Montedio Yamagata Co., Ltd. Announcement of recruitment of 2023 Blue Kitchen (stadium outside eating area) eating and drinking stand

Montedio Yamagata Co., Ltd.
News of recruitment of 2023 blue kitchens (eating and drinking area outside stadium) eating and drinking stand

・Proactively cooperate with the production of limited-edition gourmet items requested by clubs.
・Responsibly respond when problems such as food poisoning occur. Other stores that take responsibility in case of problems
Be a store or a company.
・Only sell food and drink.
・Full payment of national and local taxes.
・Comply with relevant laws and regulations.
・You must not be a prisoner serving a sentence of imprisonment or higher. ・If you or an officer of your company comply with Article 2, Item 6 of the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members (Act No. 77 of 1991)
Do not fall under the stipulated gang members (hereinafter referred to as “gang members”).
・Five years have not passed since the person or an officer of the company ceased to be a member of an organized crime group, or an unfair act by another member of an organized crime group.
 Do not fall under the category of those who are deemed to be likely to benefit organized crime groups as stipulated in Article 2, Item 2 of the Law Concerning the Prevention of Evil.
・Be able to open a store in all home games (league matches) of the 2023 season from the home game opening game.
・Have a PC email address. (Product information, image submission, etc. can be submitted by e-mail or application form.
“Be capable.”
*Other details will be provided in the materials at a later date. Application method/
If you would like to open a store, please fill out the application form below and apply by 12:00 on Wednesday, December 21, 2023.
[1] Applicant company name, [2] Representative name, [3] Name of person in charge, [4] Address, [5] Phone number, [6] PC email address, [7] Signboard menu (product name, amount, product image)
*Applications other than the form cannot be made.
Selection criteria/
Stable sales performance, handling of stadium gourmet menus (“products that express and introduce Yamagata’s uniqueness” and “products full of originality that are unparalleled in other stadiums”), all home games (league matches) in the 2023 season ) is the most important selection criteria.
*Reference: Representative menus at restaurants in the 2022 season
* After applying for a store opening, we will conduct a screening at our company, and we will contact you about the result in about two weeks regardless of whether it is successful or not. Please note that we cannot inform you of the details of the selection process. contact information/
Montedio Yamagata Co., Ltd. Operation Department (023-666-8882) Details about this release:


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