Mitsuuroko Group Holdings Co., Ltd. Azabu Juban Montabo Congratulations! 45th Anniversary Chibi Maruko-chan Collaboration Egg Bread Released!

Mitsuuroko Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
[Azabu Juban Montabo] Congratulations! 45th Anniversary Chibi Maruko-chan Collaboration Egg Bread Released!

The bakery “Azabu Juban Montabo” developed by our consolidated subsidiary Sweet Style Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Daisuke Furuya, hereinafter “Sweet Style”) celebrated its 45th anniversary. To commemorate that, we are holding various campaigns to celebrate with the nationally popular character “Chibi Maruko-chan”.
This time, the “Chibi Maruko-chan Collaboration Egg Bread” will be on sale from November 10th.
We will provide it in an original design bag inspired by the famous scene from the opening of the TV anime.
[Image 1

――Chibi Maruko-chan collaboration egg bread――
Like the scene of Chibi Maruko-chan, we have created a bread that has a nostalgic and rustic flavor that both adults and children will want to eat again.
Texture: A new type of texture that is moist and melts in the mouth 1. Softness and moisturizing properties are improved by using yogurt seeds 2. The moist texture is maintained by using liquid fats and oils Taste/fragrance: It has a nostalgic and simple taste, but it makes you want to eat it again.
1. By using yogurt seeds, the effect of lactic acid bacteria adds a mellow sourness and richness of dairy products
2. Margarine with European fermented butter enhances the buttery flavor [Image 2

Name: Chibi Maruko-chan Collaboration Egg Bread (8 pieces)
Sales price: 450 yen including tax (417 yen excluding tax)
Size: (bag) Length 200mm x Width 235mm
Sales start: November 10, 2022 to January 11, 2023 (planned) Sales stores: Azabu Juban Montabo stores nationwide
* Due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out. *Not available at some stores
[Image 3

――What is “Azabu Juban Montabo”――
45 years of history since its founding in 1977.
This is a bakery based on an all-scratch approach, where craftsmen create everything from flour one by one at the store every day.  Montabo, which opened in Shonan, currently has a main store in Azabu Juban and has about 60 stores nationwide.
 In recent years, bread made only with domestic wheat, low-sugar bread, environmentally friendly products, etc.
We are focusing on efforts to enrich the dining table of the future in Japan. (Origin of the name)
 Mont-Thabor is French for the mountain Thabor.
A long time ago, it was also the place where Napoleon first won his expedition to Egypt.
To commemorate this, Rue Mont-Abaud was created in Paris, France. “Azabu Juban Montabo” was named after Hotel Montabo on this street. [Contact]
Sweet Style Co., Ltd.
Azabu-Juban Montabo Press Window: Kamiishi and Ishihara
Phone: 03-3516-3105
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