Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Co., Ltd. Cleansui x Iga Yaki Kiln Haseen x Rice Meister Toyozo Nishijima Autumn food campaign brought out by delicious water and earthenware pots

Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Co., Ltd.
Cleansui x Iga Yaki Kiln Haseen x Rice Meister Toyozo Nishijima Autumn food campaign brought out by delicious water and earthenware pots Cleansui WEB JOURNAL Autumn Project TRIVIA/CAMPAIGN/WORKSHOP Information!
The trees are brightly colored, and autumn flavors such as new rice, mushrooms, root vegetables, and fruits are appearing one after another in the storefronts.
At Cleansui, as an autumn WEB JOURNAL-related project, Iga pottery Haseen and five-star rice meister Toyozo Nishijima will share recipes and recipes using earthen pots with the theme of autumn food that can be enjoyed with delicious water and earthenware pots. We will carry out campaigns such as workshops and gift planning. “Water” is used in every scene of cooking. We will introduce various ideas and techniques from the viewpoint of “water”, which has been used as a matter of course until now, so that you can enjoy the abundant autumn
ingredients deliciously.
Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Daichi Tanabe; hereafter: Cleansui) delivers environmentally friendly, safe, and delicious water to people’s lives through the manufacture and sale of water purifiers. Let’s drink tap water.” corporate message. We are making various efforts to promote a more sustainable and rich lifestyle for people, centered on the use of domestic water resources.
Delicious water and earthen pot bring out the umami of ingredients [Image 1

Nagatanien, an Iga pottery kiln that celebrates its 190th anniversary this year, was founded in the third year of Tempo. While inheriting the tradition and techniques of Iga ware, we manufacture and sell various tools for daily life, mainly clay pots. Cleansui’s built-in water purifier was also installed at the antenna shop “Tokyo store igamono”, and cleansui’s purified water was used in the development of recipes made with seasonal ingredients in earthen pots, as well as in earthen pot cooking classes held regularly. We are here. In this project, we focused on “water”, which has not been much conscious of in the daily cooking scene, and we are making easy cooking recipes “bacon tomato soup & steamed vegetables two-step use” and ”
Introducing apple compote. In addition, we will hold an earthenware pot cooking class, “Party Cooking in an Earthenware Pot” at “Tokyo store igamono”. A simple recipe that allows you to fully enjoy the umami of the season and is gentle on your body. Please use it as a repertoire to enjoy the autumn of appetite.
[Image 2

Regarding the relationship between pots and water, Isako Hase of “Haseen” said, “Water is so familiar with our daily lives that I haven’t been very conscious of it until now, but when I use purified water at the store, I can feel it at home. I began to worry about using tap water.The way the rice cooks is different between purified water and tap water, and I realized that water has a big impact on cooking.My awareness of water has changed.” I talk. Kenji Takemura, the nabe coordinator, said, “Nabemono is basically boiled ingredients in dashi stock. I used a lot of purified water for the menu I’m introducing this time. Water is so familiar in our daily lives, but we can’t cook without it.Water is important for clay pots and
cooking.It’s one of the ingredients.” .
We hope that you will also pay attention to “water”, which is so commonplace that you have not been conscious of it when cooking, and enjoy the taste of autumn, which is rich in ingredients.
In autumn, enjoy new rice with delicious water.
Five Star Rice Meister Toyozo Nishijima: “Tell me, Doctor of Rice!” [Image 3

New rice season. Cooking rice is as simple as it is profound. Mr. Toyozo Nishijima, a five-star rice meister who cooperated and supervised the development of Cleansui JP407-R (for rice) for Japanese cuisine. He also appeared as a special lecturer “Kome-Dr.” in Kurinsui’s WEB JOURNAL series “Tell me about Dr. Mizu!”
■ “Tell me, Dr. Mizu!” Related article
We also asked Mr. Nishijima about the difference in how the rice is cooked depending on the water used.
[Image 4

Q: Is there a difference in how the rice is cooked depending on the amount of water used?
A: There are two types of water: hard water and soft water. Hard water has a heavy taste and some people feel bitterness, but soft water is characterized by a gentle taste and smoothness down the throat. When rice is cooked in hard water, the minerals contained in it adhere to the surface of the rice grains, which seems to inhibit water absorption, and as a result, the cooked rice feels dull and dry. However, if the rice is cooked in soft water, it will be plump and shiny, and the rice will be sticky even though it has a grainy texture, which is said to be the taste of the Japanese people. In addition, when cooked with the Cleansui Washoku series rice pot-type water purifier, water easily permeates to the core of the rice, so the rice is soft and sticky, the rice grains are evenly swollen, and the rice looks white.
[Image 5

Q: Please tell me how to sharpen and cook rice.
A: Transfer the rice to a plastic bag with a zipper and store it in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator.
Add cold purified water to the cold rice, stir to float the garbage, and then throw it away immediately. Use chilled purified water for cooking. The colder the water, the stronger the stickiness and sweetness tend to come out when cooking.
There is also a way to loosen the rice to decide the deliciousness of the rice. As soon as the steaming is over, open the lid and loosen the sticky rice grains by cutting them crisply while blowing off the excess steam. This effort will change the texture and taste
considerably over time.
■ WEB JOURNAL Mr. Toyozo Nishijima asks how to cook delicious rice
[Image 6

