Mirai Works forms a business alliance with Kure Shinkin Bank in Hiroshima Prefecture 

Mirai Works Co., Ltd.
Mirai Works forms a business alliance with Kure Shinkin Bank in Hiroshima Prefecture
Solving the problem of lack of management executives and business successors at Kure Shinkin Bank

Mirai Works Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Shoji Okamoto, Securities Code: 6563, hereinafter “our company”), which supports various work styles such as freelance and side jobs for professional human resources, is a Kure Shinkin Bank ( Head office: Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Chairman: Junji Mukai, hereinafter referred to as “Kureshin”), we are pleased to inform you that we have signed a business alliance agreement with the aim of strengthening the business of local companies through human resource support. In addition, through this partnership with Kureshin, we will promote the utilization of 86 regional financial institutions and local job change and sideline human resources.
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■ Background of partnership with Kurishin
Local SMEs are facing the problem of labor and human resource shortages due to the declining population. has become
 Kureshin started a recruitment business in August 2021, believing that it is important to support the improvement of the problem-solving abilities of its business partners. Kurishin acts as a point of contact and supports the recruitment of full-time employees by introducing appropriate human resources according to the needs of client companies.
We operate the local career change web platform “Glocal Mission Jobs (GMJ)” (https://glocalmissionjobs.jp/), which enables management executives, business successors, and local small and medium-sized enterprises with specialized human resource needs to find professional human resources in urban areas. We provide support so that employees can use them as full-time employees or as side jobs.
By partnering with Glocal Mission Jobs (GMJ), which has more than 15,000 urban human resources registered, we will match professional human resources who want to use their skills to contribute to the local community with our business partners. We aim to strengthen the resolution of human resource issues at our business partners. [Image 2d16557-174-d15e283743a29d6abc2a-1.jpg&s3=16557-174-066d20cf001766da800274cbc965746f-1280x720.jpg
[Image 3d16557-174-ca892e8f40eedf97fd04-2.jpg&s3=16557-174-ef053963e7e5b18d4451edf2959bbd10-1280x720.jpg
[Image 4d16557-174-8a07bc7aeefd0a94ee99-3.jpg&s3=16557-174-385a9f48ba6cb01cedd017b37b8c61e8-960x720.jpg
≪Overview of Kure Shinkin Bank≫
Head office location: Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Representative: Junji Mukai, Chairman
Established: September 1925
Investment: 2.8 billion yen
URL: https://www.kure-shinkin.jp/
Business description: Financial business
≪Overview of Mirai Works Co., Ltd.≫
Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Shoji Okamoto, President and CEO
Established: March 2012
Securities code: 6563 (Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth)
Capital: 58,640 thousand yen (as of June 30, 2022)
URL: https://www.mirai-works.co.jp/
Business description: Providing human resource services and solution services specialized for professionals
42,000 registered professionals, 3,800 clients (as of September 30, 2022) Various services:
Freelance matching service “Free Consultant.jp” https://freeconsultant.jp/ Job change support service with trial operation “Adult Intern” https://otona-no-intern.jp/
Job change support service “Professional Career” https://professional-career.jp/ Career information site “FIND CAREERS” to improve career change https://www.findcareers.jp/
Local side business web platform “Skill Shift” https://www.skill-shift.com/ Local career change web platform “Glocal Mission Jobs (GMJ)” https://glocalmissionjobs.jp/
“Glocal Mission Times” news site for thinking about working in rural areas https://www.glocaltimes.jp/
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