Money Forward and USEN NETWORKS start guiding Internet connection “Money Forward Hikari powered by USEN NETWOR KS” for Money Forward users

Money Forward Co., Ltd.
Money Forward and USEN NETWORKS start guiding Internet connection “Money Forward Hikari powered by USEN NETWORKS” for Money Forward users
Providing a diagnostic function for home Internet expenses and the benefits of the money visualization service “Money Forward ME” premium service

From November 16, 2022 (Wednesday), Money Forward Co., Ltd. and USEN NETWORKS Co., Ltd. will provide information on the Internet line “Money Forward Hikari powered by USEN NETWORKS” exclusively for users with a Money Forward ID * 1 as “Money Forward fixed. Cost Review”. Furthermore, based on the conditions of your current Internet connection, we will also provide a diagnostic function that allows you to easily check the possibility of reducing the burden of
communication costs by switching.
*In the image: The basic monthly fee is the lowest level among plans for detached houses and plans for collective housing and condominiums in the industry. Please check here
( for details.
In this plan, basic construction costs and contract handling fees are free, and during the validity period of the contract, you can use the premium service * 2 of the money visualization service “Money Forward ME” free of charge. We have prepared an environment that makes it easy for you to improve your household finances.
In addition, when considering switching to this plan, please enter the type of property you live in (detached house,
condominium/condominium), the type of internet line you are currently using, the basic fee, and the circumstances in which you use the internet.・By selecting this option, we will also provide a free diagnostic function that allows you to check in advance whether it will reduce the burden of communication costs*3 by comparing it with the Internet line you are currently using.
*1: “Money Forward ID” is a common ID for using the services provided by Money Forward. If you have a “Money Forward ME” or “Money Forward Cloud” account and have completed email authentication, you do not need to register a “Money Forward ID” separately. For more information on “Money Forward ID”, please refer to here
*2: A service that allows you to automatically create a household account book and check and manage the status of your total assets collectively. Paid version premium service is usually available for 500 yen per month and 5,300 yen per year (tax included / WEB version). When using the premium service through the iOS/Android app, the amount will be displayed in the app.
*3: This function does not promise to reduce the burden.
Background of the start of this plan
Recently, people are spending more time at home, such as working from home. I’ve heard that it’s been taken away, and I feel that the transfer itself is unlikely to lead to an improvement in the burden of communication costs.” This plan was born from the desire of both companies to eliminate the above-mentioned points that users feel are issues and to improve household finances.
Overview of this plan
Name: “Money Forward Hikari powered by USEN NETWORKS”
This plan is a dedicated line that customizes “USEN Hikari 01” for users with Money Forward ID.
Internet is provided by USEN NETWORKS.
Target: Those who have a Money Forward ID (Login is required when applying.) Fees: Basic construction costs and contract processing fees are not required. The basic charge varies depending on the type of property you live in (detached house, collective housing/condominium).
For details, please check here
( The home internet cost diagnostic feature is free.
Application method:
1) Enter the necessary conditions*4 in the dedicated diagnostic function and press “View diagnostic results”.
2) After confirming the contents of the plan that suits you, if you wish to apply, press “Proceed to application”.
3) Check the estimate details, enter your name and contact
information, and press “Login and make a provisional application”. 4) Provisional application is completed with a confirmation call from USEN NETWORKS. Follow the service guide to the opening procedure. Service URL: *4: Necessary input/selection conditions: type of property you live in, type of internet line you are currently using, current internet basic charge, scene in which you use the internet.
About “USEN Hikari 01”
“USEN Hikari 01” is a fiber-optic line service for individuals, provided using the “FLET’S Hikari” line facilities provided by NTT East and NTT West. You can use it at a reasonable price. In addition, by using the provider service “01 NET” as a set, we will provide further cost benefits and reduce the user’s burden of having to pay separate bills for the optical line and provider service.
About “Money Forward Fixed Cost Review”
“Money Forward Fixed Cost Review” is a service that promotes individual household finance improvement by supporting the reduction of “fixed costs” related to daily life. We also have a diagnostic function that allows you to easily understand the appropriate insurance premiums and communication costs for each user simply by entering conditions, and we will help you propose and review plans that suit your lifestyle. increase.

Company Profile
Location: Meguro Central Square, 3-1-1 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kazuki Kanda, President and Representative Director Established: June 2017
Business description: Internet communication-related business (telecommunications carrier registration number: A-29-16050), sales agency business
Main services:
Corporate optical line “USEN Hikari plus” and other accompanying services
“USEN Hikari 01” fiber-optic line for individuals Money Forward Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-1-21 msb Tamachi Tamachi Station Tower S 21F, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yosuke Tsuji, President and CEO
Established: May 2012
Business description: Development and provision of PFM services and cloud services
Main services:
Money visualization service “Money Forward ME” Back office SaaS “Money Forward Cloud” *The company names and product/product/service names (including logo marks, etc.) listed are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Details about this release:


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