Mitsubishi Research Institute Launches Distributed Energy Resource Operation Support Service “MERSOL”

Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
Mitsubishi Research Institute Launches Distributed Energy Resource Operation Support Service “MERSOL”
Realize optimal operation simulation on the web with original technology
Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Kenji Yabuta; hereinafter referred to as MRI) will launch its own business from November 2022 for businesses considering businesses that utilize distributed energy resources. We have started providing MERSOL, a distributed energy resource operation support service based on simulation technology.
1. Background
Toward the realization of carbon neutrality in 2050, there are growing expectations for the utilization of distributed energy resources (DER) [*1] such as renewable energy and storage batteries. Efforts are underway. DER is used to control demand when electricity supply and demand is tight or when prices rise, and it is also being used in various electricity markets such as the wholesale electricity market. On the other hand, business studies using DER require advanced analysis technology and knowledge of systems and technologies, which is a barrier for business operators. If each business operator can analyze the situation of DER in detail and develop an optimal investment strategy, the business feasibility of using DER will improve, which will lead to the spread of DER.
2. Overview of the Service
MRI has been providing consulting using its own DER operation simulation model since May 2021 [*2]. In order for this model to be used by a wider range of businesses, we have launched a service called “MERSOL: MRI Energy Resource Solution” (pronunciation: mersol) that provides a simulation environment on the web. The outline is as follows.
MERSOL’s unique multi-use optimization model enables operation simulations that combine multiple DER applications. This makes it possible to derive a more efficient operation method compared to DER operation with a single use case that has been considered in many similar R&D examples. It is a simulation that precisely incorporates the knowledge of institutional design that MRI has accumulated as a think tank. We will also respond to updates in a timely manner in response to future system changes.
Main output
Business operators can simulate the optimal investment pattern and investment income/expenditure forecast for the DER utilization business under consideration. You can also check the results in table and graph format through the data browsing dashboard.
Purpose of use
Businesses can use MERSOL to obtain basic materials for prior evaluation and implementation decisions for DER utilization projects. In addition, through analysis of operation patterns, it is also possible to make use of it in examining control logic during actual operation. In addition, business operators can set their own conditions online and conduct analysis freely at any time,
contributing to the sophistication and efficiency of operations that meet the individual needs of business operators.
Analysis target
Storage batteries installed on the customer premises and storage batteries connected directly to the grid are targeted for analysis. We plan to expand the scope of analysis in the future.
For details, please refer to the special service site below.
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