MISSION ROMANTIC Co., Ltd. Works sold out in one day are also available! Book x Encounter “Chapters Bookstore” is the 2nd popular book cover collaboration with Osaka’s Seiwado, following last year.

Some works sold out in one day! Book x Encounter “Chapters Bookstore” is the 2nd popular book cover collaboration with Osaka’s Seiwado, following last year.
The book selection theme for November is “Coffee Break”, with 4 coffee-scented works + coffee-style book covers and real coffee.
MISSION ROMANTIC Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Moeno Morimoto, Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which operates the online bookstore “Chapters bookstore” where you can meet books and meet people, will be a book selection partner in November. We welcomed the popular bookstore “Sowado Bookstore” in Tsurumi, Osaka, and jointly selected four novels in which coffee appears in accordance with the selection theme “Coffee Break”.
The book will be wrapped in a dub book cover that can only be obtained in this month’s chapters, and coffee drip will be added to the mini gift, so you can enjoy the fall of appetite and reading.
[Image 1

Chapters is a monthly subscription service that allows you to meet hands-on bookshelves. Online bookstores are equipped with a matching service function. Each week you will have the opportunity to meet someone online via video chat.
My interest in books has expanded through Chapters! I made a good friend! I got a lover!
A year and a half after the grand opening, the total number of registrants has exceeded 4,000, and we have received many positive comments from users.
We provide customers with a new option to enjoy reading with someone while maintaining the pleasure of reading alone.
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwJWZL6sDMw] [Understanding in 20 seconds #Chapters bookstore]
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https://chapters-bookstore-introduction.studio.site/lp-c-2204 This time, we welcomed the bookstore “Sowado Bookstore” in Tsurumi, Osaka as a book selection partner, and jointly selected four delicious novels with the scent of coffee. The book cover of Showado, which has become popular on SNS and has been featured in the media and bookstores nationwide, is produced under the double name of Chapters this time. It will be ready.
When the two collaborated for the first time in November last year, it was very well received, with some customers purchasing all four books in search of the book cover, and the second collaboration was realized this year. In November, I spent a lot of time carefully selecting books, focusing on synchronizing the work and the book cover, in addition to the immersiveness and education of the story in the first 100 pages, which is the selection criteria for the monthly chapters. In addition, we will also deliver drip coffee (one bag) to make your “coffee break”, which is also the theme of the book selection, more enjoyable and comfortable.
Chapters, which realizes encounters with people through books, proposes a fun reading experience to customers every month, not just a selection of books.
We hope you enjoy Chapters in November.
Limited new in November! New registration for a 3-month plan with a popular original tote bag
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We have prepared a very advantageous set only for customers who subscribed to the new 3-month plan in November.
Chapters 3-month plan + original tote bag can be purchased from ¥ 11,075 (tax included, shipping fee not included) → ¥ 8,425 (tax included, shipping fee not included).
The large-capacity 2-way original tote bag that can be worn over the shoulder is perfect for visiting bookstores and daily commuting to work or school. Since the number is limited, we recommend that you apply early if you are interested.
Original tote bag production behind the scenes story
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?c_id=69806&t=animationGifImage&f=d33c508ebca9e5619069ae6d07cf3d9c.gif&img_id=1667300876069] ◆ How to order
1. Please complete the Chapters 3-month plan by paying ¥ 5,775 (tax included) without entering the invitation code.
2. Every Friday, Chapters will send an email with a coupon code to newly registered customers.
3. Please access the Chapters Goods Store, use the coupon code in the email, and pay for the original tote bag ¥ 2,650 (tax included, shipping fee not included) separately.
4. It will be delivered within 10 business days from the order. * Customers who apply for the 1-month plan cannot use it.
Chapters original tote bag details ▷
https://goods-store.chapters.jp/collections/tote-bag/products/original-totebag November Chapters Selection Lineup
Chapters choose one book of the month from the original creations prepared by Chapters with a few testimonials.
The author and title are kept secret until delivery so that you can enjoy the chance encounter with the book.
Please choose your favorite one from the following four books by intuition (a mini gift of drip coffee is enclosed with all). [Image 4

[November 2022 Higashi Selection]
Number of pages: 187 pages
Readability: ★★★★★
Coffee aroma: ★★★★★
If you are an intellectually curious customer who likes coffee and wants to enjoy reading while acquiring new knowledge, please select this month.
Recommended by a bookstore clerk from Seiwado, Osaka, who collaborated on the book cover this month, and written by the owner of a coffee roaster in Tokushima, this work consists of two parts: an introduction to coffee and an essay.
In the A side of the first half, about this and that about coffee. From the coffee-producing regions to tips on how to drink delicious coffee, the tips are great, but it’s easy to read, and it feels like you’ve slipped into a wonderful culture school.
On the B-side, it’s about the hardships the owner had to open the roastery and the journey after the opening. It’s a series of short essays, but the owner’s hidden passion is amazing. I had imagined a slow life in the countryside where I could live by doing what I liked, but from the facts and thoughts that were told in a matter-of-fact manner, a visionary image of a manager emerged.
“I am proud to have found a job that continues to pursue perfection until I die. Coffee roasting is a romantic job.” (quoted from the text)
The attitude of facing straight to your favorite work feels good from the reader’s point of view. Since it is non-fiction, people who usually like business books may also enjoy it.
I (Morimoto), the recommender, started reading from the B side because I was worried about the table of contents, but I can enjoy it without any problems. Like coffee, this work respects each person’s way of enjoying, and may be suitable for reading in spare time.
The whole book THE Coffee! This work is perfect for this month’s book selection theme.
[Image 5

