Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd. “Notebook, sharp.” From the “uni-ball one” series, “uni-ball one F” wi ll be released in limited quantities on Thursday, November 24th.

Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.
“Notebooks are sharp.” From the “uni-ball one” series, “uni-ball one F” will be released in limited quantities on November 24th (Thursday) Chic and calm smoky axis color

Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Shigehiko Kazuhara) has launched a gel ink ballpoint pen with darker blacks and more vivid colors, “Notebook, Clearly Perfect.” ] series, “ uni-ball one F ” series, which has a high-quality feel and writing feel, has 4 types of chic and calm tone colors (reference price 330 yen: 300 yen excluding tax / ink Color: Black / Ball diameter: 0.38mm, 0.5mm) will be released in limited quantities on Thursday, November 24th.
[Image 1

“uni-ball one F” Limited edition colors From the left, Jellyfish (F saxophone blue), Yumeura (F cherry), Yonagi (F dark gray), Twilight (F olive)
The newly released axis color is a darker smoky color than the conventional “uni-ball one F”. The chic colors of autumn and winter are designed to match a wide range of people regardless of age or gender.
In addition, by making the axis color name even more abstract than the conventional product, we have been particular about the design so that the user’s imagination can be expanded.
The “F” in “uni-ball one F” stands for “Feel”, and features a theme-based axis color and a low center of gravity and stable writing feel, and has been well received since its launch in September 2021. I have received it.
The design of the entire shaft has a smooth form with as few uneven parts as possible, and the one point of the metal parts at the tip emphasizes simplicity and leaves a sophisticated impression. In addition, the metal part of the pen tip is equipped with a “stabilizer mechanism” that creates a stable writing feel with a low center of gravity, realizing stable and smooth writing with “dark and sharp” black ink even with light force. increase.
[Product Features]
■ Calm axis color of dark tone and axis color name with strong sense of nuance The chic colors are even more subdued than the conventional “uni-ball one F”, and it has a calm autumn/winter design. In addition to the high-quality writing feel that comes from the low center of gravity structure of the uni-ball one F, there are four colors that you can enjoy with the axis colors that give you a sense of the world.  The name of the axis color was chosen from the highly abstract and emotional phenomenon, and was particular about resonating with the various sensibilities of the user.
[Image 2

It is an axis color that expresses a gentle flow that expresses the appearance of a calm sea with a slight amount of light shining in during the day.
・Dream divination
[Image 3

It is a fantastic axis color that expresses a feeling of floating as if you are dreaming of being surrounded by clouds.
[Image 4

This axis color expresses the scenery of a quiet lake where the rain has begun to fall, and the scenery of being rocked by a small boat. ·twilight
[Image 5

It is an axis color that expresses an emotional landscape that is difficult to distinguish between people as it changes from dusk to night.
■Simple and more sophisticated shaft design
・The material of the shaft is unified for the rear and front shafts, and it has a smooth design that minimizes steps (unevenness). ・By lengthening the tip, the streamlined shape to the tip is smoother, giving a clean impression as a whole.
Equipped with a “stabilizer mechanism” that realizes stable writing with a low center of gravity
・A metal pen tip with improved dimensional accuracy is used for the tip that holds the refill, achieving a stable and smoother writing experience with a low center of gravity. You can write stably and smoothly with light force, so it is suitable not only for studying and writing notes, but also for diaries.
– Not only is it comfortable to write with, but the one-point metal nib accentuates the sharpness of the design, giving a more
sophisticated and high-quality impression.
“uni-ball one F” metal nib
[Image 6

[Image 7

Metal parts are built into the pen tip.
The orange part in the above figure (pen nib cross section) is the part where metal parts are used.
“uni-ball one” conventional resin nib
[Image 8

【Product Summary】
Product name: uni-ball one F
Product name: UMN-SF-38
Axis color: Jellyfish (F saxophone blue), Yumeno (F cherry)
Ink color: black
Ball diameter: 0.38mm
Reference price: 330 yen each (300 yen excluding tax)
Product name: uni-ball one F
Product name: UMN-SF-05
Axis color: Yonagi (F dark gray), Twilight (F olive)
Ink color: black
Ball diameter: 0.5mm
Reference price: 330 yen each (300 yen excluding tax)
[Reference] About “uni-ball one”
The uni-ball one, which was newly released in February 2020, has the ability to write clearly and clearly, and the simple design that blends into the living space. It has been well received by a wide range of people.
Features of the newly developed “Uniball One Ink”
The “uni-ball one” ink uses a new pigment that minimizes the penetration of the coloring material into the paper fibers, unlike general gel ink.
The pigment used in “Uniball One Ink” is a proprietary bead pack pigment that encloses conventional coloring materials in particles. By confining the pigment, which is the coloring material of the ink, in the particles and increasing the size of the particles, the penetration of the coloring material into the paper surface is suppressed as much as possible. As a result, the color material on the paper develops its original color, the black becomes darker, and the color develops more vividly.
[Image 9d28890-187-7cdd1a43a41a59f75b98-8.jpg&s3=28890-187-1fec3fa5e76a5ec09c7e6ce34c445756-946x588.jpg
1. Blacks are darker and colors are more vivid, making it easier to remember and write crisp, crisp letters.
 Compared to general gel ink, the black color is much darker. Through joint research with our company and Ritsumeikan University, we found that darker and sharper characters are easier to remember for black. By using “uni-ball one”, which is darker than general gel ink, you can write letters that will leave an impression when you look back at your notebook.
[Image 10d28890-187-b88f4cb551ffde0e4425-9.jpg&s3=28890-187-f6762e31f49855b8d26f7358badaea78-1920x1080.jpg
Conventional product and “uni-ball one” thickness comparison [Image 11d28890-187-9ed0030a48450b47f1f2-10.jpg&s3=28890-187-db8ba08b2695b8fe5a4cb4cbd8ca28ff-800x1173.jpg
An example of a notebook written using “uni-ball one” in the upper row and a conventional product in the lower row.
-Joint research with Ritsumeikan University-
Under the supervision of Professor Masashi Hattori of the College of Comprehensive Psychology, Ritsumeikan University, we conducted a “memory recall task”, an experimental method of cognitive psychology, for high school students. When we compared the memorization
performance of handwritten characters with ballpoint pens of different shades, we found that characters written with uni-ball one’s dark black ink had a higher correct answer rate and a higher recall rate than those written with general gel ink. I got
The results of this research were reported at the 38th Annual Conference of the Japanese Psychological Association.
[Image 12d28890-187-1d94f0bb3c69eb7c08cf-11.jpg&s3=28890-187-a8eb4dc8ca057d600ad071f0cd3d3366-1920x1080.jpg
2. Ink that dries quickly and does not bleed
General quick-drying ink dries quickly by making the ink permeate the paper faster. As a result, ink bleeding and strike-through sometimes occurred.
The newly developed “Uniball One Ink” changes the ratio of solid to liquid components in the ink, making it possible for the liquid component to quickly permeate the paper surface while leaving the solid coloring material on the paper surface. increase. Although it is a quick-drying ink that penetrates quickly into the paper surface, it does not bleed or bleed through because it suppresses the absorption of colorants into the paper surface.
■Simple and straight shaft design
The shaft design is simple and straight. In addition to its stylish design, the oval-shaped “open wire clip” is a movable clip that can be easily clipped to notebooks and notebooks, and is also functional. -Click here for a list of Mitsubishi Pencil press releases-
* Inquiries about products are accepted at the “Mitsubishi Pencil Customer Service Office”.
Toll free number 0120-321433
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