Mishwan Co., Ltd. Toward the realization of a pet-friendly society, Mishwan has introduced a “dog and cat checkup system” and a “pet hospital visit/bereavement leave” system.

Mishwan Co., Ltd.
Towards the realization of a pet-friendly society, Mishwan has introduced a “dog and cat checkup system” and a “pet hospital visit/bereavement leave” system.
44% of people found it difficult to take time off work because of pets
Mishwan Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Naoki Iwai) is a dog food manufacturer that responds to the voices of owners and employees of Mishwan users saying, “I wish there was such a product.” In order to respond to the social background of an increasing number of families welcoming small dogs into their families and the voice of “I want dog food for small dogs”, we have launched a premium dog food specialized for small dogs called “Mishwan Dog Food for Small Dogs”. We develop and sell products that support the health of dogs. We use carefully selected ingredients and develop products with confidence, sticking to “human grade quality” that even humans can eat.
By supporting pets and their owners from a healthcare perspective, Mishwan aims to realize a society where pets, which are members of the family, can coexist happily for many years to come. Due to the influence of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are keeping pets. Through our activities, we have decided to disseminate Mishwan’s welfare system with the idea that it will be an opportunity and a hint to create a system for pets and their owners to live better. In today’s world where various work styles are attracting attention, we hope that you will refer to it as a new way of working. [Image 1

■ For your pet to be healthy and live well for as long as possible Early detection and early treatment of diseases are essential for pets to live long and healthy lives with their families. It is very important for pets who cannot talk about their own health problems to have regular health checkups to check their physical condition. We conducted a questionnaire survey of 520 Mishwan users on the actual situation of their dogs undergoing health checkups, and whether they had experienced difficulty taking time off from work because of their pets. It turned out that 8% of people could not take time off from work.
[Image 2

[Summary of questionnaire survey]
Target: Mishwan official LINE account registrants
Number of responses: 520
Survey period: November 4-6, 2022
-We also asked Mishwan employees about their experiences of taking time off work because of pets-
[Image 3

-Those who answered “yes”-
・I thought that if I took time off because of my pet, people who don’t have pets would think that I shouldn’t take time off.
“I couldn’t rest.” I felt like I didn’t understand. (Previous job, when working in an industry not related to pets)
-Those who answered “No”-
・There was no opportunity to rest because of the dog. (Previous job, when working in an industry not related to pets)
・Since I lived at my parent’s house, my family took care of me when something happened, but I was very worried when my pet was unwell. “He was in frequent contact with his family.” Even at home, there are times when it is not convenient for the family, so if there is a system, get it
“I want to take care of you.” (Previous job, when working in an industry not related to pets)
・I didn’t have such experience because I was able to decide paid days and telework according to my own schedule.
I don’t think I would have been able to take time off if I hadn’t been able to work freely.
(Previous job, when working in an industry not related to pets) ■ Vacation system introduced by Mishwan from November 1st
All seven employees working at Mishwan are pet owners. All of them believe that pets are part of the family. At Mishwan, we have introduced two systems so that each employee can treat their pets the same way they would treat their own family members, without hesitation or guilt. .
●Dog and cat check-up system
We encourage you to take a health checkup once a year and fully subsidize the cost.
By subsidizing the cost, we create opportunities to face the body and health of pets in the same way as humans.
●Pet hospital visit/bereavement leave
“Pet hospital visit leave” is a system that allows you to take leave to spend time with your pet when you suddenly become ill. You can get it for 2 days in a year. “Pet bereavement leave” is a leave system for you to take care of your last farewell to your dog and cat. Up to 2 days per year can be taken when a pet living with you dies.
In addition, Mishwan is currently preparing an environment with a view to introducing a “pet accompaniment system” that allows people to come to work with pets so that pets and people can choose the best way to spend time according to each family’s lifestyle. increase.
We are planning to create an office where pets and people can feel comfortable and safe while working, and an office where dogs and cats can interact with each other.
■ Pets need health check-ups more frequently than humans
No matter how smart dogs and cats are, they can’t talk like humans. Therefore, it is necessary for the owner to observe changes in the physical condition of the pet on a daily basis. However, dogs and cats have a strong tendency to hide their poor physical condition, and there are many cases where changes in their physical condition are overlooked.
Therefore, veterinarians recommend that pets have regular health check-ups. By having regular health checkups at your family’s hospital, even if your pet is ill, early treatment will increase the chances of a complete recovery, and it will be possible to provide treatment that will allow your pet to live a healthier, longer life. becomes.
Dogs and cats age four times faster than humans. Therefore, we recommend that you have a health check-up at least once a year, preferably twice a year, and once every four months for senior dogs and dogs with chronic diseases. The frequency of once a year is normal for humans, but for dogs and cats, it means that they only receive health checkups once every four years. Just like humans, we can advise you on your daily habits and living environment by having your dog undergo a health checkup.
If you think you haven’t had a health check-up recently, please take a health check-up so that you can spend as much time as possible in good health without getting sick or injured.
[Image 4

[Profile of Dr. Takahiro Omori, a veterinarian]
After graduating from the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, learned the basics of a clinical veterinarian at an animal hospital in Saitama Prefecture. After that, he entered the doctoral program at the same university. I live with my dog ​​who has heart disease, and I am working hard every day to share the correct knowledge and veterinary medicine necessary for pets to live a healthy and happy life with their owners.

■ Mishwan Company Profile
Company name: Mishone Co., Ltd. (https://mishone.co.jp/)
Representative: Naoki Iwai
Date of establishment: December 26, 2019
Location: 1-20-9 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Kotobuki Park Building 7F Business description: Manufacture, sale and import/export of pet food, operation of e-commerce site for pet food and supplies
-Mishwan contact information-
TEL: 0570-019-113 * Weekdays 11:00-17:00, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays Address: support@mishone.jp
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