaten without washing
The pickles were delicious
Japanese tea was delicious once I got used to it
I was surprised when you wiped the wheels of my suitcase
It was good that there were few Chinese

Impression of Japan (multiple answers possible)  35 people who are strict about time
 The bad part         There was no conversation 201 people
                       87 people
111 people with no sense of value
112 people who do not feel special
                Only 107 people spent
98 people with few places to play
                Small 122 people can enjoy the night
140 people who cannot read
110 people with Wi-Fi spots
              Inconvenience of cash payment 159 people
133 people without hot water spots

 Minority opinion          I wanted to have another second, but I couldn’t say I didn’t understand the toilet rules (disposal of paper)

I didn’t understand the bathing rules
                There are few places to charge

                   The room is small

●About shopping                                98
How much cash did you have prepared? Less than 50,000 yen 131 people 50,000 yen or more 17 people
                       60 people
                          155 people
 (multiple answers)                              207 people
                            99 people
                          176 people
Are you satisfied with your shopping? 120 people
88 people unsatisfied
“What are you dissatisfied with?”         Sold out (small number) Few high-end products
Small vanity case
Few shops
                There are few variations (few options)
               There are few services that make it easy
               There are few explanations and suggestions (does not convey good points)
“Do you want to come back to Japan?” 60 people
10 people
                         , whom 72 people wanted to visit again (multiple answers) Other investments 29 people
          M&A        44 people
                    and many others
 Your investment breakdown      Investment projects in China 205 people (multiple answers)                                             33 people “Why don’t you do overseas investment projects?”
                  There are few foreign companies in the first place                  Foreign projects introduced by Chinese

【Extra edition】
 Honest impression after exhibiting tourism posters of Toyama Prefecture ・ Sushi posters I don’t know what I want to promote about sushi ・Poster of a bridge in the mountains I often see the scenery, but I don’t know what it wants to convey
・Sake posters are not sold here, and there are no tastings! what do you want ・Will you be able to see it if you go to Toyama Prefecture? I want to go! ! (many)

What do you think?
Please feel something from the numbers and make use of it in your town and business!
There are other answers and questionnaire results for those who have never visited Japan, but I have omitted them this time.
We also have a large amount of wealthy class data, such as survey results from other years and other regions.
Some data are available free of charge. If you are a municipality or a tourist association, please feel free to contact us.
We will also provide new research. It is possible to conduct research directly on wealthy people. To segmented target
By conducting a segmented survey, you can get clear hints for attracting customers. Please feel free to contact us!

Finally, we would like to express our views on the characteristic responses. Visiting laboratories have various accurate data.
Among them, there is consumption data for each prefecture and data by country of visit.
In 2019, 10 million Chinese visited Japan annually, resulting in an economic effect of approximately 2 trillion yen.
What is worrisome is that local consumption (economic effect) tends to be small. There are many parts that are linked to the above questionnaire results, and the issues and countermeasures are clearly visible. ・There are few cash points (where you spend money)
・No sales pitches (proposals)
・We do not set prices for foreigners (pros and cons)
・Payment tool problem
・Inventory problem
・Insufficient flexibility
And so on.
We think of difficult problems as “easy” and easy problems as “a little more difficult,”
I got it and resolved it.
If you don’t have cash points…just make one! only
No suggestions! If you are thinking… just make a suggestion. For the shopping time of the tour, we put a relatively high unit price shopping time in the afternoon and propose nighttime shopping. economic benefits will increase.
* Many Chinese people go shopping after returning home.
*Drugstore shopping is best at night!
Differentiation from other prefectures is not only about scenery and food, but also about “people”.
Wealthy Chinese want to interact with Japanese people more! I think that just by doing a lot of “talking”
The impression of the place you visit will be better.
Also, Chinese people tend to prefer department stores where you can find anything you want, rather than specialty stores.
This is not only related to shopping, but also to choosing business partners and choosing places to visit.
“If you come here, you can do everything!” is evaluated and supported. If investment-loving Chinese people come to Japan, not only tourism but also real estate and other investment projects
If you want to get foreign currency, you should actively approach the other country and the method that is familiar to the other party. If you only care about Japanese virtues, consumption will be taken away by other countries and prefectures!
Let’s get more actively involved with Chinese wealthy people, approach them more and more, satisfy them, and revitalize Japan!

Company Profile
Trade name: mingle Inc.
Representative: Representative Director Mariko Momotsuka
Location: 3-5-3 Ayadacho, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture
Established: November 2018
Business description: Trading business, inbound/outbound business Overseas expansion consulting, cross-border EC operation
URL: https://www.mingle.co.jp/

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