Monobundle Co., Ltd. Web3 specialized M&A platform “MergePad” released | Ensuring anonymity and promoting synergy

Monobundle Co., Ltd.
Web3 specialized M&A platform “MergePad” released | Ensuring anonymity and promoting synergy

Monobundle Group (Representative Director: Yosui Harasawa, hereinafter Monobundle), a comprehensive blockchain solution company that develops and operates products using cutting-edge technology such as
blockchain, is a Web3 specialized M & A platform “MergePad”. We are pleased to inform you that we have released
[Image 1d82733-45-9a6571390a80afa7c4a2-0.png&s3=82733-45-9d734d28637ee79523ff3d5c87483a9c-1999x1139.png
-What is MergePad-
MergePad is an M&A platform specializing in Web3. The purpose is to maximize the impact on society of businesses that want to newly utilize Web3/blockchain technology in existing businesses and businesses that have excellent technologies and projects. We give maximum consideration to the anonymity of businesses considering acquisitions and sales, and provide a wide range of support, including company evaluation, selection and selection of candidate companies, proposals, negotiations, and closing deals. In the future, we plan to provide support not only for acquisitions and sales of shares, but also for the transfer and secondary distribution of corporate bonds that are scheduled to be converted to tokens.
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Click here if you want to buy or sell a corporation or business
Appropriate information disclosure
We protect the privacy of both buyers and sellers under a strict system. We provide maximum support to the companies and individuals that will be the buyers and sellers, even at the stage of
consideration before acquiring or selling a business.
[Image 3d82733-45-5c80472b340f8b4d66bf-6.png&s3=82733-45-82304ce9e5a5300b8008ea508ef88b35-1316x812.png
Full-time advisor system
A financial expert with M&A experience and a blockchain expert capable of technical DD (due diligence) act as advisors to calculate the value of the company’s technology, know-how, and tokens. In addition, it is possible to perform appropriate matching by conducting technical DD by engineers who have experience in development in multiple areas. [Image 4d82733-45-98495a4b61289881c380-5.png&s3=82733-45-aa92d8424adc162b7a8131cc9d3afd46-1999x920.png
No start-up fee/monthly fee
MergePad does not charge for non-contractual processes. You can use the MergePad service without worrying about start-up fees or monthly fees. We have a fee structure that can generate high synergistic effects starting from acquisitions and sales.
[Image 5d82733-45-60104279b72514cb5b6d-2.png&s3=82733-45-c18f7307da12bdf5af8b16879c2b153a-1356x724.png
We will actively contribute to revitalizing the entire ecosystem. -Flow of using MergePad-
MergePad can be easily registered even if you are considering an acquisition or sale. All services are provided free of charge until a contract is signed.
1. Fill out the form
2. Hearings about acquisition/sale details
3. Research, selection, and sounding out candidates
4. Research to reach basic agreement
5. Conclusion of basic agreement contract
6. Implementation of acquisition audit
[Image 6d82733-45-9e90cca123cb8889935f-3.png&s3=82733-45-1ea4ea83e56ce8764e344c4f97a716fb-1999x961.png
Click here if you are considering buying or selling a corporation that manages the Web3 project.
About Monobundle Group (
Monobundle is a comprehensive solution company in the blockchain area. We operate the NFT infrastructure business “Hokusai”, the digital asset audit and certification provider business “SuperAudit”, and the incubation business “Nethergate”. In the future, Monobundle will continue to provide and improve products and services so that individuals and businesses can safely and conveniently handle digital assets under the mission of “increasing the liquidity of value to the highest level in human history.” I shall go.
■ Mono bundle overview
Company name: Monobundle Co., Ltd.
Location: 9-3 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo THE BASE Kojimachi 1F Representative: Yosui Harasawa, Representative Director
Established: June 2021

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