Mirabo launches child-rearing support app “Ichikawacho Child-rearing Support App” in Ichikawa-cho, Hyogo Prefecture

Mirabo Co., Ltd.
Mirabo launches child-rearing support app “Ichikawacho Child-rearing Support App” in Ichikawa-cho, Hyogo Prefecture
Introduced in about 300 municipalities of original child-rearing support application “child-rearing mobile” created by the region
Miralab Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kazuya Tanigawa; hereinafter referred to as “Miralab”), which develops services for local governments, has introduced the child-rearing support app “Child-rearing Mobile” in Ichikawa-cho, Hyogo Prefecture. Child-rearing support app” has been available since November 15th.
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Ichikawa Town, Hyogo Prefecture and child-rearing support
Ichikawa Town is a heart-shaped town located in the center of Hyogo Prefecture. It is a town full of rich mountain greenery and history, such as the sacred Mt. Kasagata, which is also called Harima Fuji, and Kasagata Shrine, which is an important cultural property designated by Ichikawa Town.
Based on the basic philosophy of “Ichikawa, a town where everyone in the community works together to raise children who are mentally and physically healthy,” the town is actively engaged in child-rearing support activities.
The “Parent-Child Health Center” was established as a comprehensive support center for child-rearing generations to provide integrated maternal and child health services and child-rearing support services. We strive to create an environment where children can be raised wholeheartedly.
Background of the introduction of the child-rearing support app “Child-raising Mobile”
Until now, we have been distributing child-rearing handbooks and utilizing public relations magazines to provide information on child-rearing support activities, but it has been difficult to deliver information on child-rearing to parents in a timely manner.
While continuing the conventional child-rearing support, in order to provide a fulfilling service that is highly convenient for the townspeople, considering the ease of cooperation with neighboring municipalities, the child-rearing support app “Child-raising” has been introduced in Kanzaki County. Mobile” has been introduced, and it has been decided to provide it as Ichikawa Town’s original child-rearing support app “Ichikawacho Child-rearing Support App”.
In the future, there will be an “e-mail delivery and push function” that allows you to receive notifications from Ichikawa Town in a timely manner according to your age and age, and an “electronic mother and child” that allows you to record the contents of your maternal and child health handbook, such as growth graphs and infant checkup records, on your personal page. “Notebook function”, “Vaccination AI scheduler” that can prevent vaccination omissions and vaccination interval mistakes, information search function that allows easy access to information you want to know, such as consultations, subsidies and allowances when in trouble, etc. We provide support that meets your needs.
Outline of “Ichikawacho Parenting Support App”
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We named it “Ichikawacho Childcare Support App” with the desire to support growing children and those raising children. The top page features “Himarin,” an image character of Ichikawa Town that is familiar to local residents. We will deliver it with a special design that is full of Ichikawa town.
・How to download
App name: Ichikawacho Childcare Support App
Delivery date: November 15, 2022
Supported OS: iOS 9.0 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher
App Store: https://ichikawa-town.city-hc.jp/l/yqGrbJ
Google Play: https://ichikawa-town.city-hc.jp/l/LpQP7A
Browser version: https://ichikawa-town.city-hc.jp/
・Information and contact information for those living in Ichikawa Town Information from Ichikawa Town: https://www.town.ichikawa.lg.jp/Info/1538 Contact: Ichikawa Town Health and Welfare Center TEL: 0790-26-1999 Comment from Ichikawa Town, Hyogo Prefecture
From Mayor Takezo Iwami, Ichikawa Town, Hyogo Prefecture
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In recent years, the environment surrounding children and
child-rearing has become severe, such as changes in family structures and weakening of ties with local communities, and the needs of the child-rearing generation are becoming more diverse and complex. Ichikawa Town promotes child-rearing support and measures based on the basic philosophy of “Ichikawa, a town where everyone in the community works together to raise healthy children both physically and mentally.”
As one of these efforts, we have introduced the “Ichikawacho Child-rearing Support App”, a child-rearing app that utilizes ICT. By using mobile terminals to distribute various child-rearing support information, we support families raising children so that they can raise their children with peace of mind. We hope that many people will use it.
Original child-rearing support app “Child-rearing mobile” created in the community
■ Overview
“Child-rearing mobile” is a child-rearing support app that combines an electronic maternal and child health handbook, a child-rearing support service, and an AI function.
It is possible to customize functions by selecting and adding necessary functions to the base application, and to customize designs using original colors and illustrations. It is scheduled to be introduced to about 300 local governments, and is used by many child-rearing generations.
■ Features
・Original design and function customization for each municipality Just like creating an original design for the cover and inside of a conventional maternal and child health handbook, you can freely customize the overall theme color, icons for each function,
illustrations, etc. in this app. Since the name and icon of the app itself can also be changed, it can be provided to everyone in the area as an app unique to the local government.
・Patented! Immunization AI scheduler with automatic reminder By creating custom-made schedules for vaccinations and medical examinations according to the date of birth and the conditions of each local government, the burden on guardians can be reduced and vaccination accidents can be prevented. Even if there is a change in the vaccination schedule or the number of vaccinations, the schedule will be updated by the automatic adjustment system, so you can use it with confidence.
■ Main functions
・Electronic maternity record book
・Vaccination AI scheduler *Patented
・Regional child-rearing information publication
・Mail delivery ・Push notification
・Online reservation/reception
・Baby food service ・Allergy check *Patented
・Medical institution search
・Search for childcare facilities
・Distribution of useful child-rearing information (cooperation with NPO Himawari no Kai “Mother and Child Health Handbook App”)
・Multilingual translation (more than 100 languages)
・Online questionnaire
・Adult checkup scheduler (you can also manage the checkup schedule for parents) ・There are other optional functions
■ For local governments considering the introduction of the
child-rearing support app “Child-rearing Mobile”
We also hold individual briefings from time to time, so please feel free to contact us.
・ TEL: Mirabo Co., Ltd. Parenting mobile phone 03-6821-8600
・ Contact: https://mi-labo.co.jp/inquiry/
・Document request: https://mi-labo.co.jp/brochure/
About Mirabo Co., Ltd.
・ Company name: Mirabo Co., Ltd.
・URL: https://mi-labo.co.jp
・ Location: 4-1-2 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Stella Ochanomizu Building 8F
・Representative: Representative Director Kazuya Tanigawa
・Established: December 2013
Mirabo’s company name is derived from “Mirai x labo”.
Based on the basic philosophy of “creating a future that is not here now” and “contributing to society”,
We develop advanced systems centered on AI and sell consumer solution products. ・Child-rearing content business
We have developed a child-rearing support application, “Child-rearing Mobile,” to approximately 300 local governments. We are promoting local government DX in cooperation with Japan’s first vaccination AI scheduler (patented), electronic mother and child handbook, local government window reservation system, etc.
・Form design business: Electronic application system “+Focus” Adopted by the Cabinet Secretariat’s Mynaportal and distributed to local governments nationwide using My Number Cards
We are proceeding with electronic application at the local government office. ・Solution business for government agencies and local governments “Corona Vaccination Record System” “New Corona Vaccination Certificate App” etc. We develop systems that meet the needs of public offices and local governments. *Company names and product names mentioned in this press release are generally trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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