Minna no Bank Co., Ltd. Launched “Money Insight Lab”, a money research and research organization in collaboration with iBank Marketing

Minna no Bank Co., Ltd.
Launched “Money Insight Lab”, a money research and research
organization in collaboration with iBank Marketing
As the first step, the results of the “Survey on awareness of money problems by generation” were announced.

Minna no Bank Co., Ltd. (President: Kenichi Nagayoshi, hereinafter “Minna no Bank”) has jointly established “Money Insight Lab,” a money research and research organization with iBank Marketing Co., Ltd. (President: Toshihiko Akashi, hereinafter “iBank Marketing”). ” was launched.

Money Insight Lab will work to find new perspectives on changes in people’s money-related awareness, values, and behaviors in the digital age, and on the possibilities of new financial services.
This time, as the first survey, we will also announce the results of the “Survey on Awareness of Money Concerns by Generation”.
[Reference] Survey results | Awareness survey by generation regarding money worries
Full survey results
https://corporate.minna-no-ginko.com/common/pdf/news/2022/11/17/newsrelease_media_1117_02.pdf 4 out of 5 people are worried about money, and what they should do when they are students is savings, investment, ○○
-Survey Summary-
・ Four out of five people are worried about money, vague anxiety about funds for the future and retirement
・ Only 11.2% of people are worried about money and consult with experts ・ “The top 3 things you should do while you are a student to avoid money problems in the future” are saving, investing, and studying money
In Europe and the United States, where money education is emphasized, financial education is provided from an early stage, such as kindergartens and elementary schools.
Japan, which is said to be lagging behind in this regard, has revised its course of study against the backdrop of social trends such as lowering the age of adulthood to 18 and concerns over life security after retirement. of financial education was in full swing. It has been included in the course of study for a long time, but from April this year, the major changes are the addition of the “asset building perspective” and the compulsory subject at high schools nationwide. Regarding the need for financial education, the “Money Insight Lab,” jointly operated by Minna no Bank and iBank Marketing, a subsidiary of Fukuoka Financial Group (President: Hisashi Goto), has been working with Generation Z (ages 17-25) and Generation Y (age 26). We will consider based on the results of an awareness survey on money worries and anxieties conducted for a total of 3,000 people (ages 41 to 41) and Generation X (ages 42 to 57).
* Reference article: Mymo|[Survey results] Which generation most answered “have” money worries?
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