Mitsui Fudosan Commercial Management Co., Ltd. Kyoko Yoshine starring Mitsui Outlet Park New winter commercial Pay attention to the scene where Yoshine’s costume changes instantly when you snap your fingers!

Mitsui Fudosan Commercial Management Co., Ltd.
Kyoko Yoshine Starring Mitsui Outlet Park New Winter CM Pay attention to the scene where Yoshine’s costume changes instantly when you snap your fingers!
-Special Interview-What did you discover recently? / What do you want from Santa?

Mitsui Outlet Park, operated by Mitsui Fudosan Commercial Management Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo), will run a winter TV commercial featuring Kyoko Yoshine as a commercial character from November 14th (Monday) in Kanto, Tokai, and Hokuriku. We will start broadcasting locally. New commercial information
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■ Highlights of CM
This time, while shopping, Mr. Yoshine encounters clothes and fashion goods that he has never worn before, and finds a “new self” in the commercial.
 Mr. Yoshine moves rhythmically to the music as she enjoys shopping, and when she snaps her fingers, the clothes she wears change in an instant, giving her a new look.
Also, Yoshine’s bright singing voice in the commercial is impressive. ■ On-air information
From November 14, 2022 (Monday), it will start broadcasting in the Kanto, Tokai, and Hokuriku regions.
From 0:00 on November 10th (Thursday), you can watch the commercial, making video, and interview video on YouTube.
In addition, commercials, making videos, and interview videos will be released on the Mitsui Outlet Park special website.
●Mitsui Outlet Park CM “Let’s change clothes for winter” (15 seconds) YouTube URL:
■ Credit information
Mitsui Outlet Park CM “‘Hare, me.’ Let’s change clothes for winter” (15 seconds) ■ State of shooting
 The scene started with Mr. Yoshine, who is facing backwards, rotating and turning around in time to the music. After receiving an
explanation from the staff, he tried to move to the music, but he seemed to have a hard time saying, “My head and body don’t match, and I can’t move as I want!” I could see Mr. Yoshine looking happy. In the scene where we were walking with the other performers to match Yoshine’s clothes, the three of us had to face each other to make adjustments, and we were able to finish the shooting smoothly. For the snapping finger scene, Mr. Yoshine struggled with reaching out his hand to match the sound and the position of the camera, and finding the right angle to show his fingernails. It was the most difficult scene, but I finished shooting with a smile until the end. [Image 3d7685-149-72732318c0e0a483d0be-1.jpg&s3=7685-149-51d798cfc378938297b545d52cad1e29-1920x1080.jpg
[Image 4d7685-149-d0ddb6072aedacd01a7c-2.jpg&s3=7685-149-04a420b06889e994843ddd855c2f05c3-1920x1080.jpg
■ Special interview
ーYou appeared in the CM for Mitsui Outlet Park. What was your impression of the shoot?
I was really nervous about the scene where I moved my body, but it was really fun because I decided to do this movement with everyone on the spot because it was cute.
-The theme of the commercial is to realize a new self. Have you noticed or discovered anything recently?
Can I make a very small discovery? I recently discovered that I really like “chikuwa” and “konnyaku” (laughs)
When I was thinking of buying side dishes to take home, I was biased, saying that they were all konjac or chikuwa. When I unconsciously choose something, I thought, “Oh, it’s something I really like.” ーIn the commercial, you filmed how the clothes changed one after another. The first thing I think about is what I want to wear. There were various discoveries such as “It came to fit nicely”, so there was a discovery! (Answer to the above question) This one was better (laughs) When I made it short, the shirt came to look great. So, my personal clothes these days are mostly shirts.
ーIn the commercial, you played a woman who changes clothes and feels happy. What is it that makes your life happy?
Are you a pet?
We have a dog, a cat, and a ferret, and they are all different and cute. When I get home, I say “I’m home” to the 3 cats, and I always end the day with a friendly time with my pets, which gives me energy for the next day. I think that spending time playing with pets really brightens up my life.
-Is there anything you want to buy at the outlet this winter? I bought a pillow at an outlet in January of this year. I think I’ll buy new bedding for each season, so I’d like to buy a warm comforter this winter.
– It’s Christmas time. Do you have any memories of Christmas? The Yoshine family definitely has a Christmas party. My mother and I would bake chicken and bake cakes. I always consult with my mother, “What kind of food are you going to cook this year?” The Yoshine family still holds a Christmas party every year.
ーIf you could get something from Santa after working hard this year, what would you request?
hat! My hairstyle changed, and most of the hats I had didn’t suit me. The hat was much more difficult than the clothes. I like hats, so I wear them a lot, but I want people from all over the world to find hats that suit me the best (laughs).

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