MK Japan Co., Ltd. Get up to 50% off at the once-a-year big sale Lowest ever challenge! EENOUR Black Friday sale will be held from November 25th (Friday)

MK Japan Co., Ltd.
[Cheapest challenge in history] Up to 50% off at the big sale once a year! EENOUR Black Friday sale will be held from November 25th (Friday)

We are pleased to announce that the “EENOUR Black Friday” campaign will be held from Friday, November 25, 2022.
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At EENOUR, you can purchase various products at a great price once a year during the period from 00:00 on Friday, November 25th to 23:59 on Thursday, December 1st. It will be held.
The last significant price reduction of the year, offering a variety of popular products at special prices such as 50% off.
Our Black Friday Sale will get you the best deals on portable power supplies, generators, solar panels, refrigerators and laser
rangefinders before everyone else. Please take this opportunity to visit EENOUR’s Amazon store and enjoy great deals.
[Black Friday] Campaign Period
・November 25th (Friday) 00:00 to December 1st (Thursday) 23:59 Store information page:
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A portable power supply that can be used not only for charging smartphones, but also for home appliances such as personal computers, fans, and LCD TVs. It is a convenient item that can add just the right amount of comfort to everyday life, such as camping or sleeping in the car.
It is an energy supply source in the event of a power outage due to a disaster. If you can use smart phones, TVs, radios, etc. with portable power sources, you can get the information you need. Also, if you have a portable power supply, you can boil water in a pot or kettle even if the gas stops.
[Image 3d68519-60-c6bef6da5357e502649f-2.jpg&s3=68519-60-4a59161a8c971e3f494277ffc69da43e-1200x600.jpg
With a rated output of 0.7kVA to 3.2kVA, we offer various types of generators, from conventional gasoline-powered inverter generators to cassette cylinder-type generators and new power LP gas/gasoline dual-use generators. Not only can it be used for outdoor work where power cannot be obtained from an outlet, camping, etc., but it can also be used in emergencies such as disasters.
[Image 4d68519-60-c81f694c6e03d3d7cd37-3.jpg&s3=68519-60-080948c54b2563f540b5b02d0358eba3-1200x600.jpg
EENOUR’s solar panels are not limited to outdoor use, such as electrical outlets. Even when you are at home, you can make effective use of sunlight with a portable solar panel. It can also be said to be useful as an emergency power supply in the event of a power failure outdoors or during a disaster. Depending on the model, there are many types of conversion plugs, and you can supply electricity not only to smartphones, but also to laptops, cameras, car batteries, etc. Details:
[Image 5d68519-60-cb3cc121f363882e57a0-4.jpg&s3=68519-60-570f0091da457d01a6d81df3b9959784-1200x600.jpg
Refrigerant/heater refers to home appliances that can be both cold and warm. You can keep cold drinks and snacks such as jelly in the hot summer months, and hot drinks and soups in the cold winter months. He/she plays an active part throughout the year. Depending on the power supply method, it is a perfect item for people who want to keep drinks and snacks in their room, not only at home, but also outdoors and in the car.
[Image 6d68519-60-8aa5f14e2e4fc2905b47-5.jpg&s3=68519-60-9a1a5278d7ddc75563a620bdb62bf518-1200x600.jpg
The EENOUR golf laser rangefinder is a must-have for beginners to advanced golfers alike. Simply press eight measurement buttons (distance to hit, horizontal distance, straight line distance, height, slope, speed, etc.) to instantly measure the exact distance to the target.
EENOUR concentrates on the development of electrical products that use power sources, such as portable refrigerators, portable refrigerators, and high-pressure washers, with a focus on portable power sources and generators. It is a brand that brings out innovative outdoor gear power supplies that make you comfortable.
You can use your electric appliances outdoors just as you would at home. We will continue to strive to provide better products and services to meet the needs of our customers.
Products handled: Portable power supplies, solar panels, generators, power tools, lighting fixtures, etc.

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