Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. Industrial use of the Metaverse will solve social issues in the 2030s

Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
Industrial use of the Metaverse will solve social issues in the 2030s The domestic market is about 24 trillion yen Mitsubishi Research Institute announces research results

Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Kenji Yabuta; hereafter referred to as MRI) released a research report, “CX2030: A Broad Metaverse as a Place to Utilize Virtual Technology,” on November 22nd. did.
Broadly speaking, the Metaverse is expected to be used in a wide range of industrial fields beyond games, amusement, and some online tools, and its social implementation is expected to progress toward the 2030s.
1. Background
MRI presented three transformations (3X) in its 50th anniversary research*: digital transformation (DX), bio-transformation (BX), and communication transformation (CX).
This research report summarizes some of the results of this term’s survey research that focuses on CX, which will greatly transform the way communication will be in the future, among the 3Xs.
The basic technology of CX in the 2030s will be virtual technology (V-tec). This term, we conducted research focusing on the Metaverse in a broad sense as a place to utilize this V-tec.
*: Research conducted on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the company’s founding to present a vision for the future society 50 years from now and draw out measures to realize it in Japan.
2. Overview of research results
This report consists of two parts.
Part 1 “Metaverse in a broad sense as a place to utilize V-tec” covers the Metaverse in a broad sense (the original Metaverse, which targets virtual space, its subset, Personalverse, and the fusion space of real and virtual). We have clarified the characteristics of the realverse) and summarized its prospects.
Figure Overview of the 3verses as elements of the broadly defined metaverse [Image 1d50210-27-6b46720ccc41cd43be97-0.png&s3=50210-27-764752b280cd11f516c12c914ab22e7f-700x340.png
Source: Mitsubishi Research Institute
In Part 2, “Overview of Application Areas of V-tec,” we will extract major industrial areas where V-tec applications are promising based on the matrix of five behavioral change acceleration factors and lifestyle patterns of consumers. We have summarized the future usage image of V-tec and the expected market size based on the issue. The domestic market is expected to grow to about 4 trillion yen in 2025 and about 24 trillion yen in 2030.
A full-fledged Metaverse economic zone that encompasses economic activities such as value creation, value exchange, and value consumption within the Metaverse will develop along with the development of information communication and processing infrastructure from the mid to late 2030s, and will eventually generate billions of dollars. It is expected that a new gigantic market with users exceeding the number of people will be formed.
Chart Broadly defined Metaverse application area (V-tec application area) [Image 2d50210-27-7874075ed1018e7298c2-1.png&s3=50210-27-2340e9959e92fc5acb9c531a7bfe9f12-742x400.png
Source: Mitsubishi Research Institute
This research report contains the following five messages.
The concept of metaverse is spreading. The Metaverse (original meaning), Personalverse, and Realverse have different uses and purposes, so each should be considered separately.
The original metaverse has seven application types. Potentially, expectations are high for a virtual life-type Metaverse, but it will take a considerable amount of time before it becomes widespread. The Personalverse is technically a subset of the original Metaverse, but in terms of application, it is being used as a unique private information space.
Realverse, which strengthens the real with the virtual, is being used in various industrial fields.
Social dissemination of the Metaverse, which is a combination of the Metaverse (original meaning), Personalverse, and Realverse, will facilitate the resolution and mitigation of various social issues. The Advanced Technology Center will continue to provide information for solving social issues through business.


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