Mobilus Co., Ltd. “Secure Path” and “MOBI Series” are adopted for the newly opened Hitachi Health Insu rance Society LINE official account!

Mobilus Co., Ltd.
“Secure Path” and “MOBI Series” adopted for the newly opened Hitachi Health Insurance Society LINE official account!
~Realization of automatic confirmation of subscriber information and smooth communication by converting to DX. Contributing to improving health checkup rates

Mobilus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Tomohiro Ishii), which develops and provides solutions for customer support support as The SupportTech Company, has announced that Hitachi Health Insurance Society (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Tanaka Kenichi (hereinafter referred to as “Hitachi Health Insurance”) provided “Secure Path”, “MOBI CAST”, “MOBI AGENT” and “MOBI BOT” (hereinafter referred to as “this service”) to the LINE official account opened, and started the service in October. We will let you know.
■ Introduction background
The Hitachi Health Insurance Society is working to improve the participation rate of its members for health checkups. We have been encouraging family members (*hereafter referred to as “family members”) who are enrolled as dependents to undergo health checkups by direct mail, telephone, etc., but we have not been able to obtain sufficient results, so we are considering an effective approach. was In addition, although subscribers and their families can use the “Personal Health Portal Site,” usage by family members has been sluggish due to the time it takes to send the password required for initial authentication. For this reason, we felt the need to improve the health literacy of families by introducing tools that can easily communicate health information and medical examination-related information.
■ Service overview
This service utilizes the LINE official account as a communication platform with subscribers. In addition to linking and confirming subscriber information with the chat security communication function “Secure Path” provided by Mobilus, and segment distribution of LINE information with “MOBI CAST”, manned chat “MOBI AGENT” and chatbot “MOBI We will realize comprehensive inquiry response by “BOT”. As a result, it is possible to “automate subscriber eligibility
confirmation,” “distribute information tailored to subscribers,” “smoothly respond to inquiries,” and “make appointments for health checkups on LINE,” improving the rate of health checkups and improving communication with subscribers. Contribute to activation. In the future, we aim to contribute to the healthy and fulfilling lives of Hitachi Health Insurance subscribers by using LINE to enhance information on each health checkup.
[Image 1

Figure 1 Overview of service
Subscribers enter their own credentials using Secure Path.
After linking the information system of Hitachi Health Insurance and the LINE user ID and confirming the details, the information will be linked,
We will smoothly respond to health checkup appointments, segment information distribution, and inquiries from subscribers on LINE. * Operator hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00
[Image 2

Figure 2 Screen transition image when confirming qualifications Personal information required for qualification confirmation is entered in the Secure Path environment.
[Image 3

Figure 3 Screen transition image when making an appointment for a health checkup Personal information such as test kit delivery address is entered in the Secure Path environment.
About Mobilus’ “Secure Path”
“Secure Path” is a security communication function originally developed by Mobilus. Secure Path enables operators to securely receive personal information from customers in web and LINE chat support, verify identities and respond individually based on personal information, and can also be used for automatic responses by chatbots. is. Personal information acquired by Secure Path is certified as PCI DSS compliant, which is required for credit card payments, and its data viewing and management are strictly restricted by encryption and protection.
[Image 4

Any interface
  Can be used in LINE chat, web chat, and in-app chat
Display naturally on the talk screen
  When entering personal information, the form can be displayed naturally on the talk screen
Dedicated, customizable web form
  Can be created freely, such as inserting a company logo and changing the wording
Form submission can be automated or attended
  Procedural bots can be inserted into the flow and called during manned correspondence
Encrypted data can only be opened with a designated token
Realize the flow of “personal information data ⇒ encryption ⇒ issue of specific one-time key ⇒ open only once”
Safeguard your private data
  Thorough storage of non-restorable storage, complete erasure, and corresponding log storage
Product details: [About Mobilus Co., Ltd.]
Mobilus is The SupportTech Company, which renews support with technology. Chat system “MOBI AGENT” that realizes seamless chat support with AI chatbot (automatic response) and manned response for corporate contact centers and local governments, chatbot “MOBI BOT”, AI Including “MOBI VOICE”, a telephone self-answering system, “MOBI CAST”, a segment information distribution system compatible with LINE official accounts, and “Visual IVR”, which centralizes inquiry leads and visualizes guidance and flow. We are developing solutions for customer support support. The Mobi series has been introduced to more than 400 companies (as of February 2022), and has won the top share of chatbot market sales* for five consecutive years.
In addition, in the “LINE Biz Partner Program”, which was introduced for the purpose of expanding sales of various services for
corporations provided by LINE and actively promoting the addition and improvement of functions, “Technology Partner”, “Planning Partner”, “Govtech Certified as a “Partner” and earned the “Customer Care” badge.
*”ITR Market View: Business Chat Market 2022″
About Mobilus SupportTech Lab
A lab established by Mobilus for the purpose of researching and disseminating “SupportTech,” a technology that evolves customer support. At the Mobilus SupportTech Lab, we will work on activities that use technology to solve problems in customer support sites and promote innovation. Specifically, we publish research reports and chaos maps, disseminate information through owned media, host and co-sponsor seminars, take the stage, and carry out research and development through demonstration experiments.
-Press release-
-Owned media-
Company name: Mobilus Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomohiro Ishii
Location: 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Hamamatsucho Building 15F Established: September 2011
Listed Market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth (Securities Code: 4370) Business description: Provision of CX solutions such as SaaS products (mobi series) for contact centers
Official website:
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