Cleansui series for Japanese food (for rice)
JP407-R (for rice): supervised by a five-star rice meister
・Number of substances removed: 17 + 2
・Body size: width 105 x depth 193 x height 280mm
・Estimated time to replace the water purification cartridge: 3 months (when using 2L a day)
CAMPAIGN / campaign
Tool gift campaign for enjoying water
As an autumn project linked to Cleansui WEB JOURNAL, Igayaki kiln Haseen “Kamado-san’s clay pot”, brand rice selected by five-star rice meister Toyozo Nishijima, cleansui Japanese food series pot-type water purifier for rice, and cleaning products We will hold a luxurious gift campaign where you can enjoy delicious autumn rice with a scrubbing brush.
[Image 7

Haseen Kamado is a very popular place where you can enjoy delicious rice cooked in an earthenware pot. You can cook plump rice without adjusting the heat and without boiling over. Of course, it can also be used for pots and simmered dishes, so you can use this pot for a variety of purposes.
Furthermore, this year’s recommended brand of rice selected by five-star rice meisters is “Yumepirika” from JA Shin Sunagawa, Hokkaido. The protein content is low, and the rice grains are crispy even though it feels more sticky.
When it comes to rice, you need delicious water. Cleansui Washoku Series rice water purification pot is also included in the set. The cleansui rice pot-type water purifier for Japanese cuisine supervised by Mr. Nishijima, a five-star rice meister, is based on the idea that “it would be nice if there was water specifically for rice to cook rice deliciously.” It is a product born from This product, which was created by combining the knowledge of a five-star rice meister and the unique technology of Cleansui, allows you to feel the sweetness and umami of rice.
【Application method】
1. Follow Instagram official account @cleansui_knows
2. Like and comment on campaign posts
*If you are already following us, you can apply by simply sharing the story with a mention in the post.
[Present Set Contents]
・Haseen Kamado-san’s clay pot
・ Earthenware pot care set (scouring brush)
・Five star rice Meister carefully selected brand rice
・Pot type water purifier for cleansui rice for Japanese food [Number of winners] 20 people
【Application period】
From November 15, 2022 (Tuesday) to December 9, 2022 (Friday) 23:59. Winners will be notified via DM in mid-December 2022.
・Winners will be asked for their shipping address, address, and phone number. *The information we receive will not be used for any purpose other than contacting you regarding this matter.
・Shipping is limited to Japan only.
・People with private accounts or those who have set their message reception refusal will not be eligible for the lottery.
・Follow the account and like the post at the time of the lottery! If the is removed, it will be out of scope.
Cleansui x Iga ware kiln Nagatani
Clay Pot Cooking Class “Party Cooking in a Clay Pot”
At “Tokyo store igamono”, we will hold a cooking class using a purified water pot to make Kurinsui’s soup stock more delicious, in conjunction with the “Clay Pot Cooking Class” that teaches the characteristics of clay pots and the tricks of cooking in clay pots. In the coming seasons, such as Christmas and the year-end and New Year holidays, when there will be more opportunities for people to gather, we will introduce four dishes recommended for parties. Please enjoy the marriage of water, food and earthen pot.
[Image 8

・Bacon tomato soup & steamed vegetables two-stage use (large bistro steamed pot) ・Roasted chicken with potatoes (roasted earthenware pot)
・Smoked pinchos (Ibushigin)
・ Apple compote (miso soup pot)
[face-to-face clay pot cooking class]
90 minutes each time, 4 times in total, 7 people each time
(first-come-first-served basis)
● Date and time:
Tuesday, November 15, 2022 10:00-11:30 13:00-14:30
Tuesday, December 13, 2022 10:00-11:30 13:00-14:30
●Venue: Haseen Tokyo store igamono
 1F, 4-11-8 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
 TEL 03-3440-7071
● Participation fee: 3,850 yen (tax included)
What to bring: Writing utensils
[how to apply]
Please call Haseen Tokyo store igamono to apply. (First-come-first-served basis) We will close the reception as soon as the seats are full.
Iga pottery Haseen Tokyo store igamono
TEL 03-3440-7071 (business hours 11:00-20:00 regular holiday: Tuesday) Toyozo Nishijima
Born in Tokyo in 1962. After graduating from Kitasato University Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Department of Livestock Civil Engineering, he became an agricultural civil engineering consultant in Hokkaido. Since 1988, he has been the representative of the family rice shop Suzunobu. In 2004, he was certified as a five-star rice meister. Utilizing his vast knowledge of rice, he launched his own project “Suzunobu Project Rice” and is involved in regional revitalization and regional brand rice cultivation that makes use of the characteristics of the production area. In 2016, he cooperated and supervised the development of Cleansui JP407-R (for rice) for Japanese cuisine.
Iga Yaki Kiln Nagatanien
Haseen is a kiln that has inherited the tradition and techniques of Iga ware since it was built in Iga (Mie Prefecture) in 1832. With the motto “The dining table is a playground”, we regularly hold clay pot cooking classes so that everyone can enjoy clay pots in their lives.
[Image 9d83402-22-fcc3c9dee9ffeffc7829-12.png&s3=83402-22-1afabe401a4cea68f256c6bae70bb7bc-492x237.png
Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Co., Ltd.
In 1984, we launched Cleansui, the world’s first household water purifier that uses a hollow fiber membrane filter that can even remove various germs. Under the slogan, “Clean a glass of water,” it has become a global brand used in more than 50 countries around the world. Today, we are developing products and services as a water brand that goes beyond water purifiers.
In 2019, the “Cleansui” brand won the international design award “Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2019”.
Cleansui URL:
Instagram Official Account: @cleansui_knows

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