Monobundle Establishes European Subsidiary | Focusing on Funding and R&D Functions

Monobundle Co., Ltd.
Monobundle Establishes European Subsidiary | Focusing on Funding and R&D Functions

Monobundle Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yosui Harasawa, hereinafter Monobundle), a comprehensive blockchain solution company that develops and operates products using
cutting-edge technology such as blockchain, is a group company. We are pleased to announce that MonoBundle Netherlands B.V. has been established as a European subsidiary with a view to providing funding and R&D functions.
-Background of MonoBundle Netherlands B.V.-
As a trading company that develops products using cutting-edge technology such as blockchain, Monobundle provides multi-chain NFT infrastructure “Hokusai” and digital asset code auditing and authentication provider business “SuperAudit”. In addition, we are expanding our business by launching the incubation business
“Nethergate” for the purpose of industry support and the M&A platform “MergePad” specializing in Web3.
About a year and a half has passed since Monobundle was established, and the scale of the organization has exceeded 40 people. Under the mission of “increasing the liquidity of value to the highest level in human history”, we provide essential services in a society where the digital asset market is expanding, building digital infrastructure, auditing and certifying digital assets, and starting a global business. I have been supporting homes and developers. In
collaboration with various companies, we are working to improve the convenience of services and projects using blockchain technology and reduce credit risk.
 We have established MonoBundle Netherlands B.V., which is based in Europe, for the purpose of promoting future business and strengthening overseas expansion. The company has completed its establishment with a view to developing businesses related to funds and research and development aimed at collaborating with projects in Europe and Japan. -Main services-
MergePad (
MergePad is an M&A platform specializing in Web3. As a partner of a business considering an acquisition or sale, we provide a wide range of support, including corporate evaluation, selection and selection of candidate companies, proposals, negotiations, and closing deals, while protecting brand and privacy. In the future, we plan to provide support not only for acquisitions and sales of shares, but also for the transfer and secondary distribution of corporate bonds that are scheduled to be converted to tokens.
Hokusai (
Hokusai is an Embedded NFT API service that provides NFT development tools globally as a multi-chain NFT infrastructure. We can provide a highly scalable business through original contract issuance, flexible royalty settings, no GAS fee, large-scale NFT issuance by Batch Mint, API combination, etc.
By realizing “creation of original contract”, which has received many voices from individuals and businesses who own brands and IPs, we can intuitively convey that it is our own service / brand.
SuperAudit (
SuperAudit is a service that conducts code audits on services and projects using blockchain technology and authenticates them with NFT. It is a business aimed at ensuring the security of services and projects and reducing the risk of hacking digital assets. Certified by CertifiedNFT along with a detailed audit report. By linking the CertifiedNFT issued from the SuperAudit contract to the project site, it is possible to give users peace of mind and trust with on-chain information.
■ Mono bundle overview
Company name: Monobundle Co., Ltd.
Location: 9-3 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo THE BASE Kojimachi 1F Representative: Yosui Harasawa, Representative Director
Established: June 2021
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