* Hundreds of copies were sold out in 20 hours from the start of sales at Chapters, and we are currently considering additional sales * [November 2022 West selection]
Number of pages: 432 pages
Readability: ★★★
Coffee aroma: ★★★★★
While I was selecting works related to coffee this month, I couldn’t get rid of this one.
I managed to overcome two hurdles, the small number of works, and the thickness of the book, which exceeded the shipping regulations, and this time, I will reprint it in chapters and deliver it. It’s hard to find at bookstores these days, so it’s a bargain. The number of books available is limited, so please select your desired one as soon as possible.
This work is a feature-length entertainment novel, and the genre is a police detective mystery.
A story about a coffee shop owner who was seriously injured in a past incident and a detective who is a regular customer. The reason why I selected this book this time is because I wanted to bring everyone to this coffee shop because I really wanted to deliver this 422-page book that barely exceeds the Chapters concept rule of 2 centimeters thick. Not only the coffee served at the coffee shop where the work is set, but also the meat sauce pasta looks delicious! If you usually take a break with coffee, you’ll probably love this situation if you’re a coffee shop rather than a cafe, and you should be able to feel the novelty of this early Heisei stage setting. I will not betray the words written on the belt, “Fun, crazy!”
It’s nice to brew coffee at home and start the first page, but it’s also great for reading at a coffee shop. It’s a long story, so I’d be happy if you could carry it around and enjoy it in various situations. [Image 6

[November 2022 South Selection]
Number of pages: 160 pages
Readability: ★★★★★ (Bunko Comic)
Coffee aroma: ★★★★
Why do you care so much about the conversation of the person next to you at the cafe? Even while doing my own work, I listened carefully, sympathized without permission, and tried to make retorts in my heart. For those who like cafe work, here is a fun comic essay that cuts out “something” scenery.
This work is a comic drawn with a gentle touch, which is very frankly drawn about the realizations and people you meet at the cafe you visit every day. Each one is a short two-page story, but it’s deep and contains the essential story of life. There was also a sense that the taste of coffee was exactly the same as the fun that gradually permeated my heart and pulled me back. I (Morimoto), the recommender, felt so much empathy when I ordered a large strawberry shortcake at a cafe. I would be happy if everyone has a favorite work.
Busy month! I’m worried if I can read up to Apéro! If that’s the case, then this is the place for you. There is a cafe drawn by a popular comic essayist.
[Image 7

[November 2022 North Selection]
Number of pages: 253 pages
Readability: ★★★★
Coffee aroma:★
Introducing a delicious novel that is perfect for the fall of appetite, where the table of contents will make you drool in no time. This book is a story set in a slightly mysterious bistro that entertains customers with an exquisite dish and a little puzzle solving. While being fascinated by the many delicious dishes, it is a popular work that is like a shining example of the good compatibility of gourmet and mystery, where the customers who come to the store are curious about the personalities of the customers. There is also a sequel, and there is also a track record of dramatization, and I think that those with good intuition will find it, but this work is fun no matter how many times I read it.
This month, with the theme of coffee break, there were many works that were straightforward with the theme, but if I had to say, this work is a bit of a curve ball. Coffee is served, of course, but the main focus is food and puzzle solving.
The last dessert and coffee that comes out when you go to a little nice restaurant. A coffee break at a cafe is nice, but the feeling of security after eating coffee is also hard to get rid of as a “break time”, so I chose this book this time.
Autumn is synonymous with rice! Autumn of appetite! Such a person is the best choice for this work.
About Chapters bookstore
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* You can see the impressions that customers send every day at #Chapters bookstore on twitter.
◆ Seiwado Bookstore
Address: Corpo Miyanishi, 3-6-12 Tsurumi, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka City (business hours: 10:00-23:00, no fixed holidays)
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About the operating company, MISSION ROMANTIC Co., Ltd.
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Founded in 2019 with the aim of creating a real moment when hands overlap on a bookshelf, influenced by the movie “Whisper of the Heart”. In modern society, where efficiency and rationalization are accelerating, we believe in chance, destiny, and feelings, and with a mission to stick to “how to meet” things and people, through the predecessor service MISSION ROMANTIC book, Chapters bookstore Beta version. Operation started in December 2020, grand opening on June 7, 2021.

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