Mobile order platform “PICKS” is posted on KAERUN

HJP Corporation
Launched mobile order platform “PICKS”
DX Support for Food and Beverage Companies with Subsidy Matching “KAERUN”
We are pleased to inform you that we have started registration and posting of the mobile order platform “PICKS” (operated by DIRIGIO) on the subsidy matching platform “KAERUN” (operated by HJP Corporation) for food and beverage companies. increase. Food and beverage companies who are considering a mobile ordering service can introduce it while reducing the cost burden by utilizing the subsidy.
Mobile order “PICKS” publication started
Takeout and official apps can be introduced using subsidies
[Image 1d109233-3-1b228c6c5f5ddc912044-0.png&s3=109233-3-05ba6e5f3211fa465292792819ad0767-1577x766.png
On the subsidy matching platform “KAERUN”, you can consider
introducing products and services for food and beverage companies while checking the actual burden amount when using subsidies. About 180 products and services are currently listed, and it is possible to introduce them at a maximum of 1/4 the price.
The mobile ordering platform “PICKS”, which has just started posting, is a service that allows anyone to quickly and easily build a mobile order. We support restaurants aiming for digitalization by providing everything from building mobile orders to distribution for restaurants of various sizes.
Construction of own mobile ordering site: “Picks Original Web” Build your own mobile ordering app: “Picks App”
Takeout portal: “PICKS”
We provide comprehensive support for building mobile orders, attracting customers, and continuously strengthening customer relationships.
Publication plan
[Image 2d109233-3-d477b3ddc766d9bbfd5d-1.png&s3=109233-3-58abcba5a69f4f8f7558b2e98e780b81-1153x507.png

PICKS (fixed cost 0 yen plan/no initial cost plan/lowest rate plan) PICKS APP option
Comment from DIRIGIO representative Yuki Honda
“Utilizing subsidies to lower cost hurdles and create restaurant DX” [Image 3d109233-3-699453089b0c845ad2d6-7.jpg&s3=109233-3-476cc91264f0ba95fb8ae93769c9ceb1-2048x2048.jpg
For some time now, we have often received inquiries from food and beverage companies regarding the use of subsidies. Although there is a need to utilize subsidies, we do not know the types of subsidies, how to apply, or whether our company is eligible, so we think that there is a current situation where we are not actively considering subsidies.
With “KAERUN”, even if you do not have the above specialized knowledge, you can easily search for the products and services you need for your own store. This is a service that companies especially want to use.
I would be happy if you could learn about our mobile order “PICKS” through “KAERUN”, and when considering the introduction of products and services other than our company, we will promote DX conversion that suits our store while using subsidies. I hope you
Introduction of user company “DIRIGIO”

[Image 4d109233-3-5ed23abd925efef4eda4-8.png&s3=109233-3-e149621c0ff0da46da21d9af2b80b96b-594x225.png
With the vision of “creating a society where efficiency and warmth are in harmony”, we will focus on the area of ​​”food x IT” and make the “food industry”, which is a non-IT industry, even more attractive together with restaurants. We aim to keep
Company name: DIRIGIO Co., Ltd.
Location: Nishimura Building 7F, 3-6-18 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Business description: Development and operation of the mobile order platform “PICKS”, planning and production of new retail stores Company HP:
[Image 5d109233-3-40d45fa9684080c66e19-5.png&s3=109233-3-0acc5287edfb22e774f96dfcf3f5407d-592x215.png
“KAERUN” is a subsidy platform that connects three parties: SMEs (restaurants), vendors for restaurants, and KAERUN supporters (subsidy application support companies). By using “KAERUN”, you can not only find the products and services you need, but also seamlessly realize subsidy applications that can be used for them.
[Image 6d109233-3-2cf6802d87b9fb50236e-6.png&s3=109233-3-d57dc13d401e3d79ce78e6760cbb3ade-397x183.png
HJP Corporation operates the “subsidy platform KAERUN”, a service that supports the challenge of new businesses in terms of fundraising, based on the concept of “taking new challenges on a daily basis” for Japanese SMEs. We will contribute to the activation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan.
Company name: HJP Corporation Co., Ltd.
Location: Sendagaya S’ Building 2F, 3-20-8 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051 Representative: Hideshi Takahashi
Corporate site:
Founded: September 2008
Capital: 5 million yen
Business description: Store equipment sales and construction business / Vertical subsidy platform / KAERUN business / Financial consulting business

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