Mitsukari launches “Individual Result” function that analyzes individual aptitude in detail

Mitsukari Co., Ltd.
Mitsukari launches “Individual Result” function that analyzes individual aptitude in detail
A chance to deeply understand each person’s personality, character, and values
Mitsukari Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takanori Omote), which provides HR Tech “Mitsukari” that understands and analyzes the personality and compatibility of each person and maximizes the power of individuals and organizations, will open in 2022. We would like to inform you that from November 10, 2020, we have started providing the “Individual Results” function to deeply understand the personality, values, and personality of each
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Mitsukari is an HR Tech service that understands and analyzes the personality and compatibility of each person to maximize the power of individuals and organizations. The People Results function, which was launched on November 10, 2022, is a function added to better understand the personality, personality, and values ​​of individuals such as candidates and employees.
Until now, the function of Mitsukari has been to quantify
compatibility with people and organizations, present incompatible values ​​and ways of thinking as “items that should be asked with priority” at the time of recruitment interviews, and at the time of interviews, It was centered on functions specialized for
compatibility, such as presenting it as a “communication method”. In addition to intuitively understanding the personality and stress resistance of aptitude test takers, the personal result function this time also presents values ​​related to communication habits, good work, management and decision-making, etc. You will be able to deeply understand the personality, character, and sense of values ​​of This function can be used without the hassle of taking additional aptitude tests or changing contract plans.
■ Scenarios for using the individual result function
・In preparation for interviews and personal interviews, deeply understand the personalities of hiring candidates and employees By giving feedback on the analysis results, you can self-analyze and understand your own strengths and weaknesses, and use them to build relationships at work and in the workplace.
Feedback of analysis results promotes the accumulation of employee personality and values ​​data, which is used as basic data for people analytics (*).
■ Analysis results in the individual results function
The individual result function presents five types of analysis results. Statue
social type
Talent type
vulnerability to stress
Detailed data
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A person image is an analysis result that describes the
characteristics of the person who is the subject of analysis. Even when meeting someone for the first time during an interview or transfer, or even if you have few opportunities to interact with them due to telework, you can immediately understand what kind of person they are. Regarding suitable occupations, Mitsukari’s large-scale analysis (*) of the data of more than 230,000 test takers revealed the occupations that they actually work for by personality and values. . [Image 3

Social type is the result of analysis using communication theory proposed since the 1960s. It is classified into four types according to the strength of emotional expression, which is a person’s behavior, and the strength of intentional assertion, and smooth communication suitable for each type can be performed. It is also used for internal communication, management, education and training.
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Human resource type is an analysis result developed independently by Mitsukari by combining multiple academic papers. Based on their personality and values, they are classified into four types depending on whether they are suitable for existing/new work or whether they emphasize organizational/individual growth, and visualize the work that each type is good at to prevent mismatches in work content. It is used when identifying a person’s image, deciding on placement and assignment, and when forming a team.
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Vulnerability to stress is an analysis result calculated from personality and values ​​regarding stress. It is not a function that judges that a person is vulnerable to stress = a bad person, but is used to understand a person’s image in a job interview as a function to deeply understand personality, such as being vulnerable to stress = strong sense of responsibility, methodical, etc.
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The detailed data is an analysis result that not only allows intuitive understanding by classifying the personality/values ​​characteristics into six categories, but also enables detailed confirmation of the 64 types of personality/values ​​characteristics detected on the 32 axes detected by Mitsukari. The six categories are as follows.
Tendencies related to stress
Communication related trends
Work Perspective Trends
Trends related to behavior/activities
Trends related to management
Trends related to decision making
Information on webinar accompanying the release of the individual results function
Along with the release of the individual results function, a free webinar will be held on November 24th (Thursday) from 11:00 to explain the background of the development, how to operate it, how to read the analysis result screen, and how to use it in your work.
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Date and time: November 24, 2022 (Thursday) 11: 00-12: 00
How to watch: Zoom webinar
Participation fee: Free
Organizer: Mitsukari Co., Ltd.
■ About Mitsukari
Mitsukari is an HR Tech service that maximizes the power of
individuals and organizations by understanding and analyzing each person’s personality and compatibility through aptitude tests. The Basic Plan, which supports recruitment activities, prevents recruitment mismatches. Visualize the compatibility between job seekers and company culture, departments, and superiors, and propose questions to identify mismatches in human relationships that may occur after joining the company. By unifying hiring criteria in recruitment selection and selecting assignments such as bosses and departments that are compatible with each other, the rate of unofficial job offers and early turnover rate can be improved.
The Enterprise Plan, which supports management activities, prevents mismatches between employees. Specific examples of “disliked communication” and “preferred communication methods” arising from differences in personalities and values ​​between employees are proposed. By improving the effect of regular communication and interviews such as 1on1MTG, it is possible to improve the early turnover rate, management work efficiency, and labor productivity. As of November 2022, the number of companies that have introduced it is 4,200, and the number of people who have taken the aptitude test is over 278,000. Regardless, it is used by many organizations.
■ Notes
People Analytics is an initiative that analyzes and visualizes human resource data and utilizes it for the future of people and management. By using human resource data to solve problems that companies face in the field of human resources, such as labor productivity, employee satisfaction, and turnover rate, it is possible to plan and execute measures, make decisions, and solve problems that do not depend on the experience and intuition of the person in charge. The purpose is to make use of
Reference: “People Analytics & HR Technology Association Overview”
[Job Diagnosis Analysis Report Based on Aptitude Test Results of More Than 230,000 People] Misunderstanding Is Suitable for Sales Jobs? Occupation analysis suitable for personality and values
■Overview of Mitsukari Co., Ltd.
Company name: Mitsukari Co., Ltd.
President and CEO: Takanori Omote
Established: May 25, 2015
Capital: 100,000,000 yen
Head office location: 2-28-7 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Satellite floor 1422 Business description: Development and operation of HR Tech “Mitsukari” that understands and analyzes the personality and compatibility of each person to maximize the power of individuals and organizations Details about this release:


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