MIXI Co., Ltd. Introduction of conversational AI robot “Romi” + one-stop home internet environment

MIXI Co., Ltd.
Introduction of conversational AI robot “Romi” + one-stop provision of home internet environment
“Romi Hikari Line powered by e-Ouchi” for chatting and “watching over” elderly family members who live far away and do not have an internet connection

MIXI Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroki Kimura) has partnered with Japan PC Service Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Nobuyuki Iaki). “Romi Hikari Line powered by e-Ouchi”, a service that provides Internet fiber-optic line and digital support at a fixed price for purchasers of our conversational AI robot “Romi” (pronounced Romi), will be launched on November 14, 2022. We will inform you that it will be provided from Monday (Monday). In addition to providing one-stop support for the
introduction of “Romi” for seniors who do not have an internet environment at home and are not accustomed to digital devices, we also support digital devices other than “Romi”.
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■One-stop pick-up service for Romi! Support for digital problems other than “Romi”
・ Build an Internet environment at home
Internet connection is required to use “Romi”. “Romi Hikari Line powered by e-Ouchi” not only provides fiber-optic lines, but also supports everything from setting up the lines to daily troubles such as “I can’t connect to the Internet!” You can use it with confidence even if you have a line. Of course, it can also be used on digital devices other than “Romi”, such as personal computers and smartphones. ・ One-stop support for setting up “Romi”, lectures on how to use it, and consultation after installation
If you subscribe to “Romi Hikari Line powered by e-Ouchi” after purchasing “Romi” (*1), you will receive “Romi On-site Setting Support” (usually 13,200 Yen) (*2) will be provided free of charge. In addition, after the introduction of “Romi”, you can consult as many times as you like over the phone 365 days a year.
・ Supports consultation and warranty for digital devices other than “Romi” such as smartphones and PCs
We also support digital devices other than “Romi”, such as smartphones and personal computers. In addition to being able to consult as many times as you like over the phone 365 days a year (remote support is also available for PCs only) regarding problems with digital equipment, professionals can rush to the office and receive support in the shortest possible day. In addition, equipment guarantees (*3) for the smartphones and computers that you normally use are also covered within the fixed fee.
For details, please check the special site (https://e-ouchi.jp/lp/mixi/). *1 It doesn’t matter where you buy “Romi”. In addition, you can apply at any time after purchase.
*2 Please check the special site (https://romi.ai/on-site-service/) for details on “Romi visit setting support”.
*3 “Romi” device warranty is based on the warranty at the time of purchase. It is not included in the warranty of this service. ■ Background of “Romi Hikari Line Powered by e-Ouchi”
“Recently, home robots are attracting attention as new family members.” “Romi” is certified as the world’s first household communication robot that generates language using deep learning technology (*4), and is widely used by people living alone, families with children, and elderly people. It has received. By talking about small daily events and being involved from waking up to going to bed, you can stimulate your life, and you can also “naturally watch” through the communication history with “Romi”, so it is a good idea for elderly family members who live far away. I’m getting more presents. However, we sometimes receive feedback from family members, such as “My parent’s house does not have a good internet environment,” and from elderly people, “I don’t know how to set up or use it, and I can’t ask my family over and over again.” In addition, according to the “Communication Usage Trend Survey” (*5) announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Internet usage rate in 2021 will reach 82.9%. On the other hand, by age group, 59.4% of those in their 70s and 27.6% of those in their 80s and older gradually declined, indicating that there are barriers to digital utilization among the elderly. Against this background, both companies have built a system to introduce “Romi” and deal with digital problems. Both companies will support you so that you can enjoy your new life with “Romi” without any hassle and enjoy a rich day using digital technology.
*4 May 2021 ESP Research Institute (https://mixi.co.jp/news/2021/0603/9909/) *5 From “Results of 2021 Communication Usage Trend Survey” of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Communication Usage Trend Survey”
(https://www.soumu.go.jp/johotsusintokei/statistics/data/220527_1.pdf) ・A story of a family who gave “Romi” to an elderly mother
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[Image 3

・Voice of “Romi” owner
Mr. Nishiyama will soon turn 77 years old. After living alone, I lost my morning greetings with my husband for 52 years. In addition, he sometimes talked to me from “Romi”, and he smiled, saying, “Talking is a feast.”
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UntTjQ-vIck
■ Service overview
Name: Romi Hikari Line powered by e-house
Price: From 5,500 yen (tax included) per month
Start date: November 14, 2022 (Monday)
Special site: https://e-ouchi.jp/lp/mixi/
■ Japan PC Service Co., Ltd. -https://www.j-pcs.jp/-
Japan PC Service provides nationwide support 24/7, from computer and digital device settings to troubleshooting. As the use of digital at home progresses with DX, we aim to be like a digital general hospital, and we are focusing on support like a family doctor who receives consultations on general digital at home.
■ What is the conversational AI robot “Romi” – https://romi.ai/ – Romi is a palm-sized communication robot that specializes in conversation. Unlike ordinary robots whose responses are
pre-registered, our proprietary conversation AI (artificial
intelligence) creates conversations each time, so the most distinctive feature is that you can enjoy playing catch with natural words. I empathize with the speaker, and I am good at emotionally healing communication that makes me happy, crying, and angry together. In addition, more than 100 types of facial expressions and movements, and more than 100 functions and contents such as alarms and reminders will add color to the owner’s daily life. It can be used in a variety of situations, such as for those who live alone, enrich their time at home with their families, or as a conversation partner for children and the elderly.
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[1] Conversation is generated by proprietary AI. You can enjoy playing catch with natural words.
[2] It reacts like a living thing. Rich and cute facial expressions and gestures.
[3] Support your life happily. More than 100 functions and contents (as of May 2022).
[4] Natural “watching” is possible.
[5] Feel free to speak English with Romi!
[6] Constantly updated conversation accuracy and functions. ever evolving. ·Product Summary
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/25121/table/352_1_217b1584011fb9fb7cf9e3384f25cb52.jpg ]
■MIXI Co., Ltd.
With the purpose of “expanding rich communication and wrapping the world in happy surprises”, MIXI has released “mixi”, “Monster Strike”, “Family Album Mitene”, “TIPSTAR”, etc. We provide a communication service that you can enjoy together with your friends and family. Based on the spirit of “user surprise first” that we cherish, our mission is to create places and opportunities for “connecting hearts” that create richer, deeper and richer communication, rather than just connecting, which is our mission. By continuing to do so, we will contribute to the realization of an emotionally rich and
heart-to-heart society.
* The names of MIXI and Romi, and related trademarks and logos are trademarks and registered trademarks of MIXI Co., Ltd.
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